By: LazerKim     Kim Hyun Joong is a multi talented artist, he’s a singer, dancer and an actor. He was asked in one of his interviews in Singapore, “what do you prefer doing, singing or acting?” Hyun Joong replied, “asking me that question is like letting me choose whom I like best, my mom or dad. I like to do both, but one at a time.” In Hyun Joong’s acting, let’s see what role would he like to portray.

In one of the talk show Night After Night, Hyun Joong guested on, the host asked him, “You have portrayed a role of a high school student in Boys Over Flower, then followed by another role of a high school student. Why do you choose the same role on two consecutive dramas? What other character would you like to portray?” Hyun Joong replied, “The moment I read the plot of Playful Kiss, I wanted it. Many people wants me in my flower boy image similar to Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flower. But I want to portray a character of a real man in action drama. I don’t want to be a flower boy anymore”.

Flashback….I heard this from Hyun Joong before!! I went over the footage from Boys Over Flower, behind the scene. The video was taken during the filming of BOF together with Lee Min Ho. both were asked, “if you’re given the chance, what character would you like to do next after BOF. Both Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho replied that they want to try action drama!! Then Hyun Joong followed reply, “I’m just a starter as an actor, so I can not be choosy, but I think every guy wants to do action”, and Lee Min Ho agreed.

True to these two actors, I think actors would love to portray a challenging character that can reveal their manliness. Irregardless if they look like Hyun Joong and MinHo who are in fact flower boys!! Well, both of them has a handsome angelic face, so when they responded to action drama, I couldn’t picture both doing action! The fair flawless skin in gorgeous outfit, I just can’t imagine a thing!!

Even these two guys doesn’t smile, they are in fact very handsome, they have such a beautiful face to imagine them being dirty!! Well, doing action drama, actor has to be filthy, even James Bond a glamorous detective plays filthy as well, specially in fight scenes.

But Lee Min Ho did it! He was good in City Hunter, his image was a bit downgraded to compare with his character Gu Jun Pyo in BOF. His character in City Hunter was effective  specially the filming in the jungle of Thailand was great.


Kim Hyun Joong did it too, not in acting but in singing. His transformation in Breakdown was excellent and effectively convincing. Now, I remember Speed, an action drama recently offered to kim Hyun Joong that many of his fans opposed to. I don’t think it’s the type of drama that the fans were against. But they were worried that Hyun Joong might get into conflict again due to the cable network who’s offering this piece.

I believe Kim Hyun Joong would do good in action drama, I trust his power of transformation. I was having a wild guess, just a bit skeptical thoughts. I think Hyun Joong wants to take the role in Speed, is it not possible that the news about the drama was to get the public opinion?

Wouldn’t it be good to see these two flower boys turned to a man to get together in one drama again? Many had criticized both of them in Boys Over Flower, I think both Hyun Joong and Min Ho did a good job for that the drama. Hyun Joong portrayed a rich high school student who’s totally withdrawn and has a world of his own, lonely, soft spoken and protective. While Min Ho portrayed a rich high school student who’s arrogant, demanding, and a spoiled brat. I think Hyun Joong and Min Ho have a chemistry.

These two guys portrayed a character opposite to their personality in reality. But their outlook were a perfect description to the Japanese Manga Yori Dango. Hyun Joong’s character Yoon Ji Hoo has a soft cool personality but in real he’s casually playful. While Lee Min Ho’s character Gu Jun Pyo was snob and arrogant, but in reality he’s very friendly, and easily get along with everybody.

I think this is the essence of acting, the actors are made to act opposite their true character. The challenge is there, it’s not easy to pretend to be you’re not, but that is true acting. So I think those people who criticize actors, would at least think twice. Hyun Joong and Min Ho were very much criticized by their acting in BOF. And I sympathize with these two actors considering BOF were their first major role in TV drama. It’s good Boys Over Flower came up to be a blockbuster.

This is another actor’s fantasy, to be able to shoot in bare top that shows muscles!! I think this is a natural man’s ego. Well why not, Hyun Joong and Min Ho have indeed gained reward from their daily work out, to have a sexy manly body that can make any girl desire for!!!

For the idol Hyun Joong and actor Min Ho, the flower boys of Korea had grown to a real men, just as teenage girls as their fans grew up to be young ladies. There are some fans who preferred Hyun Joong’s flower boy image without realizing that the guy has to grow up sometime. Some would like Hyun Joong to portray the same high school student or the boy next door. But he can not be developed if he keeps on doing the same roles every time.

Let’s give the actors whom we admire, a free hand to choose what they want to work on. The more different role they portray, the more chances they develop easily, until such time they become a veteran actor. Wouldn’t that be nice? Goodbye flower boy! Hello young men!!!                                                     

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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19 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [ARTICLE] ACTION WITH LEE MIN HO

  1. Kim Hyun Joong is super amazing he will be totally amazing if he had the role of Kaname Kuron from vampire knight. i also think he would be a perfect zero kiryu from vampire knight. i really would love 2 see a korean drama on Vampire knight. i really do hope kim can come to London. i never knew about Kim Hyun Joong until once my friends were like watch playfull kiss its really good so i did and now me and my freinds are watching Kdramas. i mostly love kpop music. kims music is very good. Also SS501 songs r really cool. i really do hope they reunite. Kims music is really good and the lyrics are awsome but if he knew english (or could learn english) he could come up with amazin music and more fans. it would also be amazing if SS501 could reunite and make songs together with Big Bang , both of thier popularity could rise. if they can do music together for just 1 album with at least 10 songs their popularity could rise. i would love it if Sungha Jung could come to London- he is an amazin guitarist.

  2. Yea, I’m really in support of dis page, its quite accepted of the fact that, they really look cute as college boys as well as flower boys, but we should’nt forget the fact that they grow every day, just the way we do and that they need to go higher n experience more….. To really actualize their dreams. But they are indeed good, I trust them and I know they’ll still be gud in action dramas. I love them

  3. divya: i am from india. i watched ur drama playful kiss. amazing action. looking forward for such acts. may be playful kiss-2. even oh ha ni is also superbbb.. do visit india and promote definitely all ppl will like u

  4. Hi lazerkim,everyone has a chance to learn whatever character they want to portray,and i believe kim hyunjoong will give his best for what role had given to him,lets just support him all the way.KIM HYUNJOONG choose city conquest because many people around him are believing in him………,like us:) I LOVE KHJ…:)

  5. oh yeah, i would love to see him in action drama romance.. 🙂 but i do believe, whatever character he would portray in movies or drama, he will be able to portray it well coz he is one of the best actor in the world.. haha.. simply adoring our idol KHJ.. haha.. well, but its reality, he really is a great in whatever he does.. he just simply gives his best and the outcome is best too 🙂

    hope to see him in action drama romance soon 🙂

    oh by the way lazerkim, i have already connected on twitter account with wonderful KHJ fans.. they are so wonderful and they gave me a warm welcome.. thanks so much lazerkim, i have find a home and a family in KHJs world… til tomorrow! take care always! God bless!

    • yes i saw you at twitter actually, that’s good, you have to meet everybody they’re really nice. Thanks so much……take care too and God bless. see you tom.

  6. Everytime I hear about people comenting or making critics of an actor like this two wonderful guy I really get angry…true your not a $50 dollar bill that will be like by everyone but come on people why do you always looking for flaw on something so perfect. Another thing people sometimes get marry to an actor image and think that is the only thing that person can do, the pretty boy next door an actor is an actor and their dreams is to act in any roles that give them..the good guy, the bad guy, the troubled guy and nerdy guy, the smart guy the action adveture guy..that was acting is all about acting and being good and learning on any piece thats given to them. It was there first acting job so let them grow and give them the opportunity to do so, they have proven to the world that there are more than just a pretty face. I myself didn’t find any flaw on any of them I learn to love their role and wish to see KHJ in an action role like Lee Min Ho cause I think he did a good job also and KHJ will do it better if the opportunity comes. Let them be people Let them Be!….Aigooooo!

    • hahaha….you are very right. Maybe I would consider Korean experts in this field of acting like director, acting coaches to make their evaluations about Korean actors then I would say the criticism is credible enough. The problem is these guys critics are foreigners just like us who could not understand Korean language. Oh they’re so good as critics without basis!! Ask about their criteria on passing judgment, they would just say they watched many movies and dramas, and they think that enough!! Aigoooo……….Thanks for reading.

      • hahaha….you are very right. Maybe I would consider Korean experts in this field of acting like director, acting coaches to make their evaluations about Korean actors then I would say the criticism is credible enough. The problem is these guys critics are foreigners just like us who could not understand Korean language. Oh they’re so good as critics without basis!! Ask about their criteria on passing judgment, they would just say they watched many movies and dramas, and they think that enough!! Aigoooo……….Thanks for reading

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