Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNTIE THE KNOT

By LazerKim:            It’s been one year and a half ago that Kim Hyun Joong untie the knot with SS501, when his contract with DSP ended in June 2010 with his previous agent DSP.  As I browsed the events transpired with the group SS501, can’t help to brush off the reason on why the group had to be disbanded other than the fact that their contract expired. Watching them go had left a lot of fans feeling bewildered by the group’s decision. I know it’s in the past and it would be better to leave it that way and move on. But I still want to look back where they left and see what’s the real score behind the split up.

After SS501 untie the knot, we don’t see photos like this anymore, well except from the website, but nothing was new anymore. I wasn’t around yet when they split ways, I can only read between the lines as I watched their last fan meeting, last press conference and their last concert. But I want to play the devil’s advocate here, there are still questions lingering in my mind that you might be able to answer.

First question, If it’s only Kim Hyun Joong leader, would not want to renew his contract with DSP, which is reasonable, is it not possible to pick someone else to take his place? That time June 2010, I believe SS501 was in its hottest year. In fact, in 2009 the group’s popularity rating rose up remarkably. Because if I were the CEO of DSP, I would get hold of the group no matter what. I would gladly give the member’s demand if it would bring the company excellent revenue results.

Second question, why was Hyun Joong being put to blame when he decided to back off from his contract renewal? Or was he blamed for leaving the group and decided to go as solo performer? As I read many comments and views from a lot of fans, it seemed as if he was being sited in contempt for deciding for his future!!

Third question, why did the rest of the members decided to quit when they know fully well, it was only Hyun Joong who had an assured fall back?? They knew back then they have nowhere to go.

I’m still wondering, if the four members were prepared to be on their own back then? Wouldn’t SS501 be the same without the leader Hyun Joong with the group?  For Hyun Joong, he specifically stated that he wanted to perform solo even way back when he was doing BOF, and had prepared for his future.

Last question, are they happy to be where they are now?  Did they feel remorse or regretted their decision to pursue their individual career? How about Lee Ho Yeon DSP’s CEO, have he fully recovered from his illness, and back to his senses to let go of his precious gem, the SS501?

Kim Hyun Joong revealed that five months prior to the contract termination, he stated that “if the agent doesn’t force me out, I won’t either”. The way I understand his statement as translated that, there were five month remaining for DSP to at least lay down their cards for the group’s career future which is the responsibility of any agent. But there was no hint whatsoever or concrete plans for the future of SS501. And that made the members felt uncertain. I don’t think they were being selfish to leave DSP, this isn’t a matter of who groomed who or who owes who.

I’m not familiar with Korean way of dealing with business, but I think cases between agent and artists, there should be at least six months prior to the artist’s contract termination, a concrete plan for the group and clear intention of retaining or renewal of contract. I think DSP failed to see that SS501 were no longer kids to just agree to anything they say any time!!

I’m still proud of the group for being considerate to wait for Lee Ho Yeon to recover from his illness before parting ways. SS501 members and leader will never forget where they started, but sad to say in every beginning there’s always an ending.

I’m wondering now, are the members happy to be where they currently are? Hyun Joong was asked if he ever regretted his decision to go solo, and he clearly stated, “not at all”. Of course he’s pertaining to his career. But as I watched his video back then with SS501, he was so playful and very jolly. But now as I watch him, I don’t see his playfulness anymore. I don’t see those glow in his eyes the way he had with SS501, and he was more of “in a relax mode” whenever he was with his members.

I watched Hyun Joong’s current rehearsals, his drastic maturing work attitude is very obvious. Hyun Joong is into his projects 100% focus. As he stated, there’s a much degree of demand from him both mentally and physically to be performing solo. I do miss the fun though!! But so be it, he’ll soon get use to his routine.

I’m not familiar with the other member’s current activities except for a few, but I noticed some awkward changes in them. The look in their eyes was never been there before, when they were still with SS501. And every time I watch their last show at the fan meeting, I still have teary eyes. Even I wasn’t around those times when they split up, I can feel their pain. Specially during their last concert when Hyun Joong cried, I cry with him. I didn’t know what was going on, but I can feel his sadness for no reason!!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Hyun Joong had grown to real man now, he worked hard to have his own name to be known to everybody and had proven himself to be recognized. And I think his members are doing just the same as him. It’s just that Hyun Joong had already tasted his success way back in 2009 with Boys Over Flower. Hyun Joong just have to stand on his own to solidify that success and to righteously claim it his own.

I’ll leave this song for everyone, it was meant for the SS501 fans, the last song they sang as they walked out to face their individual future. We do miss them, but let’s not forget that in every beginning, there’s always an ending…                        Lazerkim here writing


8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNTIE THE KNOT

  1. I believe that they are doing amazing right now and will always hold their memories in their hearts. They made their time together the best they could but they moved on and even though it hurts to know they aren’t together anymore I’m sure one day they’ll see eachother again. Even not as a band or not as close as they were. I’m happy they are so successful now but I agree that the light has gone out of their eyes. They have a lot on their plates as it is but it’s upsetting to see that they aren’t the same as they were when they were together. Because they kept on breaking the band up in my opinion when I found out about them was that SS501 was ruined from the start but they are happy now hopefully and for now let’s wait a little longer to see what comes up because their bonds with their fans and eachother are strong. They keep on saying their fans got them where they are now so I think that they at least owe us that. I know that they work just to please us but their promise has been broken so i don’t know what to think anymore but i’ll wait until the finally answer from them is out.

  2. I got to know about KHJ just recently (after watching BOF 3 years too late!). I was also wondering about SS501. It seems sad that the disbanded, considering how bonded they seemed. I was quite affected because watching Just Got Married, they seem to really care about each other. But then, there probably are a lot of stuffs that we don’t know about.
    I was also thinking if KHJ is still as funny and wacky as he was before. The latest documentary showed a more serious side of him. I wonder if he’s still the same as before.

    • I think everyone has to grow up, even the members are a bit less jolly because now they take their career seriously bcoz they are on their own, i’m happy not only for HJ but the rest of the members too. I’m happy for Hyung Jun bcoz he mentioned once he want to be an actor, and look at him now he’s doing good in his drama projects. Yeong seung released his 2nd album successfully. I think Hyun Joong’s childishness is still inside him off cam.
      He’s quite serious w/his career now bcoz this is his chance to do whatever he dreams that is coming true in such a short period of time. But I’m very sure of one thing, they still care for one another. HJ can not just throw away a five year friendship and brotherhood.
      HJ now can easily talks about himself. i would say he has a bit influence from his boss in terms of professionalism. There’s a part in the documentary he still plays after his rehearsals, so his wacky ways is still there.
      Thanks for reading and see you again! God bless.

  3. Back then I ask myself the same questions..why didn’t the rest of the group stay together when KHJ decide to go solo? I think they all knew what was coming. They were(still are) like brothers so I think some conversation had come up when they were together. For me they decide it was time to for them to go and do something for themselves like you mentioned there were not kids anymore and they knew all things comes to end sometimes..For me it was the right move that was the moment for them go out and obtain advantage of being popular and know by all fans to make their carrers cause there truthful fans will follow no matter where they go or do. Why wait until their fame start fading to start all over it was time and KHJ was smart to take that jump and make his on path to make his dream come true.. the others were going to be fine cause the group was not together but their love and friendship was still intact and they still support and back up each others..I know some keep singing and even doing some drama also.We’ll still have our memories and thanks to youtube many videos to keep on playing for years to come. I really Love the group but I love KHJ more so I wish the best for him.

    • Gosh I think I missed your comment here!! I just read it now!! You’re right why wait for another five years it’s past their youth, what else can they do by that time! They can only be able to develop themselves once they are on their on to freely pursue their endeavor while they are still young. In fact HJ has very little time left, at 30 whether he likes it or not he has to get in to military training and that’s two years being secluded. He has four year left from now to do his thing.
      Hey thanks, I just hope you’ll be able to pass by this article again which I doubt!! After reading almost 150 articles!! See you around!!

      • I think KHJ is very awared of what is headed his way when his 30 and maybe just maybe its why he’s doing all he can’t b4 the day comes! He will love to fulfill his dream and make the best to feel secure that we have all his love in this years and leave us with wonderful memories that will treasure while his gone! Its gonna be hard for us when that day comes but its going to b harder for him to let go..for less than that and he can’t let go of his fans and his passion for music..! IDK why he needs to go y is a requirement, but every country got laws and rules that u need to follow we just will need 2 b patience keep supporting him when his gone…Oh gosh I just can think of that I like time to pass fast to see KhJ again on stage and smiling but in this case I will freeze time to never see him go! Again the topic was abt Untied the Knots with the group, but we all know looking back and the success KHJ is having and now some of the other brothers of HJ that it was the right choice We are proud of our Leader and we just can’t look back now just only for a better and successful future for ALL!
        Thxs LK

  4. i cried too when I watched their last few concerts and the members were all so sad!!! i heard they are still preety close and i’ve seen a few pics of kyu jong wid hyun joong in some reharsal or backstage(not sure) not too long ago. but i guess there will be no more comeback from the SS501 band!! 😦

    • Maybe there will still be chance for a reunion, that’s possible in the future. But for the mean time let’s allow them to enjoy each others individual success. There is always the right time for everything. The important thing is they remain as friends, they still care for one another. People will always remember them as they were. Thank you for reading, and see you again. God bless.

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