Kim Hyun Joong….BEST MALE SOLO ARTIST 2011

By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong, singer, dancer, actor won the Best Male Solo Artist 2011, awarded by All Kpop Awards. This is the 8th trophy Hyun Joong received for 2011, needless to say the guy is very deserving in all aspects as being the best male solo artist for the year!! My hats off to all Kim Hyun Joong fans, guys you did it again!!  Hyun Joong mentioned in his speech that 100 percent votes were cast by his international fans and he said it was much more meaningful. Well, there you have it our guy is on top again!

I wasn’t surprised at all upon hearing from Hyun Joong that 100 percent of the votes were cast by his international fans. It only goes to show how sincere and active his foreign fans are. We’re ocean apart from Hyun Joong, and language barrier was never been a problem,  communication may be an obstacle but his fans were able to overcome the rocky road and placed Hyun Joong on top, where the best place he should be.

Hyun Joong definitely had a good start as a solo performer. And for 2012, there will be more of those challenges he has to face, but I do believe in Hyun Joong’s sincere hard work and the collective effort of his loving fans in joining forces to support him all the way to the top where he always belong.

To Hyun Joong…Congratulations!! May you have many more trophies for 2012! Just keep going, keep up with your hard work and we’ll take care of the rest! God Speed…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong….BEST MALE SOLO ARTIST 2011

  1. He positively deserve each and every one of those trophy and titles. I always here his music and most part of the songs I understand, but this guy got a talent it goes way beyond what we all think he challanges himself each and everyday, but for me he is the best on what he does. I love seeing him take risk on singing others singers songs and I love hearing sing some foreign country songs his voice just melts you away… “I know you have seen all the videos of him cause like me love to sit on the computer and search and read or see anything that pops up with his name, but I love playing on my iphone a little piece of a radio interview were he sang “Creep from the band radiohead” ohhh so cute.. Good for KHJ congrats to him and the best for many years to come

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