Kim Hyun Joong… [article] NEW CELEB ART MATIC

By LazerKim:           Aren’t those two dogs cute? Kim Hyun Joong singer, dancer, actor, held a fan meeting in Seoul and brought his two precious baby dogs, Art and Matic!!!  I could see how Hyun Joong loves them, and again had shown his warm heart to his pets. Gosh, this made my heart melt when I saw these photos. Art and Matic are the new celebrities for the year 2011, and I’m sure these two beautiful dogs will be a huge talk among Hyun joong’s fans!!

That photo above is Hyun Joong’s dog, name Art.

The photo below is Hyun Joong’s dog, name Matic.

Oh I just love guys who love dogs, because I’m a pet lover, and dogs are my security blanket, can’t live without them!! Many thanks to Hyunnies Pexer’S Blog for sharing this photos and for sharing the fan meeting updates.

Just want to share with you a video footage from the fan meeting showing Hyun Joong some dog tricks, it doesn’t have subtitles, just showing how Hyun Joong spare time with Art and Matic everyday at least two hours walk with them and massage. They are so cute and so with their owner Hyun Joong!! Oh I’m very sure these two dogs would be a superstar dogs!!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] NEW CELEB ART MATIC

  1. LOL yeah I saw that.. I was awwwww how cute! And I said “KHJ you sure know how to melt our heart without you even noticing your doing it”. That was a big surprise to all the fans and a very kind thing he did to share a piece of his love for his pet. I’m a pet lover as well (I own a dog name Tyrus-he is a shitzu) and it was very cute seeing him being so playful and happy there. It shows the joys his two baby bring to him…lucky dogs are they?or it’s KHJ the lucky one?Both for sure!

    • LOL!! I can’t live without dogs, they are my security blanket. And how would you not love this guy, watching him play with art and matic can really melt any girl’s heart.!!

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