Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PERFECT STRATEGY

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong marked his successful debut of his first Japanese album featuring his songs Kiss Kiss and Lucky Guy in Japanese version. On the first day album release, 71,821 album copies were being sold out in Japan and Hyun Joong’s first album rank no. 2 in the Oricon Music Daily Chart. It was said that Hyun Joong’s album was a history record breaker for a foreign artist to debut in such number of copies sold on its first day of sales. How was Hyun Joong able to make it?

Of course Hyun Joong was not alone in planning and materializing all of these. His handlers did a perfect strategy, planning and hitting a perfect timing to release the album. Hyun Joong fulfilled his promise to his Japanese fans to perform a concert in various cities all over Japan in November. He gained more Japanese fans when he did the concert. During the concert he made another promise that he’ll make music specially for his Japanese fans as he signed contract under Universal Music so as to fulfill his promise.

Prior to the first album launching, Hyun joong and his Japanese commercial endorsement in partnership project with Universal Music, worked on its season’s ad AEON using Hyun Joong’s song Kiss Kiss in Japanese version. This commercial ad was aired in Japan prior to Hyun Joong’s arrival to Japan for his album debut.

In short, there was already a public awareness program at least a week before the album launching. The album video teasers and advertising materials were already out in the Japanese market. Hyun Joong’s Japanese handlers did a tremendous fanfare before Hyun Joong arrived in Japan that pushes his album to every Japanese household.

On the day of Hyun Joong’s album debut, he was surrounded by a crowd of media, as if it’s Hyun Joong’s debut!!!  Information dissemination is vital to any product launching, and Hyun Joong does not exclude himself. Any product attach to his name would surely make it big, provided that public awareness was fully attained. Media publicity is also important since they are the once who has stronger hold on information dissemination.

Hyun Joong I think has a good relationship with the media, he’s very friendly and accommodating to media specially on interview grants. A star like Hyun Joong is not easy to reach out, but Hyun Joong accommodates his extra time for interviews. With all the videos that I watched, he never leave any hanging question go unanswered, no matter how awkward for him to respond, he’ll say his piece either seriously or play with his 4D to answer!! Hyun Joong is very smart, and he knows how to handle situations whenever he gets trap by media!! Well, the guy has nothing to hide, to begin with.

Hyun Joong may be careful with his reputation, since he’s been an endorser of various company of different products in Korea and overseas. But one thing he doesn’t want, is to be placed in a box. Hyun Joong is a free spirited, down to earth, star celeb who would go for a drink on a side street tent and he wouldn’t mind if someone wants to take his picture, he would gladly give it even his autograph. Would you still wonder why people are drawn to Kim Hyun Joong?

I commend the people working with Hyun Joong, in laying out a perfect strategy in terms of public awareness program in Japan, that brought in excellent results on Hyun Joong’s first Japanese album debut. I’m sure Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans are in cloud nine enjoying their most awaited fulfilled promise of Hyun Joong to them in November.

That’s Kim Hyun Joong, a man with sincere word of honor. Who wouldn’t love him??


                                                                                             LazerKim here writing


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PERFECT STRATEGY

  1. His remarkable in all he does. I got to be double effort for him to do his album on his native language but to do a Japanese version is admirable of him just to please all his fans. We all know how much effort he has put in learning the language taking classes sometimes 2 days in the weeks to pleased the crowd on their own native language…he got to to hard even double to produce album in to version, but does he mind about that? No way, he loves it and he will do anything to makes us fan happy. Hope just one day he can make an english version for all those foreign fans that he got and even though they don’t understand all the words but his face, the melody and his charisma is enough to keep on support him.

      • Hi LazerKim I have read or I think I have hope haven’t missed one from article 1(My Christmas Dream) to article 66(Life on Stage) .. I started commenting on your blogs when I saw your article 77(HELLO CRITICS) I use to read you articles on other blogs that posted them but never decide to comment until one day i said I like this blogs this is the blog for me.. now I need to read 67 to 76 to have complete the list and catch up with todays article… (only thing is that haven’t been able to read as many as before cause preparing to again go to treatment) but I always come back everyday cause is my other addiction to read your articles besides my addiction for KJH well they both got together… I mostly use my iphone so I hope i don’t miss nothing…

        btw i went to the article (Dark Moments) thanks for leading me there first cause i saw a reply to one of my comments, read so many touching comments of other fans that support him and love him as much as we do and found a comment of a fan talking about what happend back then with KHJ I’m still not sure what happen cause she writes a link but don’t say what happen… hopefully will find one day if not why go back to past his making a future of himself and its a better and brighter future now why open that wound.. again that don’t mean i wish i knew what happen I missed so much back them when i was sick, but my mind is to follow him and support him in his present and his future..(his past is very important but let just leave it there in the past) if you find any news let me know …. hahaha!

        • hahaha…just one thing about that controversy is to know who’s responsible, I actually researched on it and my conclusion is the DSP ceo period. Case close. Hyun Joong was the victim, He was very hurt that time, and that’s also one factor he became cold to the ceo, if you refer to Guru show, she related his thoughts about the ceo, HJ became cold to him but still thank the old ceo. I refrain on writing article about it because it’s a political issue of other country w/c is debatable. I don’t want my blog site to get stain w/ you guys deputing about politics & Hyun Joong but I think I was good with debate when I was in high school specially on matters about politics but of my own country!!! You’re right leave it’s not so interesting. hey thanks always.

          • I bet you’re a tiger in debates.. but it’s true let’s not bring that up here.. the blog is to show or love and support to khj and to come talk about him when his MIA…

            Thank you as always, me here reading and waiting for 10 more minutes to watch BOF on my tv cause they are airing it again well it like 5 times already but i always see them everytime I can.. hahaha just to see my Yoon Ji Hoo..

            XOXO God Bless You

            • I’m glad you’re back have you read China Aftermath? I mentioned you in that article, you started my gloomy day!!!! LOL And everyone noticed it, read it if you still have time. thanks

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