Kim Hyun Joong.. [article] UNTAINTED AFFECTION

By LazerKim:              Kim Hyun Joong flew to Japan for his first Japanese mini album launching as to be released on the 25th January. Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog posted Hyun Joong’s 16th message to his fans, requesting the fans not to come to the airport to see him off, instead stay home and enjoy the lunar new year. And of course Henecian and Triple S are obedient fans and follow whatever Hyun Joong instruct them to do.

Hyun Joong’s message was translated as:

“Since it’s New Year, please don’t come to the airport and just rest. If you don’t come to the airport, I’ll understand. But if you do, I’ll be on a cold mode at the airport, so if you come to take pictures and all that, I’ll pretend to not know you or ignore you. So if you come, don’t regret.”

Hyun joong arrived at Gimpo Airport, and the photos below shows the situation there.

After I read the message, can’t help to think men are the best ego trippers on earth!!! Of course, Hyun joong’s message to his fans was one of his 4D striking again!!! And when Hyun Joong arrived at Gimpo Airport, it was said that there were at least a hundred fans waiting for him at the at the airport. Hyun Joong and his entourage had a hard time to get in because the airport was a bit crowded than usual, since his fans were there to bid him farewell. Hyun Joong greeted his fans with all his smiles as he wave and bow at them. His face lighted up upon seeing his fans, and the way I read his expression from the video footage, it’s like saying “ah I can’t joke with my fans anymore, they know i need them to be there with me”!!

I admire his fans who were actually at the airport to see him off, since it was rather cold but they didn’t mind the weather in Korea at all. Many hand in their letters and presents to Hyun Joong, as it always happen every time he leaves his home country for any business trip, the fans will always be there for Hyun Joong no matter how he threats them!!On the contrary to his message, Hyun Joong accepted the letters and presents from his fans with a warm smiles, bows at them and wave as he got in to the immigration check in.

Upon Hyun Joong’s  arrival at Narita Airport in Japan, well, I think he was a bit surprised to see a crowded airport lobby solely by his Japanese fans, being there to greet him with all their warmth. He walked slowly to greet them with his warm smile and waved at them. Well, I’m sure Hyun Joong’s message to his fans was well circulated all over Asia if not the entire world, but again, I don’t think his fans were listening or if they did listened, can’t control themselves not to be there for Hyun Joong.

This is just a simple example of how much Hyun Joong receives love and support from his fans. At the same time, Hyun Joong wrote his 16th message to his fans as he shows his personal attachment to them. In the message, he was relating on this day as he woke up as early as 6:30am, packed his luggage, ate, took a shower and almost set to leave for the airport, he took time out to greet his fans on New Year. Lastly, made a request to his fans not to be at the airport, and bid his farewell. He mentioned in his message that he’ll eat a lot while he’s in Japan and that he’ll take care of himself.

Gosh, Hyun Joong was like writing a message to his lover!! Oh, very lucky fans, are we not?? We finally found a sincere lover maybe more affectionate than our real one!!! LOL! But Hyun Joong is something, we all know he’s such a busy guy, but he took the effort to write and send a message to his fans to let everyone knows where he is going. And of course, we’ll watch over him every time won’t we guys??

Now I don’t have to wonder why a guy like Hyun Joong who’s perfectly handsome, very sweet, crazy sense of humor and affectionate, doesn’t have any current relationship. I would understand he’s a young man who would need someone to be at his side to take care of him, or someone to love. But Instead he chose to be with Art and Matic!! He gave himself to his fans. But maybe in the right time he’ll finally find someone right for him.

Meanwhile, all his fans with no doubt will always be with him, to look over him as he pursue his dreams. I’m proud to be Hyun Joong’s fan, I’m proud to have someone to admire, support and love a person named Kim Hyun Joong.

I’m very sure Hyun Joong is very proud to have his fans as caring and developed an untainted affection exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong ONLY.

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing


One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong.. [article] UNTAINTED AFFECTION

  1. I don’t know, but I think I wouldn’t listen either..if that was my only chance to see him of course I’ll be at the airport even if I had to stand 1000 feets away from him I’ll still be there! It’s like you being hungry and knowing the food is there and not go and get it! I’m hungry and very hungry for KHJ…LOL. He can get any girl he wants I’m sure of that, but knowing him he likes challenges so I think he’ll go for that girl he falls in love and she can play hard to guess cause that for him will make him want her more, for now his mind is on his work but the day will come and we (sad,crying) will have to support him all the way!

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