Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEFORE and AFTER

By LazerKim:         Kim Hyun Joong made a long hike from where he was in the past and where he is at present. But definitely he made a strong foundation from his past to be able to built a stronger future. Kim Hyun Joong debut in June 2005 under DSP together with his members the SS501. I barely know the group, since I only knew them through Kim Hyun Joong. It was from SS501 where he started and I want to find out how he was with the group, and how he is at present when doing solo. What are the changes in him since he left SS501?

Kim hyun Joong was the leader of SS501, and among the five members, it seemed that he first gained the focus of media and TV host. Apparently he was the most handsome among the members, it was said that when he first came to DSP for audition, he was already accepted before he could sing!! I can only justify from the videos I watched, he’s not only handsome, I think he’s the smartest among them.

Hyun Joong seemed to be playful and funny, yet responsible being the leader of the group. Back then,  It was said that the other four members of the group were better singers than him, but he was the best dancer among them. Well, that’s what others think!! During their concerts, or any TV performances, if you look at the group, Hyun Joong outshined his members even he’s at the back from others.

Watching SS501 seemed to be an endless fun, laughter and play. I believe the group happily made their music and made their way to stardom. There were memories of SS501 that can not be forgotten by many fans and their music will always be in our hearts.

In 2008 an opportunity knocked on Hyun Joong’s door, he was in Japan when he heard he was one of the main cast for huge hit drama in 2009, Boys Over Flower. He called his agent to confirm and the rest was history. In one of his interviews, he was asked, how SS501 felt about the popularity he was gaining from BOF. He mentioned that, the group worked hard before SS501 risen to its popularity and he doesn’t want to ruin it. He did a of lot thinking before he decided to agreed to do BOF, since it was a good opportunity for him and to experience how it was to be an actor.  It was said that after Hyun Joong did BOF, his commercial endorsements filed up, and the popularity ratings of SS501 had risen remarkably.


In another interview, he mentioned that way back in 2009 after BOF, he was having problems with DSP, that he was able to disclosed the matter with Bae Yong Joon. I can only guess that he can already feel that he has to leave the group. In fact he was given the option to renew his contract with DSP, but he knew he won’t grow if he’ll get stuck up for another five years with the group. The later part and final year of SS501 was no longer the same, watching from the SS501 videos in late 2009 and early 2010, there seemed to be a tension among the members.

When it’s time for Hyun Joong to pack his bag and go for a hike in 2010 after his contract expired with DSP, he had reached his turning point to play solo. And it turned out for better and had given the chance to prove himself, and it was worth it.

There are a lot of changes that I have seen from him. His first project under KeyEast was Playful Kiss which I have seen improvement in his acting ability. Although I like the character of Yoon Ji Hoo than Baek Seung Jo!! Looking from behind the scene Hyun Joong was still playful during Playful Kiss filming, but not as playful as he was in BOF.!!

His come back stage was tremendously significant, it’s like a bomb that exploded that shake the whole universe!! The media focused their cameras solely on Kim Hyun Joong. With all the fanfare given to Hyun Joong, I can’t help notice the drustic changes in him not only his appearance but almost everything about him.

Hyun Joong is not the type of celebrity who would only behave in front of the cameras. From his rehearsals, I don’t see the playful Hyun Joong anymore. On breaks after every run through, he would quietly sits in front of the monitor to watch the recorded rehearsals. Hyun Joong would rehearse dance for seven hours, proceeds to his recording studio to rehearse his songs for five hours and hit the gym for two hours. I would say his working attitude had matured and focus 100 percent of his waking hours in his studios.

In one of his interviews, he was asked if he had ever regretted his decision of leaving SS501? He remarked, “Not at all, my agent gave me the chance to make my music, I’m 100 percent hands on with the details of my first album. I choose my music composer arranger, choreographer and dancers, which KeyEast willingly provided it for me. I choose the songs I have to include in my album, and even design the jacket. Unlike when I was an idol with the group, the agent decides on everything we do. I have a better freedom in terms of music. And I’m enjoying as I do everyday”. 

I have watched how Kim Hyun Joong was being taken care of, specially his bodyguards, which I did not noticed the whole time I watched him when he was with SS501. He got Mr. Jeong his personal bodyguard who’s been with him wherever he goes, then there’s I think his manage and Hyung whom I think is the captain of Artmatics. He’s always been with at least three to four men behind him. Well Kim Hyun Joong creates crowd wherever he goes, I think those men are really has to be at his back.

Hyun Joong’s solo performances had improved a lot both in singing and dancing, and the degree of energy and enthusiasm remained consistent in every stage he performed. The big leap in improvement in his showmanship is very significant every time he’s on that stage. I’m not sure if Lyle Beniga his current choreographer, worked for SS501 before, because I’ve noticed a bit different style in choreography, which is really good.

Now that Hyun Joong is performing solo, I could see a better impact on his showmanship, than he was with the group. Hyun Joong  may had solo portion in some of SS501 concerts, even Artmatic were his back up dancers, still the big difference was obvious.

Kim Hyun Joong may have changed his physical image as always, he may have changed his career outlook for better and may had outgrown his playfulness to a matured working attitude. But there’s one thing obviously did not change in him, and that is his quirky 4D personality!! His 4D grew up with him until at this stage of his life!!

Now that Hyun Joong finally found where he belonged, he will walk his path head on. There will be obstacles along the way, which I think he had prepared for it. There may be lots of changes in him but his love for his fans did not, he remained modest in spite of the success he has been receiving.

He may be on cloud nine at the stage of his career, but he never showed any single air of arrogance in him. His feet remained firmly on the ground, and I think that’s the most important to any celebrity.

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing


9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEFORE and AFTER

  1. Thanks Lazar Kim!
    Due to you, I can know about the awsome
    charms of Hyun Joong. I become more impress him than before. 깅헌중 Fighting!!!!

  2. Well he sure have change a lot comparing the Before and after, the changes have been good! I think people talk about when he was in SS501 not being the best but come on ask yourself if he wasn’t why did the group didn’t continue? You know why cause KHJ can’t never be replaced for me he was and will always be good in all he does..they didn’t let him shine as much as he should back then but surely enough he didn’t need it cause he himself shine by himself not help need! He did make the right choice to move on and yes I think the other members were a bit jealous of the popularity he gain while doing BOF something that help the group not taking any merit to the other member that were adorable and talented as well. KHJ is unique and he had changed a lot, but sometimes changes are good and he have proof that this changes has done very well for him!

    • We share the same opinion, you may read Waiting for You, there’s more about similar opinion as to your. Hey you’re really doing a great marathon reading!!! Thanks enjoy it!!!

      • Yes I’m trying to read all that I can to catch…so sad i wont be able to finish them all today cause is pass midnight here but one great think God made is one day after another so I will catch up and you’ll see me around a lot cause I love ur articles especially cause they make me happy and love reading about KHJ! God bless you for doing this and for giving you the talent and heart to do so!

        • Hey take a rest, there are lots more time for you to read!! Now you sleep, good night, sleep tight, and thank you very much for reading about him…God bless. See you!

  3. Hi Lina!! Thanks for reading my post. I’ve read lots of your write up at at Hyunnies Pexer and I’ve learned a lot about Hyun Joong from you. Please continue writing because it’s a good inspiration for us fans.

  4. Thanks for your wonderful article about the ONLY ONE, KIM HYUN JOONG!…….He is such a nice guy and worth to be loved…..

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