Kim Hyun Joong…..SILENT COOKING!!

By: LazerKim                 sshhh….Hush hush…Kim Hyun Joong is being silent again!! Do you know what he’s up to??  He’s cooking something!! I don’t mean literally cooking! Ladies remember this, history repeats itself. If you can’t find Hyun Joong, he’s somewhere out there. Well, he’s definitely not on stage at this time, then if he’s not, he must be back stage. Then where is his back stage? Well, right there…in his rehearsal studio and recording studio.

I told you…..he’s cooking something!!! right there below…

The guy doesn’t stop, when was the last time we saw him? Well, he made a lot of noise before the year 2011 ended, he made at least four dance numbers including one MTV on different stage and performances, do you remember? First, he did the remix version of Breakdown, second, he did a part of MTV and stage dance with the group After School, by which many of his fans was burning with jealousy! Third, he did Rainism, that surprised everyone into thinking Bi Rain went out of his barracks for a one night performance!!

What I’m trying to say is, don’t be deceived that Hyun Joong is taking a holiday at this time, because he never sleeps!!. It’s either he’s dancing or singing at this time on rehearsals. As I’ve said, history repeats itself. after he had gone to China for about two or three days for The Face Shop, and Chinese New Year Presentation, he went into hiding again!!!

Let’s unwind a bit and refresh our memories of last year 2011. After Playful Kiss, he went to a long silence, although we do watched his ball games sometimes, but never perform on any shows for almost six months after his last drama, am I right?

Oh he was so active playing soccer and he’s good in it too!!  Without the slightest idea what’s behind the soccer field, right? Well, I think that soccer field was his security blanket!! While everyone enjoys his game no one knows that he was already at the top of pressure preparing for his most awaited come back stage.

Hyun Joong would be in his rehearsal room for seven hours, five hours for recording, two hours to hit the gym, then the soccer field at dawn to practice whatever energy he has left for the day, he gives it to soccer. But he’s still good in the ball game!!

And wallah…..Hyun Joong in his total transformation that shock the entire universe. Well that’s a real fanfare there.

Hyun Joong was a busy bee from June straight up! Oh the airport all over Asia was busy welcoming Hyun Joong to promote TFS and Breakdown. Then, concerts from here and there, fan autograph signing events, receiving awards, to fly from here and there. Then stop….silence again for a few weeks after Yahoo Buzz. Where’s that guy again??

Well, everyone was busy for Christmas, and so it’s a chance! Hyun Joong didn’t skip by the back door and flew to US to meet Steven Lee his music composer and Lyle Beniga, his choreographer! It was a business trip, and he used the Incheon Airport as a normal passenger, it’s just that he was gone unnoticed!!. And then on the 14th of December late night, twitter was really noisy, can’t sleep.

And there it goes, Hyun Joong released his digital single Marry Me, upon his coming home from US on the 14th of December late night.. I wouldn’t say he was gone to US just for Marry Me, it must be something not simple. Smart guy!!! He surprised his fans by his Christmas present!! Oh yes, Marry Me was all over the Twitter YouTube and everyone was crazy till dawn the following day. I personally monitored YouTube and every hour on the 15th midnight, at least about  300 viewer I assumed, were wide awake listening to Marry Me!

 Well, from this moment on whatever Hyun Joong’s doing , he’s got at least a week to get done with it. I won’t be asking what’s his menu this time, but believe me, he’s creating something new. Stop your curiosity ladies, just be prepared and don’t forget to check on his calendar. I’ll just be here enjoying every minute of talking about him. Just let me entertain you by nostalgia of Hyun Joong’s past. Forgive me, can’t talk about his future nor present!! I just go for the past!

So where are we? China? Well, that was a successful trip of Hyun Joong, from the photos I gathered, a lot of fans attended the event. Then at the airport upon Hyun Joong’s arrival he was stuck at the VIP lounge. Can’t relay the details, I just read it. I think the event was kinda disorganized. Nevertheless, i hope the Chinese coordinators would not underestimate the crowd that Hyun Joong can create specially at the airport.

So what’s next? Well, either Kansai or Narita airport, but I read somewhere, he’ll be in Yokohama, so attention Narita Airport there’ll be a chaos sometime in Feb!!! Hyun Joong is becoming a frequent passerby of any airport of Asia. And it won’t be long it’s gonna be the entire world. Oh no, I’m not gonna be talking about the future!!!

This photo above is the romantic side of Hyun Joong…isn’t it cute!!

This photo I believe is a japanese commercial teaser. I heard a part of the Japanese version of Kiss Kiss and it was good, at least I understand a bit of the language!!

There you go, the three different photos for Lucky Guy Japanese version album jacket, to debut on January 25.

 Whatever Hyun Joong is silently cooking out there, it will surely surprise everyone. That’s Hyun Joong every time he goes out there to that stage, he always have something new. So how will you get tired of him? If he himself never get tired of trying something new. He’s a guy full of surprises. i haven’t gone over with his black hair, here he comes in blonde curly then again in blonde straight!!! If he’s your lover, it would look as if you’re dating with different man every time!!

So let him be, let him get to his cooking done, and wait…!!!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks!


4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…..SILENT COOKING!!

  1. LOL….yeap many mans in one, but a wonderful man indeed! Let him keep on cooking and will keep on eating..bring it on Kim Hyun Joong will always wait for him with a lot of patients cause good things comes for those who wait….

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