Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HUMBLE AS EVER!!

By LazerKim:                Kim hyun joong, singer, dancer, and actor held a fan meeting in January 21 and performed a successful show, attended and enjoyed by some 6,000 fans in Seoul. I have read a blog from Hyunnies Pexer, about a fan who actually attended that fan meeting, and shared her wonderful experience, how the fans enjoyed the evening show and commented on how kind and accommodating the staffs of KeyEast were.

As we all know, the fan meeting event was personally requested by Hyun Joong from KeyEast with a minimal cost of tickets for the fans that can be affordable. The proceed was just enough to pay the venue fee. Neither Hyun Joong earned from it because he’s deliberately giving the event to his fans as his way of thanking them for their endless support and undying love for Hyun Joong.

I watched the video footage of the fan meeting, and a portion of the show towards the end, I was surprised to see Hyun Joong actually got to his knees to kneel down and bow to his audience on top of the stage. I understand it’s a Korean traditional gesture done as a sign of high respect to the elders or respected person. I was so touched by Hyun Joong’s gesture, a famous person, a top celebrity like himself would show such gesture or sign of respect to his audience or his fans.

I’ve been watching a lot of Korean dramas, and I’ve seen the gesture of kneeling down to the floor, bowing with both arms touching the floor. It’s normally done to elders, parents or person in high society status, when one is to leave home.

Hyun Joong did this gesture on stage and did it in front of his fans, as if he bids farewell since he’ll be leaving for Japan the following day.

Hyun Joong is such an amazing artist, everyone knows how humble he is, not a single air of arrogance and a person who’s definitely down to earth. The fan who shared her experience watching Hyun Joong on this event, and everyone there had actually witnessed and was bewildered by Hyun Joong’s gesture, would prove how he valued and respect his fans.

In one of Hyun Joong’s interviews, he mentioned that he loves doing concerts and live stage shows, because he has the chance to feel free to interact with his audience. And the chance for his audience to know him better. He revealed having higher adrenaline every time his audience cheer for him. And in every end of the show, he doesn’t feel tired at all but would want to do the show again and again. As I have written in one of my post, Kim Hyun Joong is a stage addict!! Just like his fans who are definitely addictive to him, for Hyun Joong it’s likewise!!

Many of Hyun Joong’s critics had been unjust to his ability. He was literally crucified by harsh comments from a lot of people who do not know Hyun Joong. And for us fans, we feel hurt by the harsh comments. As I always say, I can take the bullet of criticism so as not to hurt Hyun Joong. Who’s perfect anyway?? I understand everyone of us has individual opinion and I respect that. Even Hyun Joong himself would like to know comments from those who are not his fans. Fine, but I started praying hard that Hyun Joong would be given a little space for what he is working hard for.

For every stone cast to Hyun joong, the more people comes near him. Not only because he’s a sensational performer, but also because he’s Kim Hyun Joong, humble as ever.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing 


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HUMBLE AS EVER!!

  1. Hi Lazer, I remember Hyun joong ever did the bow started when he is during SS501 times, if Im not wrong, 1st time I saw was during their 1st debut towards to their parents, another time is when they get #1 in their song Love Ya…… these are the 2 video clips for ur reference… Take care, God bless you!!! ^^

  2. Again humble is KHJ middle name..what he does there is no word to describe it..surely his an alien cause he can’t be from this world. Maybe people might read my reply to all your post and all the post I still got to read like putting him up there like he is some sort of a God or something, but in my eyes his so special, so special that you just can’t stop adoring him and putting him in a pedestal like the amazing person he is.. he is not about money cause we all know he gives from what he got to the less fortunate not expecting nothing in exchange. Like all his earning to orphanage, chicken restaurant to friends and mother and to us all his love.. again HUMBLE is his middle name!

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