Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FASHION ICON

By LazerKim:           Kim Hyun Joong was awarded by Style Icon Award 2011 as people’s choice and he had been receiving this award for three consecutive years. He was also awarded as Best CF Model given by MNT (Bloomberg TV). Hyun Joong had consistently been an endorser of many products, from cellphone, cosmetics, clothes line ect. Anything Hyun Joong wears fits him, from tuxedo to simple shirt and jeans looks perfect for him. But what is his favorite attire?

Whenever Hyun Joong dressed up it looks as if the clothes he’s wearing is a part of him. His body structure is perfectly proportioned to his tall height and his handsome face. In short he’s a perfect human structure and that was why he was named walking statue.

We do appreciate the models of glossy pages of the magazines, and we think the models posing in front of the cameras are simply posing. Hyun Joong was relating his experience during photo shoots in one of his interviews from his photo shoot location. Hyun Joong do prepare for certain pictorials like a facial mask application the night before he shoot. And on shooting day, he prepares himself for a long stand by hours as photo technicians prepare before shooting each clothes to be modeled or whatever product is there to be advertised.

The photo above was taken on summer, but Hyun Joong modeled for a winter clothes. The heat of summer may be unbearable for winter clothes, but Hyun Joong is a professional. He can endure long hours of photo shooting, that can sometimes end up till dawn. He never complains, he patiently wait for the staff no matter how long it takes. One time he was seen at the photo shooting set, all dressed up, while waiting for his turn, he was dancing in one corner without music. He’s memorizing his dance routine while waiting!! In short he learned to entertain himself while waiting!

Hyun Joong has a good taste in clothes, let’s check out on his personal choice of clothes, his travel outfit. Let’s check on the airports.

The last photo is my favorite. Anything Hyun Joong wears just look great on him and his personal taste is simple nothing flashy but trendy. He mentioned in his interview that when he was still starting with SS501 he was fond of buying all types of clothes, but lately this is Hyun Joong’s favorite, the photo below.

Hyun Joong’s favorite outfit is his training pants, hood shirt, hat or bonnet and his rehearsal snickers. This is the fashion Icon we’re talking about!!. Well, he spend all his waking hours rehearsing, that is why. A lot of times after his rehearsals he goes for simple flip flap slippers in going back home.

In a talk show Strong Heart, he mentioned that he ordered for 30 pieces of those training pants, because he loves wearing the same kind of clothes same as Andre Kim, a top designer, specially if they’re comfortable. He also said he gave away some of those training pants to his friends!!

                                                                            LazerKim here writing

Hyun Joong is not the flashy type of dresser off stage. He can wear anything comfortable for him, he likes tight fitting pants and loose tops. He really has a good taste in clothes, and he knows exactly what suits him best. But above all, he carries himself perfectly. He’s always clean, and neat even he’s wearing the trendy sluggish style, he still looks handsome…..    Well, that’s my man!!!                            Written By: LazerKim


4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FASHION ICON

  1. Our man I correct…hahaha just kidding LazerKim! But it’s true all that he chooses to wear fits and looks gorgeous on him I love him in his casual style most cause he looks more relax and comfortable..he is a simple person that don’t need a lot to look great another thing I like is the way he accesorizes himself all the accesories that he use are so nice. He always like having something on a wristband a ring a simple necklace a beanie glasses or hat they just look so good on him!

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