Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WISHING FOR 2012 DRAMA

By LazerKim:           Kim Hyun Joong would surely pursue with his acting career probably after he had accomplish his target to do more stages as a singer. For the Lunar New Year I wish he would able to attain, a good opportunity to have a drama project, best suitable for him as he’s targeting for it by mid year 2012.

I wish that he would sing more OST’s for his chosen drama project and make an album out of it. Hyun Joong sings very beautiful ballad songs. Similar to what he did in Playful Kiss when he sang One More Time as the drama’s Original sound track. But I wish he would sing more OSTs.

I couldn’t understand why his critics says he couldn’t sing or he can’t sing well. Maybe his voice is not that spectacular to others, but his voice range is simply soothing whenever he sings ballad and hearing his ballad songs makes one fall in love with him. Well, what are those songs, Marry Me, I’m your man, Love, Fortunate, Because I’m stupid, One More time and Thank you. After hearing these songs, it just sticks in my heart and he looks even more handsome singing ballad that whenever i hear his ballad songs his face immediately flash to my mind. I always get carried away whenever he sings, specially singing I’m Your Man, it’s amazing to feel how he feels.

 I wish Hyun Joong would find a good drama material suitable for him. As I was watching The Moon Embracing the Sun, I asked myself, when can Hyun Joong be able to film similar genre? I see him as a Prince, a very handsome and very kind Prince. Well whatever drama he would like to work on, I would support him 100 percent.

To Hyun Joong, I wish you more projects, more fans and lastly I wish you good health and strength to pursue your dreams. Happy Lunar New Year 2012!!!

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WISHING FOR 2012 DRAMA

  1. i really love your your romantic songs . Please work in more k-dramas!!!!!! Kim Hyun Joong i miss you so much. please oppa heard our wishes !!!!!!!!!!

  2. We do miss him in a drama, but I think for the best for him a this time is to do one thing at a time, his already juggling with perfomance, model, endorsement , talk much even for mighty KHJ. Can’t bare the one day to read or see a news on first page KHJ is in the hospital cause his to exhusted for to much work..we all know he can endure all his cause his young and two cause he always love to give the best of him but his still human and need some rest..the day will come that we see him a new drama..and when that moment come will be there like always. That don’t mean if his given to opportunity now he should take it, but if he can wait he should. In meantime less enjoy what his giving us that for me it so much and I appreciate a lot.!

    • If you remember Hyun Joong collapsed during a pictorial session, and he started having insomnia during the time he was doing BOF and towards the end of the drama he lost 8kg outright in his weight. The guy was over worked just to please people who are expecting from him. Actually this is his only time to rest since June 2011 that’s eight month straight always on the go. And I agree with you I wouldn’t mind being here writing about him to keep him closer to us while he’s doing his thing. Demands can create pressures for him and I do not want that. If he ends up unhealthy.

  3. Hello! Thanks for reading my article, don’t worry dear, it won’t be long and you’ll be able to watch him again. On my next article I’ll talk about what drama Hyun Joong wants to work on….see you again! God bless…

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