Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAGE ADDICT!!

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong singer, dancer, actor successfully performed his fan meeting on January 21, and some 6,000 fans attended the show in Seoul. Hyun Joong held this fan meeting before leaving for Japan for his first Japanese mini album debut. This guy was confirmed to be a very thoughtful artist that had shown his affection to his home base fans in Korea. We, Hyun Joong’s fans thinks we’re all addict to him, but I realized it’s Hyun Joong who’s addict to his fans as well!!

Hyun Joong is addictive to perform on many stages, apparently he wants to be with his fans and to know him better. He even brought his most precious best friends his puppies Art and Matic on stage, who were also featured in the show, by showing some dog tricks. Isn’t it wonderful to see his softer side and share it with his fans??

KeyEast had stated that the company did not took advantage of this event to yield income. And that it was Hyun Joong’s request to hold the fan meeting before he leaves for Japan as a way of thanking his fans for the love and support that they’re showing.

The more he goes out there, the larger his network of fans grow. The more fans he gain, the more he gets addicted to perform. And I think this goes for his fans too, the more we get to see him, the more we get addictive to him.!!  I can only speak for myself, but i just can’t get over with him and I can’t get enough of him!!

How can I get over with him, if every time he steps on that stage, his very presence alone can melt my heart. What more if he dance, what more if he sings with all his emotion, hearing his sweet soothing voice can surely make anyone fall head over heels in love with him over and over again. Everything about him is just addicting for whatever reason there may be. And I think he has that kind of addiction as well, because the more fans he gained the more he’s inspired to give his best shot in every performance.

I read all Hyun Joong’s letters to his fans through Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog (thanks for sharing) and every single letter he wrote were all personalized. Everything were written informally, as if he’s talking to a casual friend.  He actually built a relationship between himself as Kim hyun Joong and his fans as his partners.

Hyun Joong guested at a talk show with lee Sora and Hyun Joong stated “It’s a turning point and this is a very crucial time in my life, and so my mind set is different. I feel that every time I am on stage, it’s a very important event and I try to do my very best and hardest”. Lee Sora replied, “I believe that such effort and mind set will be communicated”. And Lee Sora was right. In every effort Hyun Joong does on stage, more people came near him and was captured by his magical charisma. As he always say, that every time people cheer for him, his adrenaline rise up to the highest point that he wants to perform over and over again.

Shortly, Hyun Joong will debut his first Japanese mini album, there will be album launching, promotional events and series of shows and appearances. From here onward there will be another new bunch of fans following his way. Every time he does exposures he win fans anywhere he goes.

And with that, Hyun Joong gets another dosage of addiction with wanting to be on that stage and share his best to everyone. That’s Kim Hyun Joong, he too can’t get enough from his gained fans. And take note, he doesn’t want to be number one, he wants to be one only!! Well why not, there’s only one Kim Hyun Joong in whole universe!!! A unique Alien Prince from no where!!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAGE ADDICT!!

  1. He love to perform to give all he got and give us fan what we want..He doesn’t do it for winning fame or glory he does it for love and the love he get trasmit to his fan from his songs..he loves to share his most valuable experience and emotions in every lyric he delivers on all songs. We dance, we cry, we smile and most of all we dream, all things he does he passes to us fans. Me myself have make it a task the most important task to share to the world next to me people that haven’t heard his name or seen his video to see them, to hear them to love him as much as do. I’ll spread the word on how incredible he is cause his not number one like you mentioned HE IS ONLY ONE incredible KHJ!

    • Hyun Joong is just different among the rest. The other day he was in Japan for press conference, it so happened his Japanese actor who portray the role of Yoon Ji Hoo at Hana Yori dango (Japanese version of BOF) got married and Hyun Joong offered a song for that Japanese actor who was getting married at the same day, Hyun Joong sang acapela on the spot.

      • Yes I read that too..this guy is all about giving..sigh! His incredible..again how can’t you not love this man, right? Latest news was seeing him going to show his respect on the funeral of his friend family death.. he even support the other singer by going to their concert..His just a dream!

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