Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DARLING OF THE PRESS

By:  LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong is becoming an international news maker, and has been the darling of the press. He has become the cover and center page of every magazines and newspapers, as many international journalist followed his every activities and continues success, in every project he worked on. Every time Hyun Joong leaves his country, it’s not only his fans who were waiting for him at the airport, but even the media line up to take his pictures. And as soon as he gets to his port of entry in any country he visits, another crowd of fans and media patiently awaits for his arrival to welcome him. This is how popular he had become.

Last year, Hyun Joong traveled around Asia, to promote his first album Breakdown, and The Face Shop as he is the present endorser of the brand. I’ve watched almost all his one on one interviews, and I was impressed on how he handled even the most awkward question thrown to him.

Hyun Joong looks snob at first sight, but before he talks, he’ll give out his smile, and the first thing that any journalist would feel is his soft spot. That was quite obvious in any of his interviews, or even at press conferences. Hyun Joong will never leave any journalist, or media reporters with hanging questions left unanswered. He’s quite smart, and he never fails to give them a good laugh before any interview ends. I’m sure any journalist, male or female can be captured by his magical charisma.

Hyun Joong is a very straight forwarded person, he’s truthful to what he is saying, his candid honesty can be surprising to everyone, and his 4D personality can be so unpredictable, that may catch anyone off handed!! In Singapore at MAMA if you recall, a German media reporter asked Hyun Joong during the press conference the question, “What do you think of German girls”? Hyun Joong replied, “Whenever I hear German, the first thing that comes into my mind is sausage and draft beer!!” Everyone in the conference hall laughed!! Well, that’s his 4D striking!!  But he answered politely that he haven’t met any German girl but he wish he would in the future.

Hyun Joong is very accommodating to journalists or  media reporters, to grant them interviews, even he has to squeeze in to his busy schedule. I think he’s quite friendly with the media.

In Singapore when Hyun Joong was promoting The Face Shop, he was interviewed by media, but there were some questions that were being prohibited to be asked. Questions about Bae Yong Joong, plastic surgery, and other matters that may be offending. But a stubborn lady reporter still asked Hyun Joong, something like, how would you qualify a good kisser? Actually I find the question rather indecent for a lady, to ask directly to a man on air. Hyun Joong was told not to respond, but he still answered as he replied, “As I have said, I do not have a girl friend so I can not compare”. Hyun Joong answered, so as not to embarrass the lady reporter, even he was being told not to answer, he still did in a friendly manner.

So far, there was no bad publicity about Hyun Joong, since there’s nothing distasteful about him. He openly admitted his weak points, and there was no single trace of arrogance ever since, even at this time that his career is at the height. Hyun Joong has his feet firmly on the ground and stayed as modest as he can. And so people are drawn to him, because he’s naturally charming, and of course who wouldn’t be impress by his magnetic charisma.

I’m thankful to the media too, for covering events pertaining Hyun Joong specially whenever he travels. Media is one of the most influential medium, in bringing updates just about anything, and they are already aware, that Hyun Joong is a very important person to a thousands of fans out there.

Actually, Hyun Joong is not only the darling of the press, he’s also the apple of the eye for many talk show hosts. I have noticed in many Korean talk shows, if another artists happened to be invited at the same show together with Hyun Joong, it’s not gonna be his lucky day!! Because Hyun Joong would surely dominates the show, even he just sits around!! For some reasons, the host drew his attention to Hyun Joong and a lot of times, he’s just so funny and very cute, very entertaining in his own natural way.

In Taiwan, Hyun Joong had a long one on one interview in a talk show, The Person, it was said that Hyun Joong was the very first Korean, who guested in that prestigious show. Hyun Joong was highly praised by the lady host, as gentleman and very reserve!! OMG the lady host doesn’t know his true color!!! But it’s good Hyun Joong did not have any 4D attack during the serious talks they had!!

Anywhere, any time, Hyun Joong is being himself always. His life is an open book to everyone, because he has nothing to hide in the first place. I’m happy that no one brag about his personal relationship, simply because he doesn’t have any girl friend!!

Today as I’m writing this article, I checked on my twitter and read a 17th letter from the Alien Prince KHJ to his fans, just for greetings from Japan and saying he had headache because of the air freshener given to him by his executive director!! LOL…lucky fans we are, if he has a girlfriend he would write to his GF instead!!! Hyun Joong is very thoughtful to his fans, out of the blues he would just jot down a note and never failed to thank them. That’s Kim Hyun Joong!!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DREAM HOUSE

By LazerKim:                Kim Hyun Joong ranked no.4 among the idols who has the most expensive house. The house was worth $1.7M, located at Chungdamdong in a Europian style villa. He was able to purchase the property after the successful concerts in Japan. In the video footage, the house was rather empty, or maybe it was taken before Hyun Joong moved in.

My question now is, was Hyun Joong able to purchase the house of his dream?? In one of his interviews he mentioned that he wants to have a house where he can have a sound proof studio for his own. Maybe he was pertaining to a sound proof music room, where he can place his instruments. And also mentioned having a dance studio, in his house where he can rehearse.

In the video footage, if that was the house he actually purchased, it’s a typical bachelor’s fad on the top floor overlooking the city. The panels are in light beige earth color. Obviously, Hyun Joong is not so fond of cooking, because I think the kitchen is the smallest area in the house!! I can only imagine Hyun Joong living in a typical bachelor’s lifestyle, that also reflects on his choice of shelter!! It’s rather big enough for single occupancy.

Hyun Joong is fashionable, trendy but I think he has a simple lifestyle but comfortable, even he drives a rare white Ferrari, he’s a typical person who spends more time outside his house. For obviously reason,  because he’s always been busy and always been on the go!!  I wonder for how long would he be living by himself?? Will he end up like his boss Bae Yong Joong, as he matures further? I’ve noticed most of the Korean male celeb tends to settle down at the later age, specially the popular once. I’ll be laughing at Hyun Joong if he ends up like his boss, because he always jokes with Yonsama about getting married!!

Hyun Joong is still young, he had just started with the second phase of his career and he still has a long journey to take before he could finally achieve what he wanted for himself. I remember his guesting with Lee Sora, he has a high career ambition, but Hyun Joong mentioned that when it’s time he approach the ultimate peak of his career, he would gladly be an uncle to the neighborhood kids and buy them ice cream!! In short after getting rich and famous, Hyun Joong would just want a simple lifestyle. The guy is just so amazing, that’s all I can say!!!

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] POWER TO CONQUER

By LazerKim:               When Kim Hyun Joong was in Japan, he guested and performed at Music Station live on Friday Jan.27th. Hyun Joong was interviewed and had mentioned that he had gone to one of the traditional stores in Ginza and bought a Japanese Maneki Neko (beckoning cat) which is said to be good luck for business. After two days from that interview, I read that the Maneki Neko from that traditional store from Ginza, were sold out!! It seemed that the “word of the mouth” coming from Hyun Joong himself, is becoming an effective business strategy even it’s unintentional.

There were a lot of instances that I personally experienced, like being influenced by Hyun Joong. One time I watched a video footage of his interview in Japan, and he was asked his favorite Japanese food, as Hyun Joong replied he likes Gyu dong, soba, and curry. After a week, a friend of mine invited me for dinner and went to a Japanese Restaurant. I was very much engross with the topic we were talking about, when the waiter came in to take our orders. I ordered for Gyudong and curry rice. Then my friend commented, “I thought you don’t eat spicy food.” To my surprise, I was actually ordering for food I’m not fond of eating, but Hyun Joong’s favorite!! I called back the waiter and had my order changed!!

Last December after Hyun joong came back from Hong Kong for the Yahoo Buzz Award as he was awarded Best Male Solo Artist and brought home four trophies, he wrote a message to his fans to thank them. Then he mentioned that he listened to the music “Closer” by Kim Yeon Woo, OST from the drama Brain, and that he likes the music and ask his fans to check it out. After reading Hyun Joong’s message, I browse the YouTube, found the music and added it to my playlist. There were something like 300 viewers on that site when I first check it. The following morning, I went back to the same site to have that song Closer download to my computer, and there were already about 4,000 viewers for that song at the same site!!!

In another interview, he was asked what music does Hyun Joong listened to before going to bed. Hyun Joong replied, his favorite OST  Be with You. It was the music played as BMG, at Hyun Joong’s Breakdown showcase, when he was reading his letter to his fans. I had it downloaded, and listen to it every night until at this time!!

An avid fan of Hyun Joong flew all the way to Seoul to watched his recent fan meeting. She went shopping for Hyun Joong’s merchandise which was practically everywhere within the shopping areas, and in good quality from cellphone casing, key chains, bags, note pads ect. Of course the items being sold by KeyEast are the original Hyun Joong’s signature items. The most popular once are the Uzoosin luminous sticks, that can be seen every time from Hyun Joong’s fans every time he performs on stage, anywhere. These merchandise alone can bring good business revenue results.

I think Hyun Joong is becoming a good business influence, because anything that is being attach to his name just sells out like hotcakes. If you remember the canvas bag that was on auction for charity? Hyun Joong was jokingly drew a comic face, signed it and fortunately until at this day it’s still earning good money. The comic face turned into a canvas bag into gold!!

Hyun Joong was wearing that red shirt (photo above) as he performed Kiss Kiss on one of Japanese TV shows. And I believe the shirt with the same design and color is gonna be out in the market soon. This indeed is a very good timing for valentine season, which is commercially popular in Japan, as they celebrate black chocolate day on Feb.14.

Hyun Joong is not only a successful artist, he himself is also a successful businessman. Last year 2011, Hyun Joong ranked at No.1 spot as CEO among the Korean idols who had established their own business, other than actively doing their careers.

As everyone knows and quite familiar with Jaksal Chicken, which Hyun Joong owns, has already nine outlets and has been doing good business. That avid fan of Hyun Joong had a chance visit one of the Jaksal outlet, and she mentioned that it’s true, that on pick hours, there’s always a long line of costumers outside the restaurant waiting to be seated!! Oh by the way, the restaurant name Jaksal came from Jaksalie the name of Hyun Joong’s dog. This is different from Art and Matic, his dogs whom he brought to the fan meeting. Hyun Joong just love dogs!! 

These are the two lovely dogs of Hyun Joong, from the photo above, the one on your right is ART a female, and the one on your left is MATIC a male. Well, obviously their names came from Hyun Joong’s back up dancers ARTMATIC!!     Now I wouldn’t be surprised if many of Hyun Joong’s fans who are pet lovers may be looking for dogs with the same breed!!  Quite honestly, I got plans of doing that myself!!  I actually wrote an article about them in title “New Celebrity Dogs”. Check it out!!

Many of you must have been following Hyun Joong from the time he was doing Boys Over Flower, from Playful Kiss, or much further back in time of SS501. We all have different experience with him, we do laugh with him every time his 4D personality strikes, we do cry with him every time he’s hurt. But i’m sure of one thing,  we do listen to Hyun Joong as he listens to us as his fans. And eventually as we kept following him, he’s becoming influential to our lives, that sometimes we’re not even aware of.

Hyun Joong has a very cool personality, and what’s catching about his personality is not the strength of being strong, but his natural gentleness, his aura that can melt anyone’s heart. His strong charisma can conquer people to listen to him, not only his to music but the essence of what he is saying. That is the power of Kim Hyun Joong , the power to conquer anyone’s heart and mind.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] THE BOSS Bae Yong Joon

By LazerKim:    Kim Hyun Joong’s chain of success have been going on for the last seven months, since he performed his come back stage and released his first two albums in 2011. Hyun Joong currently in Japan still gaining more and more attention as he released his first Japanese album.I can’t help to think that ever since Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast, he’s been gaining a lot specially from overseas. I have written an article about the key to his success and one of the important person mentioned was Bae Yong Joon. Of course, Hyun Joong’s hard work is the greatest factor of all, but the key person behind him is none other than Bae Yong Joon.

In any interviews or talk shows that Hyun Joong guested on, Bae Yong Joon has always been in the picture. Apparently Hyun Joong is the alter ego of Bae Yong Joon and Hyun Joong prided to be called little Yon Sama, as he commented, “little can also be big”!!

I’ve been wanting to write about Bae Yong Joon, since he is the key person behind Hyun Joong being his boss and mentor, the strongest foundation in Hyun Joong’s career. Admitted or not, well, that’s a given fact. But Yon Sama of course takes pride to have a protege like Hyun Joong, specially with the success he’s been gaining.

It’s been a while since Bae Yong Joong was last seen on screen, and honestly, I’m quite at lost about him, since my blog focuses solely on Kim Hyun Joong. And so I went surfing, or should I say I went fishing for info about Yon Sama and I finally found his blogs.

But first of all, may I compliment LOVE BAE YONG JOON where I got the photos, thank you very much for sharing. I read some of the articles and write ups from his fans and as I was reading, something just made me sad. I could feel Yong Joon’s fans missed him a lot. Well, Yong Sama’s last drama was way back in 2007 when he did Legend, and a very short portion in Dream High. Quite honestly, I was a bit disappointed with Dream high because I was expecting to see more of Bae Yong Joon. Then I heard somewhere that he got sick again.

A friend of mine who was once a member of BYJ’s fan club told me that their fans club used to be active, and now it was dissolved. It’s sad but somehow as I read BYJ’s blog, there were still a lot out there who’s keeping their hopes.  BYJ had kept his high popularity ratings that no other Korean artist had been his contender. I think it’s high time BYJ has to be out there and be seen on screen again.

In one article I’ve read that actors like Bae Yong Joon had been doing good in the commercial advertising. Well why not, he’s Bae yong Joon, anything attached to his name will surely brings excellent revenue. Doing commercial modelling can earn better with lesser effort than acting, that is a solid fact. Bae Yong Joon is one of the richest man in Korea, he’s the highest paid Korean actor and if ever he does TV drama or movie, he’ll be doing it out of love to his fans and definitely not for money.

I was surprised to see this photo above.  This only goes to show that anywhere Bae Yong Joon goes, a crowd of ladies are still at his tail!! Yong Joon wasn’t doing anything, we barely see him, probably only Koreans does in glossy magazines, but here they are! Yong Joon’s fans grew up with him, but they’re still with him all these years. Still waiting wherever he goes.

I admire these fans for being very understanding of Yong Joon’s health situation. I remember when he made appearance at Tokyo Dome fan meeting and launching of Winter Sonata anime, Yong Joon cried, that it seemed to me he was happy to see a big crowd of fans at the same time sad that he’s quite helpless.

For just a briefer, Bae Yong Joon had an accident, falling from a horse back ride while filming Legend in 2007, that changed his life as an actor. He went for a long rest, while doing so, he indulge himself to photography, book writing about Korean culture and presently studying ceramics. He then started on restaurant business, wine, ginseng, and other types of business and currently in the process of expansion.

His personal life remained mysterious which I believed started when he was linked to many relationships as what the media brag about, which he did not like. He said he was jealous of Kim Hyun Joong for living a free lifestyle unlike himself. That’s their differences, as Hyun Joong doesn’t want to be tied up at home while Yong Joon enjoyed serenity of Busan where he lives.

I believe Bae Yong Joong, has every intention of going back to screen, only if he has an interesting plot to play as an actor. In one of his interviews, he commented about doing Untold Scandal in 2003. He said his manager was very much against the movie, but the stubborn guy called the producer for a screen test. He said, if he’ll look good wearing the character’s costume, he’ll take it, as simple as that!! It was his first movie to portray a playboy role in a historic genre, that gave him interest to do it. I have watched the movie and I’ve seen the challenge as he was relaying.

My point is, just like any veteran actor he has every right to be choosy, but I do hope it won’t take too much time to choose, it’s been almost five years and he’s not getting younger. I think it would be good if he”ll make a drama together with Kim Hyun Joong. I’m sure both BYJ fans and KHJ’s fans will be grateful!!

I think both actors are just waiting for a good opportunity in pursuing their acting careers. These two guys are made from heaven to have such perfect handsome qualities, I really wish they can work together in one drama. A veteran and a rookie, a boss and a subordinate, a mentor and protege, both are celeb and businessmen, both are the richest men in Korea. I think both guys deserve each other’s support and I’m truly grateful. I think Hyun Joong brought back the lights and cameras on Yon Sama so as not to be forgotten.

And for the fans of Bae Yong Joon, do stick around, I’m sure it won’t be long and Yon Sama will soon be on screen again. And no matter how a rich man he became, being an actor is in his blood. He must be itching to be in the lime light again, but there has to be a good material for him to work on.

Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon are destined to cross path, Yon Sama finally found a very suitable protege that can make him proud. At the same time Hyun Joong found a perfect mentor that he can takes pride. Both benefits from each other fair and square. A beautiful partnership blessed with handsome and warm heart for their fans. A truly remarkable icons.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] INTERNATIONAL FANS

By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong won a trophy from All Kpop Awards as Best Male Solo Artist Award. Hyun Joong stated his message of thanks to his fans, translated as:

“Hello All Kpop! This is Kim hyun Joong, Thank you for such an amazing award, and this award is much more meaningful as 100 percent of the votes were cast by my international fans. I plan to promote myself more overseas in the new year, so I ask for your interest and support. Thank you”.

I congratulate Kim Hyun Joong for bringing home his 8th trophy since his come back stage in June 2011. And of course I congratulate KHJ’s fans for job well done!! You did it again as always!.     Hyun Joong stated that, 100 percent of the votes were cast by his international fans. This is just so amazing!! It only goes to show that Kim Hyun Joong has a strong hold on his fans even overseas.

Hyun Joong is a Korean, there’s huge ocean that separates Korea from the rest of its neighboring countries, not to mention other parts of the world outside Asia, to be able to gain a huge network of foreign fans, but Hyun Joong has it all. Hyun Joong doesn’t speak nor understand English as an international language. He sang his music in Korean and luckily he can sing some of his songs in Japanese, and yet foreigners do patronize his music.

I only get to see Hyun Joong through the internet, that I can only thank technology for a thousand times, because without it, there’s no way for me to reach him. Other than this, I’m thankful to the interpreters who patiently translate what Hyun Joong is trying to tell us. And there goes the twitters and bloggers who bring updates, news articles ect., by this way, I’ve known a lot about Hyun Joong.

But have you asked yourself, why Kim Hyun Joong? Why are we so crazy about him? The Hollywood stars are better, they sing, speak and understand English. Many of the Hollywood stars are better singers, dancers and actors. And yet why in a Korean like Kim Hyun Joong? Or maybe we have watched a lot of American movies and TV series and had gone tired of it?? Well, this is very true to me, I used to like Keanu Reeves, Kavin Coastner, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Bill Pulman and many others.I have watched almost all of their films and probably I have outgrown the famous Hollywood stars.

Then let’s take it to other Hallyu stars. What brought these people near to us? It all started with Korean dramas. I started watching it from 2004 through TV and eventually through DVDs. Hyun Joong’s boss Bae yong Joon was my first Korean idol in Winter Sonata, then there’s, Jewel in the Palace, Jumong followed by Legend and many others.

Until at 2009, Boys Over Flower was aired on TV and that’s where I first met Hyun Joong. I don’t even know his name, so I called him Ji Hoo. After BOF was aired, I watched it again through DVD about 6 times. I do not have much interest in internet yet at that time, so I just content myself to watching DVDs.

Internet became my life only when Hyun Joong brought Breakdown to YouTube. And the rest was history. I wasn’t even familiar with Korean Pop idols, and it was Hyun Joong who introduced me to them. I couldn’t count how many DVDs I got but I”m sure it’s over 50 Korean Dramas. I do have some favorite Korean actors but I have never been hooked as much as I am to Hyun Joong. Bae Yong Joon was my first favorite and I have watched almost all his dramas, but I did not attempt to know more about him. I only started researching on Bae Yong Joon and write about him, because he’s the closest to Hyun Joong.

If I’ll be asked the question what, why and how did I like Hyun Joong I can only answer the question when!! I first met Hyun Joong in 2009 and I was star struck on 2011 on my birthday. So I can not forget!!

They said if you love a person, there should not be a reason as why you love that person.   If I say I like Kim Hyun Joong because he’s handsome, he’s a good singer dancer, actor, kind loving ect. But all of these qualities can be found from other artist either equally or even better. We do get attracted or star struck either by their physical aspect or their talent. But with Hyun Joong, the more I get to know him the deeper I get to like him. One of the bloggers Hyunnies Pexer’s related her story about Hyun Joong as addictive. And I think that’s right term for Hyun Joong’s fans – addict!!

And then there’s another blogger from Kathy’s Bench, asking “when will I get over with KHJ”. I ask the same question to myself. For me, it’s been five months that I’ve been out of touch to my real world, since Hyun Joong had captured my attention, and my whole being!! What more with others whom I had already found existing among the KHJ’s blogs?

From June 2011, Hyun Joong never stopped, he’s always on the go, that made his fans as busy as he was!! Or if he stops, fans kept searching for him! And if ever he stop, he’s simply resting from exposure, but he was in his studios working. After a week or so, here he goes again, but honestly, I enjoyed every moment of his exposure. I get so crazy voting for Hyun Joong whenever voting polls are being conducted. I couldn’t forget the voting polls at MAMA, everyone was just so busy voting and monitoring Hyun Joong’s poll standing!!! But it was really fun!

Now I’m wondering, does Hyun Joong knows or even aware that his international fans are crazy about him? I haven’t experienced to be out there cheering for any celeb, not even once in my life time. Now it’s becoming my dream to visit Korea and to attend any of Hyun Joong’s fan meeting. If I’m gonna write about him for long, I think I should have a personal encounter. If I was magnetized by just looking at him on videos, what more if I see him in person?

Hyun Joong made his first appearance at Music Station Japan and performed Kiss Kiss wearing a simple orange sweater and looks even more handsome. (Thanks to Kathy’s Bench for the photos)

Hyun Joong I think will be keeping himself busy with his exposure promoting his album in Japan, so we’ll see more of him. Oh how I wish he would make more music before he gets down to acting. I’m sure he’ll be keeping his fan’s interest, I believe he wants to do a lot, and he wants to do it for his fans. As he always say, he doesn’t want a long rest because he tends to get lazy!!I always look forward to any of Hyun Joong’s project. If I don’t see him around or hear anything about him, I get crazy searching for Hyun Joong everywhere!!

How can I get over with Kim Hyun Joong, if I keep wanting for more from him. I just can’t get enough of him. Do you feel the same way as I do??

                                                                                                  Written by: LazerKim

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SOLO VS. IDOL GROUPS

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong who is currently in Japan to promote his first Japanese mini album, had received at least eight trophies in 2011, since his come back stage in June. Hyun Joong was awarded by Mnet Asian Music Awards, one of the most prestigious music award  as Best Solo Male Artist in 2011. Hyun Joong was well recognized as a solo artist, but come to visit the music billboard chart that time, it seemed that Hyun Joong was the only solo artist who always make it at least to the top five or ten and the rest are all idol groups.

While Hyun Joong is currently in Japan, to debut his first Japanese album, rank no. two at the Oricon Music Daily Chart. Other Kpop idol groups followed, rank below from no. 6 random downward. This would show Hyun Joong can surpass even the other Kpop idol groups overseas. Isn’t that great??

Last year 2011 the nominees from the same category as solo male artists were, Kim Bum Soo, Kim Tae Woo, Sung Si Kyung, Wheesung, Jang Woo Hyuk  and Kim Hyun Joong. But where are these guys? I watched the videos of the five contenders of Hyun Joong, to find out what made Hyun Joong won the Best Male Solo Award.

In all fairness, the five artists were all good in different styles, and they do have good voice quality. All of the five were singer dancer, similar to Hyun Joong. But among the six soloist including Hyun Joong, he had the most appealing performance. Judging from the category as singer dancer, even his contenders has better singing voice quality, still Hyun joong outshine the other artists, in terms of performance totality.

What’s missing among the five soloist was showmanship and stage appeal, in which Hyun Joong top them all. Let Hyun Joong stand on that stage without doing anything, he’ll immediately capture the audience. What more if he sings and dance? Hyun joong is not a bad singer as other accused him to be, otherwise he wouldn’t be nominated by a prestigious music award to begin with, right?

And what about the other SS501 members, they have the exact category as Hyun Joong? He was the fourth to release their first album but unfortunately, none of them was able to make it to the music chart. Hyun Joong did not even compete with them by releasing his album at the same time, in fact he delayed it for a month until everyone had released their album. Nevertheless, the membes were swept away by leader.

I watched one video which appeared to be a showdown between 2PM a group, TVXQ a duet and Hyun Joong a soloist. Watching this showdown I think is even competitive. Although Hyun Joong still outshines 2PM and TVXQ during that showdown and the group knows it very well.

At the awards ceremony at MAMA, if you recall the event, it was only Hyun Joong who performed solo, others were Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, 2ne1 ect. He was never been left out by other idol groups, even he’s not in their category. In short, Hyun Joong has the ability to compete with the idol groups. It’s like soloist against five to ten singers!! Hyun Joong is a very competitive artist that can not be disregarded.

I still couldn’t forget the look in Hyun joong’s  face when he first launch the album Breakdown on 7th of June last year, when he read his letter to his fans. He was overwhelmed with worries and fear for being by himself to perform in a huge stage with 4,000 people all eyes on him before facing the Music Bank for the count down with a much larger audience on TV all over the world.

But he made it, even gained more from what he was hoping. That time all he ever hoped for was acceptance from his fans.  At the Music Bank back stage, as soon as Hyun Joong was done with his first TV performance, a reporter approached him for interview and was asked how he felt about his come back stage. Hyun Joong stated, “It was hard, it was tiring, but I hope my fans would see my manly side, I don’t know if they will like it”. My God, he was literally catching his breath after dancing, and all he had in mind was his fans. I was truly touched by his statement.

During that season countdown, his contender were all in a group, but he bravely faced the challenge, and made it to the top. He gained high respect from his co artists because he remained as modest as he can. Seeing from the videos, he even bowed at his junior idol groups and treated them his equal, not a single sign of arrogance was seen in him and that is why everyone liked Hyun Joong.

Now that Hyun Joong had built his self confidence, knowing we, as his fans would always stay beside him to be there for him, he’s prepared to face any contender, be it a soloist like him or a group idol. Hyun Joong will always bring the best in him as consistent as he always does in his every performance.

I’m very proud to be Kim Hyun Joong’s fan……   Aren’t you???

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PERFECT STRATEGY

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong marked his successful debut of his first Japanese album featuring his songs Kiss Kiss and Lucky Guy in Japanese version. On the first day album release, 71,821 album copies were being sold out in Japan and Hyun Joong’s first album rank no. 2 in the Oricon Music Daily Chart. It was said that Hyun Joong’s album was a history record breaker for a foreign artist to debut in such number of copies sold on its first day of sales. How was Hyun Joong able to make it?

Of course Hyun Joong was not alone in planning and materializing all of these. His handlers did a perfect strategy, planning and hitting a perfect timing to release the album. Hyun Joong fulfilled his promise to his Japanese fans to perform a concert in various cities all over Japan in November. He gained more Japanese fans when he did the concert. During the concert he made another promise that he’ll make music specially for his Japanese fans as he signed contract under Universal Music so as to fulfill his promise.

Prior to the first album launching, Hyun joong and his Japanese commercial endorsement in partnership project with Universal Music, worked on its season’s ad AEON using Hyun Joong’s song Kiss Kiss in Japanese version. This commercial ad was aired in Japan prior to Hyun Joong’s arrival to Japan for his album debut.

In short, there was already a public awareness program at least a week before the album launching. The album video teasers and advertising materials were already out in the Japanese market. Hyun Joong’s Japanese handlers did a tremendous fanfare before Hyun Joong arrived in Japan that pushes his album to every Japanese household.

On the day of Hyun Joong’s album debut, he was surrounded by a crowd of media, as if it’s Hyun Joong’s debut!!!  Information dissemination is vital to any product launching, and Hyun Joong does not exclude himself. Any product attach to his name would surely make it big, provided that public awareness was fully attained. Media publicity is also important since they are the once who has stronger hold on information dissemination.

Hyun Joong I think has a good relationship with the media, he’s very friendly and accommodating to media specially on interview grants. A star like Hyun Joong is not easy to reach out, but Hyun Joong accommodates his extra time for interviews. With all the videos that I watched, he never leave any hanging question go unanswered, no matter how awkward for him to respond, he’ll say his piece either seriously or play with his 4D to answer!! Hyun Joong is very smart, and he knows how to handle situations whenever he gets trap by media!! Well, the guy has nothing to hide, to begin with.

Hyun Joong may be careful with his reputation, since he’s been an endorser of various company of different products in Korea and overseas. But one thing he doesn’t want, is to be placed in a box. Hyun Joong is a free spirited, down to earth, star celeb who would go for a drink on a side street tent and he wouldn’t mind if someone wants to take his picture, he would gladly give it even his autograph. Would you still wonder why people are drawn to Kim Hyun Joong?

I commend the people working with Hyun Joong, in laying out a perfect strategy in terms of public awareness program in Japan, that brought in excellent results on Hyun Joong’s first Japanese album debut. I’m sure Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans are in cloud nine enjoying their most awaited fulfilled promise of Hyun Joong to them in November.

That’s Kim Hyun Joong, a man with sincere word of honor. Who wouldn’t love him??


                                                                                             LazerKim here writing