Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RACE TO THE TOP

By LazerKim:              Kim Hyun Joong flew to Japan to launch his first Japanese mini album as solo singer which was scheduled to release on January 25. Hyun Joong shall be doing series of appearances in Japan to promote his album. Meanwhile, a news was released that Hyun Joong’s debut single Kiss Kiss has ranked number one on the Japanese chart “Recochoku”. beating famous Japanese artist Kimi Koda. Hyun Joong ranked number one as a Kpop solo artist and that his other four songs in Japanese version ranked in the top 20.

There’s no doubt that Hyun Joong’s popularity rating in Japan would shoot up rocket high again, while he will personally promote his first Japanese mini album. Will Kim Hyun Joong be able to transcend the popularity of Jang Geun Suk in Japan?  I don’t mean to underestimate the popularity of Jang Geun Suk, at the same time I couldn’t eliminate the possibility that Hyun Joong can actually outshine Jang Geun Suk, seeing from Hyun Joong’s rapid increase in his fan network, is just amazingly remarkable!!

Jang Geun Suk made his acting debut in 1997 and had been a veteran actor, while Hyun Joong debuted in 2005 as a singer together with his group SS501 and had been performing solo since the group disbanded in 2010. Both Kim hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk may have similarities, that both are blessed with good looks and charisma, and similar talents or ability since both are singers and actors. But both debuted on different time and different genre. Quite recently, I’ve been reading a lot of surveys in which both KHJ and JGS were nominees in the surveys, and Hyun Joong had always been rated on top number one in the surveys.

Hyun Joong had been performing solo for barely a year and half as a singer. I was thinking, maybe if Hyun Joong continued to play it solo right after his first acting experience in Boys Over Flower, maybe it could have made a difference. During his come back stage projects, he showed an overall excellent performance as a singer and dancer, otherwise he won’t be able to attain numerous awards in 2011, as a solo artist. His come back stage marked a significant event that even boost his popularity.

Hyun Joong had been very busy with his schedule, and his continuous exposure had been giving him excellent results. For a fan like me, it’s a great joy to see Kim Hyun Joong climbs up the ladder leading to stardom. I’m very please with Key East for focusing their support to Hyun Joong as he worked hard towards his goal to make good music of his dreams.

Hyun Joong’s race to the top is just within his reach, and I believe he can surpass other artists. I can only watch as events transpired but with the support of fans, it won’t be long he’ll be over the top where he belongs.

                                                                                                              Written by LazerKim


One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RACE TO THE TOP

  1. It’s hard when he is compared with others that have been maybe more experience than him, but the best of all that when he is being compare he always’s all cause he deserve it. He has work so hard to get where his at right now and we as fan and other than don’t want to accept it has seen that growth and keep seeing his growing faster and faster. If it’s up to us all the time he will be on top on all poll. So watch out all other stars out there cause on any poll your against KHJ you might never be #1. We fans will try to make sure of that, again not taking away others star fame cause if there up there is because them as well has won the spot… But we support our Idol and his hard work is the main reason I think he sould always be on top!

    Until tomorrow my best writer ever LazerKim, don’t want you to send me to rest again cause I keep reading pass midnignt…LOL

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