Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENE

By LazerKim:                 Kim Hyun Joong had successfully launched his first Japanese mini album, featuring his songs Kiss Kiss and Lucky Guy in Japanese version under Universal Music. Kiss Kiss was originated from Hyun Joong’s 1st album Breakdown which was released in June 2011 and Lucky Guy from his 2nd album released in October 2011. From the chain of success that Kim Hyun Joong had been attaining, who could be behind him? We only see him on stage, our attention focus on his handsome outlook, but who are the people behind the scene?

Ever since Hyun Joong performed his come back stage in June last year, he’s been gaining a lot of attention and a rocket high popularity rating until at this time. In my recent article “Key to Success”, I have written Hyun Joong’s formula or guide lines in which he had followed to be able to reach his desired success last year. The formula consist of first is, Hyun joong’s hard work, second is KeyEast, third is right timing, forth is Hyun Joong’s fan network.

At this point I would like to give emphasis on the people behind Kim Hyun Joong who’s been working with him to materialize his dream music. We focus on Hyun Joong as a performer as he dance and sing on stage in glittering outfits, glaring colorful lights effect on stage and as we enjoy the whole package of entertainment, we’re not aware how Hyun Joong could possibly made everything possible.

The main cast behind Kim Hyun Joong, are the people whom he owe so much to be able to give his fans a worthwhile memory that will stick to their mind and heart. Hyun Joong has a wide range of imagination stock in his mind, and he worked hard as to what he wants to see himself on that stage. The hard worked craft is nothing without the support and financial backing up of KeyEast. And who’s behind the company? Of course the big man none other than his well respected mentor, Bae Yong Joon his Kyung (elder brother as he call him).

Bae Yong Joon is the major stock holder of KeyEast Entertainment as he literally owns the company. This is just a portion of the business he actively operates among other numerous establishments in Korea and Japan. Bae Yong Joon is the pioneer Hallyu Star that brought Korean dramas all over the world, as he stars in the drama Winter Sonata in 2002. He is a well recognized and well respected actor in the showbiz industry and had dominated popularity as Hallyu Star until this present generation.

Kim Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast, as his agent right after his contract with SS501 under DSP terminated in June 2010. Bae Yong Joon had been his mentor who had been taking care of Hyun Joong as his younger brother, nurtured and personally guide him in his career. Bae Yong Joon had been at Hyun Joong’s side to support all through out his projects.

Kim Hyun Joong personally chose his music line up materials for his first album Breakdown and Lucky guy for his second album. These two albums contained music composed by Steven Lee. He also composed the song Luv Ya from SS501 on their last album released in 2010 before the group disbanded.

My hats off to Steven Lee for creating good music suitable for Hyun Joong, as he brought the brightest light to his music, as Hyun Joong sings and dance to the tune that rocked the entire continent!! Hyun Joong brought Steven Lee’s music on top rank in any music billboard which was a significant event to Hyun Joong’s career for his very successful come back stage.

And there’s the choreographer Lyle Beniga, a hip hop dancer and choreographer who did an excellent job for Hyun Joong’s choreography. Lyle Beniga conceptualized the theme for the dance routine on the entire music for Hyun Joong’s first and second albums. Lyle has his team of choreographers including Ellen Kim who made the dance routine for Hyun Joong’s back up female dancers. Any choreography performed by Hyun Joong are Beniga’s creation as his official choreographer under KeyEast’s contract.

And there you go, the macho men behind Kim Hyun Joong, the Artmatic. They have been the back up dancers of Hyun Joong since SS501 days. The loyal back up dancers of Hyun Joong had been doing an excellent job in every performances. My high regard to the Artmatic six male dancers, who made it possible to occupy Hyun Joong’s huge stages.These dancers executed their dance routine with Hyun Joong as consistent as 100 percent dynamics in every single performance they perform.

The Artmatic had always been with Hyun Joong anywhere he goes. If Hyun Joong travels with his showcase in his pocket, he tag the Artmatic along with his wings. It’s just unfortunate that back up dancers remain to be as back up, and were the last to receive credits. And I appreciate Hyun Joong that whenever he steps on that stage and has the chance to speak, he never failed to mention and thank the Artmatic.

Hyun Joong calls his dancers Hyung, even some of them are younger than him. That’s how he respects them, and treats them his equal. After his rehearsals, he brings along the group with him to unwind for a drink or even play ball at wee hours!! Hyun Joong treats them like his own brothers.

The least mentioned of all, is Hyun Joong’s noona, hair and make up stylist, for whoever she is, has been doing a good job, who’s fond of playing with Hyun Joong’s hair!! But had done an effective transformation on Hyun Joong, specially when she changed his hair in short black, to short blonde, to curly blonde and currently back to straight blonde. And lucky noona who follows Hyun Joong wherever he performs!! Oh she must be good!! Again, I appreciate Hyun Joong that he actually mentioned her, after he received an award from Music Bank, and warmly thank her for job well done.

And there goes Mr.Jeong, Hyun Joong’s handsome personal body guard, who’s at his tail wherever he goes and had been protecting him. Then there’s his manager and the Artmatic captain, who’s keeping him company everywhere and whenever he travels. Hyun Joong got these three men every where he goes.

KeyEast under the management of Yang Geun Hwan, had been doing an excellent job with information dissemination. Public knowledge or awareness must be filled with right information about Hyun Joong. Right amount of public exposures and right timing is vital to any of Hyun Joong’s project such as album launching and promoting, which includes TV and public appearances, fan autograph signing schedules, and proper usage of advertising and fan meetings.

Hyun Joong has been very accommodating specially to his fans and the general public as well, when in comes to information regarding his projects and activities, where his fans can follow him. One of the fans of Hyun Joong who shared her experience in the recent fan meeting had witnessed how warm and accommodating the KeyEast staffs during the event. They are extra careful with anything they do that may reflect on Hyun Joong’s name.

Hyun Joong kept his official fan network Hennesia Korea, who gets the first hand info from KeyEast about Hyun Joong’s scheduled activities and events. Specially whenever voting polls are being conducted, the fan network disseminates to other international Hennesians, Triple S, Perfect and down to Hyun Joong’s group of bloggers to individual fans. Other  fans do share resources too, from their personal effort such as photos and videos from which they personally witness events from Hyun Joong activities.  

And whenever the polls call for votes, each and every fan whether from a group of fan clubs, group of bloggers or individuals who actively participates in the polls has been a big help and support Hyun Joong. I have never seen a busy network as much as that during the poll voting under MAMA and Yahoo Buzz. That shows Hyun Joong’s strong hold on his fan network’s individual and group effort in voting for him.

We fans, do not gain anything from these voting activities, except the priceless joy of triumph we feel every time Hyun Joong climbs every step of his career ladder towards stardom.

These are the people behind the scene that Kim Hyun Joong work hand in hand with to bring a total entertainment to the general public. Whether people enjoyed listening to his music, enjoyed watching him dance, enjoyed watching his TV drama series or simply appreciating his handsome image over the glossy magazines, and commercial billboard advertisements, Hyun Joong has these people beside him, supporting him. Hyun Joong have been grateful to these people.

Kim Hyun Joong had built a strong foundation of partnership with KeyEast. Hyun Joong had barely started his solo performance on his come back stage, but had already brought a prestigious results to the company that takes pride in Hyun Joong’s success. Hyun Joong was well provided with excellent production package, so as to materialized his dream music, that he’s ever thankful for.

It may not be enough, as you listen to Hyun Joong’s music, it may not be enough to watch him dance or act on dramas, it may not be enough to read articles and updates about him, because after you have done all of these, you still want more from Kim Hyun Joong.

                                     Then when is it gonna be enough??

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing 


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENE

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  2. To answer your last question..NEVERRRRR will be enough we as a fan always want more of him. Is so true that without them he would be as succesful as he is that’s why Mr. Humble always and as many times as possible thanks them in every changes he gets. He knows the important to let them and us know that this person behind him that help him but mostly support him are a great important key in his career and for that his always graceful. Its the best mixer of talent, support and affection as a time to be all in one. To be a team cause in team there is no “I”. Thanks to those behind the stage and infront like his great dancer that makes our Idol the best!

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