By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong top a survey from January 5 to 11 with this question “Who is the celebrity that you fell in love for his athletic ability”? Kim Hyun Joong took the first place as he garnered 46 percent 122 votes.

Next in line on the second place is Kim Dong Jun with twenty four percent 63 votes. It was said that Dong Jun was an athletic idol, whom had captured fans from the field on MBC idol star track and field championship.

Well, Kim Hyun Joong this time captured the crowd at the field. the survey may not been a big deal but the point is, every where Hyun Joong goes there’s a crowd behind him, and any artist who stand by his side on stage, on field or anywhere would be swept away!!

Well who wouldn’t fall head over heels with Kim Hyun Joong?? When God pour out all the beautiful faces in world he was definitely wide awake to received the blessings from heaven….and Hyun Joong thank God.

This photo above reminds me of my favorite NBA legend Charles Jordan of Chicago Bulls!!!       Hyun Joong is cute!! Anything this guy does is just awsome!!

A perfect handsome face of Hyun Joong, a smile that can die for and a powerful charisma can outshine the rest of the idols from that soccer field!! What more can I say, Kim Hyun Joong  the KING!!

Many thanks to Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog for the news.


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…KING of SOCCER FIELD

  1. finally i can find all the articles. thanks for the reply on twitter.
    he’s my ONLY ONE. i’ve been following him since the end of 2009 when BOF was being aired in my country. during this time, i’ve always found his good manners again and again. i’m never obsessed with an artiste before. and i usually don’t listen to songs, naturally i don’t know SS501. thanks to BOF, he caught my attention at the very first scene of BOF. i thought, “wow he’s so handsome”. i’ve never liked any man with red [blonde] and long hair. but i tend to like him and found out he’s the leader of boyband. and from internet, i learn about him.
    thanks for the articles.

    • Hi at last you found because you got this far!! Thanks for reading, I have a list of all articles you may find it at Article Collection, that the title of the article, you may update your reading thru the list. Although some may still may not be found at Google specially the new ones. You may try Tags Kim Hyun joong happy reading!

  2. A true KING…I wonder how does he do it! He does so much at the same time all the energy he give on giving the best and still got time to do another thing that he loves that is his sport..Like you mentioned nobody can beat him at any polls not when we’re here to back him up! Oh and yes he was first on line to obtain all from our noble GOD! God bless him ! And thank you God!mmmmmmmmmmm for that piece of heaven..LOL

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