Kim Hyun Joong [article] LAZER’S DAY!



By: LazerKim

I would like to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday Oct. 22 yesterday both at tweeter, facebook, and at this site, thank you very much. For the last three years being a fan writer to Kim Hyun Joong, you have been my inspiration in sharing my thoughts and feelings all about the Kim Hyun Joong, this is my 400th article! Again from the bottom of my heart, Thank you very much! 


Many of us may have been wondering where Kim Hyun Joong might be, or what is he doing?  This is just a sign that his fans truly miss him quite a lot and this is so visible within the internet as many of his fans were endlessly posting many of his old pictures! Keep it up guys, being visible and vigilant is one way of fighting over the haters for them to see that their aim of pulling down KHJ fandom is not working! That they have to accept while Kim Hyun Joong stays the unbreakable star, his fans stays the unbreakable fans!

I think we somehow have the answer as to where he might be, coming from one of his friends that he’s in Jeju Island, probably on his favorite hobby which is scuba diving! But those pictures of Hyun Joong were taken in March this year as he received his Master Diver Certificate! And also celebrates the day he is no longer afraid of sharks!! But still afraid of insects, as a butterfly flew over him and was just scared to death!! LOL!



Now talking about Hyun Joong’s favorite hobby, this guy is adventurous, he loves challenges, however, being scuba diver is also a life risk challenge by nature. What he finds in that deep blue sea is peace. Nature is enhancement, refreshing and a good stress reliever as Hyun Joong enjoys the adventure finding out what’s down there. So why don’t we relax for this day since I intend to write in a lighter note as I share something relaxing!

Hyun Joong had visited my country twice and have been in Cebu Philippines as he stated in 2011 he wanted to go back if he has the chance. At this point may I be allowed to say I would like to suggest to him to try diving in my country because we have the best scuba sites, the best marine underwater world, the pure blue sea white sand of Palawan Philippines! Be it El Nido, Coron Busuanga, Puerto Prinsesa, these are paradise and has the best scuba sites, worth to visit!

And yes, I’m promoting my own loving country, I’ve been keeping this blog site for 3 years just for once allow me to do something for my country tourism!! LOL! So I’m doing it on this special day! If you happen to be in search for water nature, this is the place to go which is still a virgin island, stands on the top list in world tourism! Check it out link below! Thanks!



BIRTH OF A FAN  (LK fan account for the new fans)

Today I dig deep in my treasure box on how I spent my four birthdays that I would like to share to Hyun Joong’s new fans and haters! Why not, these haters has been lingering at this site so might as well dedicate something for them and learn the why, how, and when we started being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong! Here’s my history!

Oct. 22, 2011

I think this was my most unforgettable birthday, it was just an ordinary day for me since I was under recovery so I just spent this day at home doing nothing so I started browsing at YouTube, looking for something to watch. I don’t know how I ended up at Breakdown but I was just staring at that man in black hair, black leather suit and dark glasses only to find out it’s Yoon Ji Hoo!! There I started to get hook watching him from 7pm till 7am the following day! I was totally captured by Kim Hyun Joong and the rest was history! That time I said to myself, “oh this spell will pass by, I’ll soon forget him!!”

Oct. 22, 2012

Before this day, I wrote two articles consecutively attacking someone who’s trying to criticize Kim Hyun Joong! Then some fans started greeting me on the 21st that I was then reminded it’s my birthday the following day!! I spent my birthday at this blog and I was happy to have spent it with my readers! The atmosphere was like a party that I forgot whom I was attacking the day before my birthday!! LOL And I’m so glad that those fans who celebrated it with me are still here reading all about KHJ, remained unchanged, still addicted to Hyun Joong!! The entire year I was all wondering as to when can I ever get away from Kim Hyun Joong’s spell!!


Oct. 22, 2013

In October 20th and 21st last year Kim Hyun Joong performed two concerts in a row the Premium Live concert held in Chiba (Makuhari Hall) which I was so looking forward to since the day he ended his concert series Japan Tour 2013. I was thinking this was gonna be the best birthday that I’ll ever spend to be in those two concerts, but instead, I attended a funeral of a family member back home!!

I cried for two reasons out of sadness, first a family member passed away, second, I was thinking it was my last chance to be able to see Hyun Joong again! And this should have been the first time for me to see him in his black short hair in person, which I never did!

However, I was greeted a happy birthday and condolence at the same time from behind the scene after that concert through phone call, so I was smiling and crying at the same time at 12 midnight!! I can just laugh at myself in remembering those days, as if nothing else was important to me than Hyun Joong’s concerts!! I was then asking myself again, “is this how to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong?” LOL!!

Oct. 22, 2014

This day I’m making it a point to be here this time, just to put on record, this article as my 400th article as my birthday present to myself!! I do celebrate every 100 articles I write as my accomplishment having only one subject to write. The life of Kim Hyun Joong is indeed colorful that there’s always something interesting to write about him. This is why I kept saying to the new fans, being a fan of Hyun Joong is all worth your time because we do learn a lot from him that he’s not even aware of!

I’m asking myself and wondering again just as I wondered 3 years ago, how long can I still write? No promises, just remain to be seen! This year I almost lost my way from Hyun Joong, only to find out I even became closer because of the nightmare! And so I quit asking myself as to when can I get away from being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, because I don’t think it will ever happen!! I think 3 years of asking is enough time for me to confirm I belong here!

In Oct. 27 2011, I wrote a letter to Hyun Joong which I have posted only after a year and telling him “I’m not sure if I’m your fan because it’s my first time to get hooked by a celeb!!”  Now I would say I’m a certified loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong, as my first, my last and my ONLY ONE!



Some fans may be asking does Hyun Joong knows how his fans are supporting him? Here’s something for our thoughts being a fan. I can only speak for myself. If I do something good, I don’t need to be recognized. In 2012, I write daily articles like a hobby that I wasn’t expecting anything, I just keep writing everyday as my daily routine!

What do I gain? I gained the feelings of happiness in talking about Kim Hyun Joong, and before I realize it, I develop love to his fans who are practically strangers, at the same time I started gaining love from them too, which for me is priceless. How Hyun Joong shared his love to his fans turned to a chain reaction among them and I have proven this during the nightmare. There’s just love everywhere whenever we talk about this guy!

In short, a sincere giver doesn’t have to be recognized, and doesn’t ask anything in return. As a fan whatever Kim Hyun Joong’s success is, is also his fans success. This is another reality in an idol and fan relationship. That is why we have this unconditional love for Kim Hyun Joong, a kind of love between idol and fans.



Fans being actively visible at the internet is one way of showing to the world that Kim Hyun Joong can not just be taken down by any setback inflicted just to destroy him. As I have said earlier, I’m sharing my own fan experience not only to Hyun Joong’s new fans but also sharing it to his haters who have been sneaking around and I won’t be surprised one day they will also be addicted to Kim Hyun Joong!! LOL!!

Oh I can welcome them with open arms, at least they can swallow their own words including their pride!! I’m not bragging please don’t misunderstand, but I noticed my scale of readers had gone up by 100% ever since the nightmare started! So it makes me feel Hyun Joong is still gaining despite the set back. I really think he gained out of the nightmare too and I strongly felt it, the negative vibes producing positive impact!

I have only one wish for my birthday this year. I wish Hyun Joong would be able to clear his name, as soon as possible. This is all I ever wish for!

To this end may I share with you from 2013 message from Kim Hyun Joong….

“I am very thankful to my fans who always stand by me. 
I do not know when it would be, someday we would not be able to meet any longer but let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories. ^^

I keep piling up neatly all the pleasant memories in my heart in order to open and see whenever I miss you. 
Let’s live happily~~~ ‘Your Story’ is the song just for you ^^ fighting”     Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LEGAL ACTIONS



By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong’s fans are now starting to take legal actions pertaining those haters who kept bashing on Kim Hyun Joong and the fandom. Yesterday a report notice in three languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English) has been circulating around the social network. Here  it goes:


Credits:  Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog  Thank you for sharing!

(Notice 1) A report for taking legal action against cyber hate comments, drips and others

In the face of a highly alarming level of malicious cyber attacks toward Kim Hyun Joong, KHJ fandom, in consultation with a lawyer, is in the process of taking legal action against those posting and disseminating mocking parodies, rumors and public hate comments for model infringement and defamation against the reputation of KHJ.

As Criminal Procedure Code 234 states “anyone can take legal action when a crime is committed,” anyone can take legal action. A defamation lawsuit may be filed by the party concerned and also by a third party against those with deliberate intentions to undermine the reputation of a specific person.

According to the Regulations of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, defamatory action may include the original post (publication) and also the dissemination of the post. The major issue of legal judgment for defamation is not actuality but the existence of intention to undermine the reputation of a specific person. Although a specific name is not mentioned, when many people can make reference to the name according to the circumstances, a defamation lawsuit may be filed.

Also regardless of the actuality, even though the content of the post is actual fact, unless the post is done for the purpose of public interests, if it undermines the reputation of a specific person, it may be brought to legal action and subsequent legal punishment per the Regulations. Even though the post is actual fact, if it undermines the reputation of a specific person by disseminating the information to many people, it may be subject to legal punishment.

It [defamation against KHJ] is obvious in the accusations against KHJ, which was “sent with the opinion (report) of no evidences found or no cases established for three accounts of assaults including habitual assaults,” and are currently awaiting the legal ruling by the prosecution.

KHJ Fandom, as a third party plaintiff, will proceed to file a criminal complaint by providing a lawyer all the captured materials of continuous and intentional defamatory statements against the KHJ’s reputation in social network, public bulletin board, blogs, public posts, drips, photos, articles with false information or erroneous exaggerations, hate comments in response to news media broadcasting or articles, and etc.

For the first step of the processes, we would like to select people who will monitor cyber sites posting continuous and intentional drips and hate comments, and capture the defamatory posts; and who will classify and organize all the captured materials to be provided to a lawyer. Please let us know of your availability by checking the secret comment at the Gall guest book.

When the persons in charge of classifying and organizing the materials are selected, they will collect materials captured by individuals. We would like to request you to send materials to the persons in charge at that time.


1. Consulting with a lawyer who has experience in criminal complaints/cases in regard to cyber hate comments against celebrities

2. Collecting materials required for criminal complaints such as captures of hate comments, drips, public posts and etc.

- locating certain cyber sites and news media to be continuously monitored

- assigning persons in charge of individual cyber sites/new media

- the persons in charge of monitoring certain sites will collect materials captured by individual fans in PDF format

- assigning persons in charge of capturing materials of major cyber sites/news media


★★ (Notice 3) English version★★

A report for the first consultation with a lawyer 

This is to report the information from the first consultation with lawyer.

1. Question regarding whether a third party, though not the party concerned, may file a legal case to have investigation undertaken for legal punishment

-> [a third party] may not need the consent of the agency or the party concerned in order to take legal action and submit a complaint to have investigation undertaken.

2. Selection and submission of data that may satisfy criminal evidence criteria

-> A screening process for the captured materials so far is needed to select data satisfying legal evidence criteria in proving transparent and intentional defamation

The criteria for the selection are as follows

1) dissemination of false information about KHJ

False information is a posting (publication) of speculative rumors which are not reported in news articles. An example is that KHJ’s finger bruise is the bruise he got while hitting the accuser.

2) continued and repeated act of posting and disseminating drip photos under the same IP or ID

When 6 wk injury and rib drips get to be posted and disseminated repeatedly, they may prove to have continued and repeated defamatory intention and be subject to legal punishment.  So please capture the continued and repeated publication and dissemination of the drips.

3) act of posting and disseminating hate response comments or the content continuously and repeatedly.

This act may prove to have deliberate defamatory intention and be subject to legal punishment.

These are the materials satisfying criminal evidence criteria that the lawyer asks to have in order to file a criminal complaint.  The major issue in proving crime is the deliberate defamatory intention in the act of disseminating false information. When a person publishes and disseminates continuously and repeatedly, it is proved to have deliberate intention and subject to legal punishment.


When you send us materials, please bear in mind the criteria above mentioned, and provide us materials of continued and repeated publication and dissemination of false information and defamatory statements. Storing the materials for the same IP or ID in one file may help those in charge of data management.

Please send the materials to email address




Based on the previous notice, we would like to report the progress made in seeking legal action.

  1. The persons in charge of the overall processes, as the representatives of KHJ fandom,

  2. Around 20 cyber sites are located for continuous monitor and material captures.

If you can assist in material captures, please let us know your availability in your response comment to this notice. The gallers with permanent ids will get the list of the cyber sites to be monitored and captured in the Gall guest book.  After reviewing the list, please let us know your preferences for the sites to be assigned. The gallers with temporary ids may leave your availability in response comment below and also in the Gall guest book in order to get the list.

In case you are unable to assist in a consistent manner, you may still continue to capture defamatory posts and send them to those persons in charge soon to be selected.

As you may already know, these processes may not be possible by the participation of few, but possible only by the very active and vigorous participation of all gallers. We would like to request the participation of all of you who want to help out in any manner.

  1. The use of the file name in a unified way is requested for the orderly organization of materials.

Please store your materials under a file name coded in the order of date-cyber site name-title of the post-the name of the person posting(eg. 140925-Iibe-KHJnoEvidence-thePerson’sName.pdf)

  1. There will be two teams for material management.

- data collection team (continuous monitor and data captures of the selected cyber sites)

- organization team (classification and organization of the collected data)

  1. The opening of a bank account and the account number will be notified in the future.

A bank account will be opened under the group name of KHJ Gallery for financial support, when a lawyer is hired and legal action is actually on the way.

  1. We’d like to emphasize that seeking legal action against the defamation of KHJ’s reputation is an independent action by KHJ’s fandom.

Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog  Thank you!




As we are all aware for two months now haters has been bashing on Kim Hyun Joong and his fans that we all endured with their ruthless words used to us every time we check on the news and comment pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s case. It was painful for all of us to be treated in such inhuman manner when we’re simply defending our idol in the most decent way. But these haters simply dragged the fandom to the limits.

May I just clarify that this movement is NOT revenge, but simply teaching those haters some lessons that this incident which took for months would not be repeated again and that for others to be aware that in this world we live in, there’s always limits in reality. There may be freedom of speech that is given to us by the world of internet BUT there should also be moderation on how we use that freedom.

We fight not to get even, but to fight for equal human right to be respected in using the internet in voicing out our thoughts in defending Kim Hyun Joong. You may ask, is this possible? I believe in collective effort with clean intention, nothing is impossible. While we support Kim Hyun Joong which is our right being his loyal fans, we also support our own right to be respected in defending him.

No bound is unreachable for as long as we stay together in one sincere intention in supporting Kim Hyun Joong in any best effort we can.

                                        We UNITE IN ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNBREAKABLE STAR



By: LazerKim


Have you asked yourselves, What makes an artist popular? What make fans stay loyal to their idol? What qualities in an artist do you like most? We all do have our own individual choices and prerogative whom we follow being a fan, which is our right. Every artist has different image as he shows on stage or on cameras while the public or his fans do appreciate. Other artists may stay with the same image and some do change their style or outlook constantly. Kim Hyun Joong is this type of artist, and that was why he was called an icon being a trend setter in style and looks.

From the time he started in the lime light even during his SS501 days, he often change his hairstyle, and every time he does, he just look different yet still handsome no matter how he fix his hair! In every project he has, or even frequent public appearances he makes sure something change in him. Take a look at his albums, all of those has different image and particularly his hairstyle! As he change his music concept his physique goes with it. And I think that makes him unique as an artist. Transformation is so easy for Hyun Joong in lesser effort that brings out something new in him every time he’s out there!

With all those changes from 2011’s Breakdown till the present, a greater development he had made in his talent abilities being a singer, dancer and actor. We have seen all of those 180 degrees turn in his ability improvement at the beginning of the year 2014 from his drama IG being in the lead role, he was highly praised in his acting ability. From the impressive fight scenes, dialogue with his co-actors, to the silent character of Shin Jung Tae’s emotions, indeed Hyun Joong is a perfect choice for this character and proved it.

To the latest World Tour Concert Series after one year of being away from the live stage performing as a singer dancer, his power on stage turned out to be even stronger which took me by surprise! Honestly in the world of dance, choreographers prefer artists who can grow, meaning there’s much room in getting higher, than those who started good but stay stagnant. Hyun Joong maximized that room without pushing too much, yet his power took over the stage that brought a successful show constantly in all venues.



I was once a perfectionist which is quite expected from me because of my profession, I was the kind of person who looks for perfection in an artist talent ability, technique, then next is beauty and brain. Hyun Joong changed that views in me and enlightened me with reality being an artist and being a fan at the same time. I leaned that it’s not technique in an artist’s craft that truly matters, but what makes me happy being a fan. This I think is the most important input an artist should know. What makes your fans happy.

Hyun Joong puts priority to what his fans may enjoy and make them happy, while he puts in his best effort to develop himself in every project he has. He doesn’t bores us with the same music style, he never bored us with the same outlook and he never fails to surprise us with whatever he has in store for us. In short, he knows how to get hold of his fans without overdoing anything, but simply being himself, and making sure there’s something new that he gives to us, that would surely makes us happy as his fans!

It’s true that even Hyun Joong would just stand on stage without doing anything you’ll already be captured, even without make up or flashy outfit. What more with hearing his voice as he sings from his heart, you’ll just melt and fall in love with him again and again. An artist’s sincerity is very important, I learned that, because we fans do feel this from them. And lastly, Hyun Joong remained humble and ever modest all these years with all the success he has been gaining.

He may not be the best in the music industry as others may think, but he got it all, that power to conquer the world… Yet Kim Hyun Joong never puts his fame to his head…… but bear that fame in his heart,  with much love to share to his fans.



As I have mentioned Hyun Joong’s life is an open book to his fans. May I just share, before I became a fan, I was already in my profession and when I had the chance to work with him on stage it was then I realize everything that I wrote in the past based from his interviews and write ups about him as a person are true. Meaning Hyun Joong had shared so much about himself to his fans and had nothing more to hide. He is known for his honesty, as a result no matter what negative was being said about him, his fans never paid attention and continued to be loyal to him.

Going back to the question earlier, what makes an artist popular and what makes the fans stay loyal to their idol? We have different views and opinion here that I would like to read from you. As far as LazerKim is concern I think of just two traits of Kim Hyun Joong that speaks of all…. SINCERITY AND HONESTY.

If a person is sincere, it will always surface in his whole being. If a person is honest, his honesty will always comes out in any situation.  The truth is, Kim Hyun Joong did not only win his fans loyalty through his looks and talent as an artist. But more so….

Kim Hyun Joong as a person in reality being sincere and honest made him unbreakable and will always remain the  UNBREAKABLE STAR ever…

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WISHFUL THOUGHTS



By: LazerKim


Many fans of different Kpop stars stated that this year 2014 isn’t a good year for Korean celebs! I’m very close to believing this since there were non-stop scandals, controversies, members moving out from the group band, agencies dropping from the stock market and oh yes, the media were there to bring in more fuel to the fire within those news since January this year till the present! Is this all co-incident or are these being deliberately done to Korean wave, Kpop, the Hallyu or whatever is there in SK?

But I do agree, this year I think is one unforgettable year for Kim Hyun Joong fans in both positive and negative ways. Hyun Joong was able to succeed in his drama Inspiring Generation, followed by his Phantasm World Tour was a great success that despite of the setback it still proved his popularity boost have not changed, and we all have seen the results from his concert series which were undeniably gained even more love and support from his fans. Kim Hyun Joong was able to maintain his consistent performance to perfection till the end of the concert series and this fact made me even feel very proud of him as my idol.

I agree with those fans who made statements that this year isn’t really good year for some celebrities, and yes just like them I’m one of those who’s waiting for a change of event or reverse what is currently happening to showbiz industry in general. It’s not only Hyun Joong’s fans who may still be feeling sad, but there are also fans specially those who have been following Kpop groups that some of their members may be quitting towards different direction can also be painful for their fans.

These are young artists, I believe they are talented and I wish the best for all these Korean idols. And most of all to Kim Hyun Joong who had been judged the wrong way. I wish for a better future for him and much bigger than what he had already achieved as a multi talented artist. AND how I wish there’s a fair media outlet in SK who can deliver truthful well balanced story for the sole purpose of bringing the news as it comes and not for the purpose of destroying people. *sigh* How I wish!



May I just use this space to express my thoughts about another not so good news away from Kpop. After Hyun Joong’s recent performance in Tokyo, a week or so came an international legendary diva performed her world tour concert series starting in Oct.5 at Chiba, Yokohama Arena, then in Seoul the same venues where Hyun Joong performed. Unfortunately she failed to deliver on her first three stops! It’s so sad she was badly criticized by the media, and concert goers.

But let’s not forget that time change, artist’s talent ability also change as they age no matter how good they are. And there are a lot of milking cows around squeezing from these artists that I hope they can be the better judge who can and who cannot deliver! Or maybe a bit more preparation was needed before performing the concert, considering she’s been away from the lime light for quite sometime.

And the most irritating of all is that the media even posted an indecent photo of her which I consider to be disrespectful to her not only being a legend but her being a woman with two kids. She failed to deliver as what was expected from her, fine, but I think it’s so unnecessary to even post those indecent photos from the show! The concert series is still on going and I really hope she’ll do better if not bring out the best in her as I have known her to be one of the best female vocalist worldwide.

There may be foul from her professionalism during the first concert but it doesn’t change my views on her. I’m not a fan to be following her, but I do listen to her music, and I would always remember back in her time she was still a fresh diva to be singing my favorites as one of the best female vocalists worldwide. Period!



We have known Kim Hyun Joong not only as a dreamer but a persistent doer that he will always do anything within his strength to materialize those dreams. Do you think he’ll stop despite of his recent setback? I don’t think so, as I have said before Hyun Joong was never been a quitter ever since he started with music. He may be in silence at this time just cooling off probably, but nothing really stops him from pursuing what he wanted to achieve.

May I just share, one night after work, my team and I went to a pub in Roppongi and there’s a band playing that time that I started imagining Hyun Joong singing with a band as he did again quite recently in Tokyo. I remember he was saying in one of his interviews that after his MS it’s forming a live band that’s one of his wishes he wanted to fulfill after his MS. So what flashed to my mind was his concern back in 2013 which was another successful concert series of Hyun Joong as a rocker singing with the live band.

And if I remember it right, he said if his come back drama project as an actor won’t be successful, then he’ll stop as an actor! But he was successful for IG, therefore he’ll continue his acting career. His recent concert was a great success as I have written stating that I don’t think he’s done with his dance music and him being a dancer because Hyun Joong have even improved a lot by 100% both in his singing and dancing ability, that it’s not time yet to retire as a dancer. I believe there are a lot more that Hyun Joong can contribute to the music industry and in the TV drama or film industry.

I’m just not convince that a good artist with multiple talent like Kim Hyun Joong would just be destroyed by a nobody and dirty media! That’s a big NO WAY! And no matter how the haters would say he’s losing his fans, I really find it hard to believe. His image may have been tainted for those who doesn’t know him but definitely not his fans. What he lost are his fake fans whom Hyun Joong doesn’t deserve to begin with. He’s such a sincere person to be surrounded by those, no he doesn’t need those kind of fans!



I have seen this picture above and I just can’t resist posting it that really gave me a big smile! If I’m not mistaken that kid is also Hyun Joong!! LOL Nice photo here! By nature Hyun Joong is really fond of kids whether a boy or a girl, it doesn’t matter he’s just fond of them! If you want to see Hyun Joong’s auto big killer smile, bring your little kid to his autograph signing event and surely you won’t miss that big smile from him! It’s one of his dreams for the future and he’s bound to be a dad later and I think he’ll be an excellent dad someday.

The nightmare can be so traumatic to anyone in Hyun Joong’s star status and let’s face it, it’s not easy to have a relationship with a high-profile celeb! But I really wish someday he’ll finally meet Miss Right beside him, someone who loves him, understands him, support him, someone whom he can trust and make him proud. There’s a saying, in every successful man is a woman beside him as his strength, wisdom and his security blanket.

Hyun Joong is still young and probably still not prepared for any commitment that his personal desires still is at the back seat since it’s his career that comes first at this time. Although his MS may be a bit hassle as a career interruption, but I’m sure it will do him good and probably change his views on his ideal woman one way or another. In one of my articles yet to be posted, I’ll probably discuss about relationships, not particularly his but something for the thoughts, in understanding a man like Kim Hyun Joong being in a star status.

For the mean time, his fans shall be his security blanket who will always protect him and defend him from anyone who will hurt him, and would always be there for him to love and support with all sincerity….. to that cute little superman……. Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

BREAKING NEWS: Media now report 14 dead, 11 injured during 4minute’s performance.

news source Koreaboo: (

May I appeal to everyone here to offer a prayer for these fans who died and injured during the show of the Kpop group 4minutes. Thank you.

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MISSING STAR!



By: LazerKim


What’s up? Kim Hyun Joong is in the kitchen cooking something! Well, let him be, rest assure the guy never neglect his music as we very well know that for a fact, and no matter what happens, he’ll be singing just around the corner! Many of his fans have been posting his old pictures and that really makes me smile, remembering how he was in those years that it feels it was just like yesterday! Are we now in the memory lane? Then let’s have it for old time sake because I’m sure we all do miss him so much!

In Hyun Joong’s documentary, back in old days when he was just starting, during one of his autograph signing he would play around affixed his signature and draw a face with a mustache!! I was all laughing about it! And another, on his first pictorial session, Hyun Joong finds it hard to smile, so his first few pictures had those smiles by forced that even looks funny!! Who would think those smiles would turn to killer smiles that just heals all stress whoever sees it?

And those are even so contagious, that makes me smile back even in those photos! Kim Hyun Joong is one artist or the only one artist that I shall never forget, specially him as being my healer back in 2011 till the present. His life has been an open book to his fans and the more you get to know him better, the more it inspired me in getting up from where I have been and currently still knowing him better as a real star that doesn’t possess even a single superstar complex in him consistently in years. He simply puts his fame to his heart and not to his head.



There are artists specially big stars do have a secretary to read and correspond to many fans who writes to them. May I just share a brief experience. Every time Hyun Joong travels on official trip for a project, at the airport specially from Incheon or Gimpo, there were many fans who handed to him letters and presents. In one of his concerts during one rehearsal break, he was sitting in one corner of the stage, holding a few letters and read those which was handed to him by his manager. I was at the stage wing and I said, oh lots of love letters! Someone from my back said it’s from his fans.

I didn’t say anything further just went on with my work, but at the back of my mind I was saying, so it’s true he really reads from his fans as he mentioned it in one of his interviews. And so for those who doubt if he knows about his fans strong support and love I think he doesn’t doubt about it, aside seeing what he had in his previous concerts.

Many fans give him presents, if you remember he even mentioned to refrain from giving him expensive gifts. Does he wears those? I think it’s only the giver who can say this. And back in 2012, indeed a group of fans gave him sports outfit and accessories from different group, if I’m not mistaken which he wears and stated they gave those presents. Hyun Joong knows how to appreciate even the smallest gesture of kindness, he’s also a human being like us who can feel.



If you really love a person you believe and trust, well that goes for me 100% with no doubt. In an idol and fan relationship how would we explain the kind of love we have? Hyun Joong doesn’t know who his fans are personally, while we know much about him. It’s unconditional love that for me I don’t need to be recognized in giving love to him. I believe that’s how a fan and idol relationship is, whether we sees him as a family member, a son or a brother or simply as an artist, all I know is that there’s a strong connection between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. I have seen this during his recent concert series.

Many people couldn’t understand how it is to be a fan and I’m not expecting them to do so unless they become a fan of a particular artist specially being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong whom we have been following all these years. Until now I still believe what a veteran fan stated to the media something like “Once KHJ cast his magic spell on anyone, there’s no way out from that spell.”  This is true to me. I tried to get out from that net that I thought I could, but I came back, even more addicted to him than before!

It may took time before I came back to writing and I thought I lost my readers, but I’m just glad some came back to my comment box, some became my silent readers, and meeting another new readings. But just the same, no matter how the real world takes us from Hyun Joong, there will always be one instance that we go back to him. As I have said, never underestimate the power Kim Hyun Joong has, no matter what happens.



Part of being a fan’s ordeal is the period when you miss your idol, that’s very natural specially if you’re the type of fan who has been following him and keeping with updates. And this is also what I admire KHJ fans who are at the tweeter and FB active with their postings tirelessly even just pictures of Hyun Joong can make my day really good! During his IG airing, for 3 months his fans have been used to watching him at least twice in a week, and to deal with IG withdrawal after its airing. But at least we can watch this drama over and over again.

Then followed by his concert series that again we became addicted to watch him on stage, in fact he had just left the venue after the concert and yet his fans already missed him! And as for me, going back to those venues where he performed was even harder! Believe me, I was seeing the same stage but different subject in front of me made me really stare at empty space during work that needs a lot of push over to focus on whatever is on that stage! Still seeing as if he was still there performing and enjoying!

Does Hyun Joong feels the same way as we do? Who knows?? BUT in an artist point of view, artist like Kim Hyun Joong is a stage addict, specially performing a successful show, it’s so natural for an artists by heart to be longing to be on stage over again. They too experience withdrawal syndrome, specially the recent concert which was done in series that every week he’s there singing, dancing and enjoying the show with an excellent rapport with his fans.

Then suddenly finale comes when he’s still on the height of performing. That’s how it feels being on stage. I was happy though that two different events had followed immediately after the series which served as the chaser!! And he enjoyed it as much as his fans did. *sigh* Wishing there would be more in every after concert, just can’t get enough of Kim Hyun Joong! A natural punch line from every single fan who watched his concerts, be it from the venue or afar!



Now we’re facing each other missing him again! What shall we do?? Talk about him! I already did, now it’s your turn!! As far as I know there’s something to look forward to for this month, still. Now I can’t help asking, are we prepared for the longer WAIT?

I’m still refusing to think about the longer wait, but at this time I’m keeping my fingers cross hoping Hyun Joong will still have the chance to do what he ever wanted, and that is to perform that last concert before his MS. I’m really praying very hard for this, even just once. Phantasm should have been the last, but I don’t think it’s enough, or is it safe for me to say, it’s never been enough? Because every time he’s out there the more we crave for more from him.  They said…”Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”……

……..BUT missing Kim Hyun Joong keeps me falling……. to addiction for him on stage!

                     The dark sky will never be brighter without the biggest star!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ONE LOVE



By: LazerKim


It has been the objective of this blog site to give space that can be called home to KHJ fans, to protect and to defend Kim Hyun Joong at all cost. I think I have followed these objectives ever since I started writing all about Kim Hyun Joong. These past days I have been attacking those who have badly hurt him namely, the media, KeyEast, haters fan club and lastly Miss A who had been the root of this nightmare.

I wrote that letter to Miss A and it shall be floating within the internet, whether or not it reach her, I just know someone has to question her actions and admit to her lies. I just couldn’t let go without a word directly address to her. Kim Hyun Joong has been a part of our lives for so many years and he’s like a family member to us that we cannot neglect. If a family member was being mistreated or disrespect, that I think we have a human obligation to protect, defend and seek justice.

That scandal is no longer Hyun Joong’s privacy since this issue is already in the public knowledge. I know this scandal will die down sooner or later, and maybe someday that woman will stumble upon that letter, as she knows what to do by then as she matures and realize what she had done, I hope.  I may be attacking people who have hurt Hyun Joong not to revenge but simply letting them know where they went wrong and for us fans just to scream ouch!!. I just think and feel something was not right during the entire period of the nightmare.

In this nightmare, it was fighting against all odds that made me even proud of KHJ fans that the haters didn’t realize that those odds made us even stronger to unite in our only ONE LOVE. I have only one Kim Hyun Joong to believe and trust, all through out the nightmare and shall always be confident in defending him from those who hurt him.

20140926-Incheon-AirportDep-004 (3)


They said in anything that happens in our daily lives good or bad has a reason. And in this nightmare I found a lot of reasons why it was bound to happen but basically I think this nightmare is an eye opener both to Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. He has been maintaining a clean image for the last 9 years of his career, who would think that in just one day, one damn person, in one glimpse his image was tainted? This is at the dark side and of course it’s Hyun Joong who was very much affected. The bright side is, we now realize who are being true and who are not.

A bad friend is a weather friend, someone who would only be there with you on bright sunny days. A true friend is there for you on the darkest moments of your life. During this nightmare I think Hyun Joong had already identified who his true friends are. In his fans some may have jump ship, and change of heart, let go of them it’s their right to choose. It’s not Hyun Joong’s lost, it their lost. For me I would rather have a few handful stable and firm people around him that makes a stronger foundation, than a crowd made of sand who can easily be swayed and fall out.

At this point I think Hyun Joong has built a better foundation in his fan base now consisting of stronger, firm and loyal fans who stayed all through out the nightmare. I wouldn’t say the nightmare has no effect, it did and it somehow damaged his image in the public eye who doesn’t know him at all and those who jumped in to judgement. But I won’t waste my time with these people. The truth has its own way of revealing by itself.

It doesn’t matter who leaves, but it matters most who stays. This nightmare is a great trial between idol and his fans. Between Hyun Joong and his loyal fans for over a month this was a real mental and emotional torture that we may have been in such crucial period probably even until now. BUT it is that same pain we felt from this nightmare that brought all of us fans to unite in ONE LOVE to Kim Hyun Joong.



To forgive and to forget are the most difficult for us to do. How can we forgive if the people who hurts us isn’t even seeking for forgiveness? How can we forget if we all know there is injustice in this nightmare? All the while I thought it would be easy, but as I wrote those articles one by one attacking those people who caused this pain on Hyun Joong, I realize it’s not that easy to forgive and to forget. It even hurts me more that the most affected person here was the one who humbly apologized just to end up the mess.

Probably it would be best for me not to encourage you to forgive and forget, this is gonna be your own disposition and let time heals. Instead I would encourage everyone to stay strong with Kim Hyun Joong. We move on slowly, life has to go on, leave those haters they are hopeless parasites who cling to the lies of that woman anyway. I know Hyun Joong wanted us not to put blame on that woman. May I just say this to Hyun Joong…

Kiddo, please try to understand your fans too, this matter now is between women!

Time heals pain, but the scar remains and that scar will always remind us of our awareness and lessons learned out of the pain from this nightmare.

Painful it may be but I’m thankful for this trial that I have known my idol much better and that I have known for myself of ONE LOVE but the strongest I have ever felt for a person I truly admire, Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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By: LazerKim


Dear Miss. A,

I don’t know how this letter can reach you, but with God’s will I really hope you’ll be able to read this. I’m one of Kim Hyun Joong’s loyal fan who have been protecting and defending him ever since day one that this scandal you have created came out from the news.

From the time you came to the police station to report and file a complaint against Kim Hyun Joong I know you have been lying until the very last day that you have accepted his letter of apology.

I would just like to ask, do you know what you have done? Do you know that you have destroyed a man’s life? Do you know whom you have hurt?

What could have Hyun Joong done to you to deserve this pain on him? It’s not only Hyun Joong whom you have hurt. You have hurt his family, his friends, and most specially his fans. Do you know how many they are?

I would like to know, did you really love Kim Hyun Joong? If you really loved him which I very much doubt, why did you deceive him? Do you think he deserved that you have thrown a garbage of lies and dragged his name to the public? What motivated you to create a scandal that you yourself knows what you have said to the media are all LIES?

On the night of May 30th, Hyun Joong was trying to be diplomatic in breaking up with you, but you turned ballistic, out of control and violent that you try to hit him several times, but he was just controlling you from hurting him and you know very well he never hit you, but you reversed the whole incident. Still, he protected you and your identity being a gentleman.

Why did you have to humiliate a man who had been so kind to you? He was your friend for two years and all he had shown you were nothing but kindness. He trusted you yet you deceived him. Does he really deserved what you did in destroying him as your revenge? Are you happy now?

If a man breaks up his relationship with you, it only shows the relationship isn’t working anymore, he will not break up with you without a valid reason. He has been very honest to anyone and you know that very well, don’t you? I hope you realize that now.

Be where you are, protect yourself and keep hiding because thousands of other women all over the world has been hunting you. You may escape from them for the mean time, but you can NEVER escape from your KARMA.

You owe Kim Hyun Joong, his family, his friends, and his fans an apology for creating that nonsense scandal. Do keep remembering this letter.

Kim Hyun Joong FANS can only forgive you if you would publicly ADMIT that everything you have said in that scandal were all LIES and you know it very well.

Destroying an innocent man is just like destroying yourself with a nagging conscience.

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

PS: May you be contaminated with Ebola if you keep on with your LIES in your life! LOL