Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HEALING HEARTS



By: LazerKim             After I have written my recent article  Simply Defending that contains my personal written outburst, I thought I’ll be in peace after airing what I have felt that time. It helped me though because I was able to released whatever was heavy inside me. But when I came back home to this blog I felt as if my own house was burning done by the haters! I cried at first thinking this is the only place where I can pour out my own feelings and thoughts freely, I thought I won’t be able to come back home anymore.

But hang in there, this is my personal property no one can write or touch this space except me. While the comment boxes below are spaces given to my guests, for those who may be looking for a space to share their thoughts too. Why  should I allow these haters to pollute my own place of dwelling? So I placed a warning sign above that I don’t welcome those haters in my home and to those haters don’t waste your time commenting because I would surely DELETE your comment.



After that scandal news came out, I knew right at once the motive behind that news that I was already expecting more malicious news would come out, and I was right. After KE had release its statement, contradiction from media came out one after the other and sensationalized the whole case filed. This is how media works and this is their job, this is how they earn their dirty money, to attract people to read from their controversial issues. They need that dirty money in order to live, shame on them!

I have already face the fact that Hyun Joong now is a victim of a smear campaign and trial by publicity done by people who really wants to destroy him. I would think they have been eyeing on him for a long time because of his growing popularity and his chain of success. They will not stop unless they see Kim Hyun Joong fall down on the ground. Are we going to let this happen? Of course not. Who can help Hyun Joong in controlling his downfall? It’s us his fans, we are the ones to raised him up and it’s also us who would lift him up again from this nightmare.

From the start ever since Hyun Joong came out as a solo artist he had been badly criticized, but his critics failed to bring him down and the more they pushed him down,  the more his popularity boost up. Isn’t that obvious in their very sight? Until now as I have mentioned in my recent article the timing was remarkably done at first sight of that first controversial news came out few days before he flew to Thailand to perform his concert series.

But what happened? It came out that the concert was the best among his series. His fans from Thailand was not swayed from that controversial news. The venue was full packed and had seen how passionate his fans were as they joined Hyun Joong with his music. His fans even showed more support, more love to him. And that is the most moving part in this scenario of destroying the guy.

Thank you Thailand, your sincere effort is very much appreciated and we will never forget that love and support you have shown. And that moment in the concert that the whole world had seen how much Hyun Joong is being loved even at this dark moment of his career life. And yes I share the same thought, WE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU KIM HYUN JOONG!!



What else can we do about this media thing? We may read those news if we want to nobody is stopping you to do so. BUT I think it would be better not to spread it or re-post it and let the news affect us, it will only makes us sad and frustrated. Not everything we read from those news are true anyway. Whoever knows about Kim Hyun Joong I think it’s his fans who have been following him for years and that is why no matter what others may think we couldn’t bring ourselves to be swayed simply because we know him better than those haters and media reporters.

And also may I just bring this up, I would like to appeal to everyone to please keep or delete from your file Hyun Joong’s recent family members photos. They are private individuals and they have got nothing to do with what is happening at present. Please refrain from sharing those pictures. Just remember at this crucial period, anything and anyone attached to Hyun Joong is being criticized by the haters. We fans maybe can go after those haters but not his family. They too are innocent with whatever is going on around. We wouldn’t want this to be done to his family too, right?

Someone even posted pictures of Hyun Joong friends out from the showbiz circle. It may be out of curiosity in search of that woman who is destroying him but what if she’s not the one who’s in the picture so she’s innocent and has got nothing to do in this controversy. So may I appeal to other fans to be careful of what we share and what we post. I sincerely hope for your understanding. Thank you.



Now since Hyun Joong’s critics couldn’t bring him down by criticizing his professional ability since he had proven at his best, now they found a chance to destroy his privacy in his personal relationship. Ever since the start as this blog existed I never touch Hyun Joong’s privacy. He may have shared a lot about his behind the scene as a person which I have written except his personal relationship and I have been very careful about this not until media had touched this area of his privacy.

Hyun Joong is a man of few words, until now he remained silent and I respect him for that. As I mentioned in my recent article he doesn’t need to face me and prove his innocence that there are more important matters that I would like him to tackle and this is his concert. I mean it, I’m more interested seeing him on that stage and enjoy his music. This is just my personal opinion seeing him as an artist in his professionalism.

Not that I don’t care about him as a person because no matter what happened to him in his private life I would still be buying and listening to his music and I would still be watching his concerts and drama over and over again. He has my support and love all the way. It’s not his personal life that I’m buying but his music and his concert, this is the other side of Hyun Joong being as artist whom I admire the most and nothing can even change my views about him as an artist.

Although the bond that Hyun Joong and his fans had created is so undeniable, that a strong attachment is there existing in reality, this is why it hurts me that others are trying to destroy him. If Hyun Joong is happy, we are happy, if he’s sad we can feel it too and we tend to be sad. Now he’s hurt, he’s in great pain and we feel those pains too that I know most of us can just cry it out.

The connection is just too strong to ignore, stones are thrown to him that he has to endure by remaining silent while we endure with those too even we’re here to protect him. I know he doesn’t want this, neither would I want him to be alone facing all of these by himself. And I’m sure many of you share the same thoughts with me. BUT we have to keep our strength not to collapse because it is from us fans that Hyun Joong pull his strength from.



I can only speak for myself, Hyun Joong has been my healer ever since I started writing about him and I would say I owe him so much for being where I am now. I just couldn’t ignore whatever is going on around him and how I wish to share with his pain and lighten up his burden he’s carrying at this moment until all of this nightmare is over. That for me this is the only way I can give back the love he has been sharing.

They said being a star it’s lonely up there, and being in the dark when everyone leaves you is the saddest moment in being a star. This is one thing that I wouldn’t want Hyun Joong to feel even just a second. I want him to feel he’s NEVER alone that we his fans from all faces of the earth is with him specially at this crucial period of his career life. I want him to feel the LOVE we have for him and this love will prevail at the end of the day.

Hyun Joong planted good seeds on the ground that grew to good fruits and blossoms around him and those are his fans. Maybe this explains as to why we stick together with him all these years. I believe he built a strong foundation among us that cannot just be swayed by anything come high storm we hold on together with him. It is at this time that we fans should unite regardless of whatever fan clubs you belong or just being on your own following him, for as long as we are with Kim Hyun Joong we are tagged with him. I’m proud to be a Kim Hyun Joong fan and nothing or no one will ever change it.

Collective strength, support and love  I think is the best we can do for him at this time. We just have to stay together and be by his side. I know his fans are being criticized at this time but let us not be carried by those. We have every right to follow whom we want and no one can take that right from us. Again I was reminded by what I wrote in my past article “You don’t leave your idol in times when he needed you the most.”  I bear this in mind.

Moving on, Kim Hyun Joong shall be in Guangzhou China on his next stop. So China the ball is in your hands now, please keep Hyun Joong safe, show him you’re there at his side in louder voice that he can hear your love… happy and enjoy the concert, it means a lot more to him!

We may be in sad mode at this time but let’s take a break from that mode this weekend and join the Chinese fans as Hyun Joong performs his concert! All smiles now, if we’re sad the haters are the happiest, so let’s not allow them to be happy!! Let’s enjoy with Kim Hyun Joong and his music, at least for just 2 hours allows him to ease the pain in him.

I truly believe even his fans from afar can feel him and his music anywhere he performs. Distance, language, culture and time doesn’t matter at all, we unite with our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong….    WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU…

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] POWER OF PRINCE



I’m totally speechless, I run out of words to describe Kim Hyun Joong in his on going Phantasm 2014 Concert Series, and we’re even just half way to the series but it seems he just kept shaking the entire universe in his constant excellent performance in these concerts. This series premiered in Seoul on June 28th, onto Taipei, three cities in Japan, Shanghai China and next stop upcoming this weekend shall be Bangkok Thailand.

Followed consecutively in Guanzhou by the end of this month and starting September Peru then comes up back to Nagoya followed immediately Beijing and Mexico. Good luck Hyun Joong you have such a busy schedule, conserve energy!  To be followed…. I cross my fingers for next stop after Mexico!!

As we go deeper to the series, the more addicting it is to watch Hyun Joong on those stages! His presence is just overwhelming to anyone who watched him and that feeling of “can’t get enough of him” is just there that you still want to watch him in this concert over and over again! Likewise Hyun Joong enjoyed every minute of his performance tirelessly wishing it never ends, with the excellent rapport he gets from his audience in every series, in every venue he performs.

I was simply a spectator watching each event as it unfold and there’s one common ground in these series that I have seen and that is a STRONG PURE LOVE between him and his fans which can be felt in every venue. Even you’re not a fan watching this show you’ll get carried away by how Kim Hyun Joong conquer his audience through his very presence, his music and how he delivers execute the entire concert by himself. Soooo remarkable!!



I’m writing this article not to make a review out of Phantasm Concert Series, no, I’m simply writing my heart out, what I felt during the show. When we say highlight we may interpret this as the best part of the show. Now for me, I would emphasize on two parts of the show which was given a bit little attention, but as a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong writing all about the guy, I would consider these two parts as Hyun Joong wanted to personally convey to his fans. Right now I felt as if a gun is pointed on my head and write this song!!! LOL (of course this is a joke!) Because I’ll be writing a song lyrics again, but I think this is with utmost importance.

My point is Hyun Joong is a type of person who finds it hard to express himself on what he truly feels, we know that for a fact hearing from the guy from his past interviews. So his way of conveying is either singing the song that describes his feelings or written message to us fans that we have to read in between lines to understand his heart! During the rehearsals in Osaka before singing “Nothing On You” he said “this song has a special message to my fans.” 

I agree with him, he may have sung a lot of meaningful songs but this one is quite different on his own way of thanking his millions of fans loving him worldwide. And since Hyun Joong sang his songs either in Korean or Japanese I think it would be better to write the lyrics, read and absorb the meaning of the song which Hyun Joong is trying to convey his feelings to us fans so I’m putting it up in this blog. I’m not writing the entire lyrics but just the highlight or message of the song.

Again, may I mention my sincere appreciation to Hyun Joong’s fans who are so diligent in updating his current on going project at Tweeter, YouTube or anywhere within the world of internet that kept him closer to fans from afar. This truly is a great help to other fans who have been following him, thank you so much. My hats off to everyone, let’s keep spreading the love for Kim Hyun Joong!!

One of his fan made a very nice video out of this song that I would also want to share with you. Hanatulset606, thanks for sharing.

NOTHING ON YOU        (from album TIMING)

Nothing on You, nothing on me, oh whenever things were hard without even knowing

You were always with me. In order for my thankful heart to be delivered to you,

I will sing this song with my heart….in love with you….I’m standing right there right now……

in love with you…. you look good, you look pretty

Wait and be shining, with the same heart as now, to me it’s only you..

Only you have always protected me, my beauty,  the person who found me

I’ll remember you because you’re my everything…..

Always be by my side, smile by my side, Thank you for loving me for only looking at me.

I remember when I felt alone,  when I was being STUBBORN out of feeling empty

You always comforted me, You’re thumbs up always encouraged me

Though that, I became a precious person, Now I even feel that I’m special

“My everything “….the meaning of these two words I won’t take that lightly that’s all I do.

Till my last breath…….I’ll smile by your side…..

Thank you for loving me, for looking ONLY  at me……



Needless to say it’s his fans that gives strength to Hyun Joong ever since he started in the lime light till the present, he acknowledge that reality and embraced it truly from his heart giving the most importance to his fans. He never fails to thank his fans, to show his appreciation in the best he can, simple it may be through this song above yet the message is clear on what he wanted to convey true from his heart how his fans mean to him.

Inspiration here is a two way traffic, as he has been inspired by his fans likewise Hyun Joong has been our inspiration in our daily lives. He has so many fans from around the world who may not have the chance to attend his concerts and we find ways to reach out for him as he tries to do the same just to keep his fans closer to him even from afar. Letting him feel our LOVE and SUPPORT mean just everything to him. It’s his booster, it’s his inspiration and his strength to give his best and to do more.

Love begets love as they say, and we fans also benefit from what we share with Hyun Joong by seeing more of him. Specially his fans from outside Asia who may not even have the chance to see him in person even by just a glimpse of him but seeing his pictures and watching video footage may just be enough to make our day rewarding.



Another highlight I was pertaining to is the written message of Hyun Joong to his fans (message written in article Dream Fate) shown at the giant screen in each of the venue which appeared towards the Encore of the show. I have observed in every venue there’s a unison reaction to the message, as it started to roll, fans continued cheering for Hyun Joong while he was at the back stage changing costume for the final numbers of the show.

After about three lines of the message came a complete silence from the audience gallery, realizing the written message was from Hyun Joong himself. Well I experienced goose bump out of that particular silence, since I was just watching the audience if they’ll be able to absorb what Hyun Joong was trying to express out of the written message on the huge screen. And there, one touching moment in just matter of seconds but I felt deep love and concern for the only one.

The fans came up emotional teary eyes, moved by what they read from the screen and to pick up the mood the word ENCORE was added at the end of the message and fans screamed with tears in their eyes. To pick up from where he left the stage before the message appeared on screen, and there goes Hyun Joong in a casual black shirt appearing as himself as a person, started singing his encore line up as the show escalate ending to Lucky Guy…

*sigh*  I can just breath out, I was so moved by what I have seen and followed by the loud screams chants still with tears from his fans. So simply done but the impact of the message bringing the venue to complete silence was just touching. Indeed Hyun Joong knows how to touch people’s heart through his sincerity that even he has a hard time expressing his heart out being vocal, people just simply feels him even without a word be heard. This guy is really incredible……



My favorite LED costume right above nice one for Gentleman!! Kim Hyun Joong is all out in this concert, it has all his personal touches in this show from planning, preparation down to actual performance and he did his very best pouring out everything he got, stock knowledge on stage technicalities brought out innovative stage arts, to remixing his old songs into new ones and bringing out the best on his latest music released ect. Not to mention his 180 degrees change in his skill improvement both in singing and dancing.

This is not overrating again, I was there in his concert 2013 and this current concert so I can see the difference although it has a different show concept, still matured development was quite obvious. Specially in dancing and singing at the same time with powerful energy, stronger stamina to sustain and remarkable adrenaline consistently from opening to finale.

Everything is just so great in this concert package as he delivers perfection specially packed for his fans and non fans, most specially the highlight of the show, the concert star Kim Hyun Joong even shines so brightly above everything else. And most of all he was filled with so much LOVE to his fans doing this concert, I truly felt that even I was just hiding behind the curtains!! And I’m so happy hearing from the other fans saying “I haven’t seen Hyun Joong so happy for a long time” and now seeing him this happy makes everyone happy too.”  I share the same opinion. The guy is just so contagious!

Where have you seen an artist all sweating out catching his breath every time he exits to the stage wing yet manage to smile?  This guy is so impossible!! But the most lovable of all is seeing him at finale encore being himself Kim Hyun Joong as a person who just wants to feel free and just enjoy the fun of his music with his fans. So climatic to end the show and that made his fans wanted even more from him!!

There’s also a part in the show as Hyun Joong sang “I’m Yours”, acoustic version as he sat in a high stool and just guitar playing, very simple no flashy costume just the ordinary Hyun Joong. This reminded me what I wrote in my past article about dreaming Hyun Joong singing in an open space dessert in front of his fans from different nation seated on the sand listening to Hyun Joong as he sings with just his guitar!! I somehow had seen it in this concert, somehow my dream came true!! So simple nothing flashy just his sweet voice but memorable how he sings this song, as a person himself. Amazing!! Who wouldn’t fall for this guy? I wonder…



While I was watching his rehearsals and actual performance I couldn’t help say what a wasted talent if this guy really retires from dancing after 2 years. Every time he releases an album it’s always on top of the music chart. And come to think of it, his current concert series have been in the heights of success, always full packed, tickets all sold out in all venues, and his fans can be seen with great satisfaction after watching the show and would still crave for more! There are still millions of fans in every corner of the earth waiting for him to perform in their country, does this mean nothing?

I really wish this concert would be extended to other countries or cities so that Hyun Joong would be able to reach out for more fans from afar. And even if he goes back to Japan, China or anywhere carrying the same repertoire, I would still be there watch it and never have gone tired, this is just my honest opinion. What more for those who have not attended his concert and has been his fans for so many years? Of course they are all dying to see him on stage.

May I just share again words from Lee Sora to Kim Hyun Joong in 2011 that remained planted in my mind and I’m sure Hyun Joong remembers this, which I share the same thought as she stated;

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible, when all strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everything KHJ works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you.”



I still believe there are a lot more that Hyun Joong can contribute in the world of music and performing concerts in the future where he excels the most other than being a good actor. Dancing and performing concerts is not calling him to end yet. NO NOT YET PLEASE!! I have seen how people loves seeing him rock the stage with his dance and music, I’ve seen such strong rapport, the connection between him and his fans is just so remarkable, and I would say he even came up powerful and stronger this time.

How I wish this concert never end, how I wish there’s a lot more after this series.  That’s the magic Hyun Joong has, once he starts a project, his fans get addicted to him further and wanting for more. I know the feeling because that’s exactly how I feel even though we are still half way to go with the concert series!!

*sigh* As I have always say, this is the only space I have that I can burst out my thoughts and feelings as a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. This is the only space I got, to protect him, to defend him and to encourage him, as my readers shares with me through the articles that I have written and would still be writing in the future.

We still have many more to look forward to from Hyun Joong as the concert series rolls on to its next stop Bangkok Thailand, see you there!!

The strongest power of an artist is the power to conquer the hearts of millions all over the world, and that is the strongest power of my Prince Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing 

NOTE:   This blog is exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong fans ONLY. Antis and haters keep out…thanks!

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To all fans of Kim Hyun Joong:

Please stop spreading that news, let’s not talk about it instead let’s talk about how much we love and support HJ if we truly believe in him, otherwise this malicious news would just spread like wildfire. We wait and let’s not judge right away, I’m sure this will be cleared in no time so please let’s not rush.

No matter what happen we’ll be there for him to protect in the right way, nothing change we still believe and love him period.

It is from us fans that Hyun Joong gets his strength and this is the right time that we unite for him to keep up his strength.

May I repeat PLEASE STOP RE-POSTING THE NEWS.  Please spread this blog message. Thank you……

LazerKim here writing




Kim Hyun Joong [article]… GREATER LOVE

140628_hj_(10) (1)

By: LazerKim               Any update about Kim Hyun Joong?? NONE! Fine, so this only mean he’s again cooking something inside the kitchen, then let’s leave him be on his own busy days behind the scene. Let’s just keep each other’s company for the mean time, entertain ourselves with thoughts about the guy. And in no time he’ll be out there before we know it he’ll be at the airport boarding his flight for his WT concert series on his next stop to shake his stage with his music.

But before I go any further with the article topic which is just bits and pieces to pick up, may I just remind that Thailand concert had been postpone to August 24 and that ticket selling are now opened for those who may have not purchase it yet. At the same thought Bangkok is cordially inviting KHJ international fans to come visit Thailand to watch his concert and to have a chance to see the beauty of the country. You still have a month to think about it and prepare in case you have decided. Although this isn’t the concert next stop, Japan should be the next, scheduled on the 29th and 30th of July at Yokohama arena. See you there!!



In my recent  article Dream Fate, many of my readers had share their thoughts and I really want to thank everyone for taking their time to read and comment. Among the comments there’s one that caught my attention as she said “it’s an eye opener.” she got what I mean out of the article I wrote! It’s really an eye opener for those fans who might have lost their way from the journey where Hyun Joong is taking. And I was one guilty fan who had lost that direction one time within the period of my journey with Hyun Joong. I told myself one day I’m gonna share what I have experienced being a fan and learn something out of that experience.

I would be very honest there was one time after IG, I was tempted by another Korean actor to write about him since I had the chance to work with this artist before Hyun Joong’s concert in Seoul. In short I was being swayed!! Someone from the inside said “this star is very popular but he was filled with controversial issues and rumors, but it seems no one from the circle of his fans to be openly defending him.”

What’s new, every time there’s a hot artist gaining so much popularity there’s always people who wants to bring him down. Hyun Joong had gone from the same road for years of being badly criticized. The only difference is, Hyun Joong’s fans are there to defend him openly and protect him at all times and at all cost. And now that he had proven himself as an actor, he finally gained the media recognition and praises from here and there. People had seen what they have failed to see from Hyun Joong as a true skilled actor.



This insider suggested to me to write about this actor and defend. I opened up another blog site under a different user name, so as not to confuse my readers since Kim Hyun Joong and this artist belong to one agent. They may not be competitor having different categories, still in the public eye in one point in time they were.

Although my intention is defending a deserving co-artist and I have clearly emphasized that I am not a fan of this actor!! I was able to write three articles about him in just one sitting and post them, however, I know all the while reading from those articles lack the passion as what LazerKim has for Kim Hyun Joong. I learned a lot out of the incident being a simple fan writer. And so I stopped, I think I did what I have to do for a co-artist and I’m off the hook.

That time I was like testing the water if it’s fine, but I got drowned and here’s the guy rescuing me from getting any deeper, and he’s just short of saying “Hey Lazerkim you don’t belong there, here’s your home, now stay put!!! You cannot joke other people that you can write without passion to your subject!!” And he’s right, one cannot just write putting words together without feelings, because readers do feel from the writer. This was one lesson learned for me in losing my way back home. I tend to stumble but for some reasons I can only say “there’s no better place like home”, and this blog site is my home ever since!



Another lesson for me during my hectic busy days and the airing of IG at the same period that goes, “You don’t leave your idol in times when he needed you as his fan.” We fans have the choices whoever we want to follow, it’s our right. But Hyun Joong as an artist doesn’t have that same right to choose. He embraces whoever is in front of him, be it good or bad it doesn’t matter for as long as he’s making you happy as his fan. That’s the essence of being an entertainer. BUT he is also a human who can feel hurt.

I posted the lyrics of the song “When the Day Passes by” sung by Hyun Joong for IG, other than the reason that I fell for this song, and encouraging him to do more ballads, the lyrics somehow hit me deep in my heart, and it hurts! Simply because I was guilty of being swayed by another artist, specifically this line from that song;

I hate you, are you listening?…..You’re not next to me…..

I get SCARED That you will get tired of this long trip and let go of me, please hold onto me

Ouch!!!…….This was just co-incident, of course the song was not intending to make anyone guilty or what!! But somehow the song was being truthful, that when someone loves you so deeply to the extent of caring and protecting, sometimes there’s also fear of losing that person. This is very natural to any relationship, friendship, or even a stranger over the internet whom we don’t meet eye to eye, yet there’s a good rapport in interacting with this stranger that you wouldn’t want to lose.

Same with Hyun Joong, he doesn’t have any idea who his fans are, may not have met them in person, not meeting eye to eye yet there’s that rapport or connection between him and his fans and I felt this very strongly during his concerts, as I watch him and his fans from the audience gallery, that the connection is so powerful. He loves performing on stage because it’s his only chance to personally interact with his fans and he loves every moment of it. It would hurt him to lose that rapport from his fans and he would do everything in his power to get hold of you and not letting go ever. That’s how much he loves his fans.



With the same thought reading from here was such a pleasure for him, dedicating all 374 articles of LazerKim is solely all about Kim Hyun Joong, from a loyal fan with all smiles on him while reading! BUT upon knowing there’s another article for another artist, from the same writer, I think it’s an “ouch” for him!! Which is a natural reaction to anyone, be it an artist or not of course! I got the biggest mistake there being a loyal fan writer, my fault, but I learned from that mistake. That every single fan is important to Kim Hyun Joong, and it will hurt him to lose even just one of them.

On writing about the other artist, I was trying hard to put LazerKim on the writer, but the feeling is different, it somehow lacks the same connection I have whenever I write about Hyun Joong, as he said “passion cannot be faked”, and I think he’s right!

Other than the fact Kim Hyun Joong is ONLY ONE, that nothing and no one can alter that fact, I realize that quite clearly, he is not the type of artist whom you can easily forget or take for granted. He will haunt you until you come back to him, that’s how powerful his charisma is, and he can win you back, he’s always the winner, remember? Take it from LazerKim!!

Apology had been accepted weeks before going back on stage, and what killed me the most is that, the same kindness, the same thoughtfulness, the same friendly warmth heart, remained unchanged from Kim Hyun Joong, and he said,

“It doesn’t matter how much you look around, the important thing is you came back as a whole with greater love as my fan……”

                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong [article] DREAM FATE


By: LazerKim            As Kim Hyun Joong started rolling up the curtain on his World Tour concert series for this year, we have seen a brand new Kim Hyun Joong right on top of the stage to share with us, a collection of his past and current music wrapped in one memorable show. He again innovated this concerts in a different approached and I must say a more impressive than ever. But the most important thing in this concert series is a higher level of development in Hyun Joong’s singing and dancing skills.

He has even much greater power on stage this time on how he captured his audience. Hyun Joong took a rest from dancing for over a year that I wasn’t expecting to see such stamina even stronger this time and had seen much further improvement both in his singing and dancing  skills. It’s one great show shined by a single STAR Kim Hyun Joong, pouring out every power he got in one most unforgettable moment! Don’t fail to see it!


Hyun Joong recently released his Korean single Beauty Beauty which is now on top of the chart, go grab your copy now!! Actually he had released his dance music both in Korean (Timing, Habit) and Japanese (Hot Sun) one after the other that has been keeping him busy the past months. Grab a copy of each singles, let’s pick up all memories that we can get while it’s hot!

Since I’ve been at work mode further preparing for World Tour next stop, I haven’t got the chance to browse around to share updates with you, I’m putting up this article just for the record as a part of Hyun Joong’s journey, two important items which I should have posted weeks ago but time just kept pulling me away from here. I’m so happy to be back, as promised I’ll just pop out, so here I am!



Last year 2013 Hyun Joong performed a different concert series as a rocker singing with a live band and I was given the chance to work on those shows, that after which I was all wishing I could have another chance to work with him again. His drama came out, I became so pre-occupied on the stage production that honestly I have almost forgotten that dream I had, to work with him again. Somewhere along the way, our roads crossed again unexpectedly, and knowing this is gonna be his last dance concert, I’m truly happy to be a part of it.

May I just share, as Hyun Joong said, during one of our rehearsals “Fate comes when you encounter a person whom you cannot forget and had gone from your eye sight, in some magical way that person comes back, if so, don’t let go because it’s fate that lead you to that person.”

What he said became true to me and I’m so thankful I grabbed that chance to hold on and never let go. I will never let go of my idol again!


Hyun Joong asked, “what can I do for my fans that I can keep them company during my absence?”  Since Hyun Joong has been known to us as the gentle healing idol, how I wish to be left with an album that contains all love songs which he have not created among his album collections, trying ballad songs isn’t bad at all. And it’s a great feel to have an easy listening music from Hyun Joong and his romantic side to surface, that makes me fall for him over and over again.

Among the love songs that Hyun Joong sang, for me this OST When Today Passes By  is the best. So simple but it highlights the sweetness of his voice and his emotions blend together that made this song perfect! This song is very meaningful to him during his period of struggles and rising to a someone with new image.

I had the chance to carefully listened to this song during our concert rehearsals “When Day Passes By” and I didn’t realize how meaningful this song was. How I wish Hyun Joong would sing more ballad love songs like this before he leaves.

I think among many songs of Hyun Joong this song had been translated in so many different language at YouTube. May I just write the lyrics of this song, I know I’m the late bloomer here, but I just want to put this in my blog, here it goes…

When Today Passes By

I just spent an entire day, thinking only about you, blankly swallowing tears

I ran for a while because I felt like going crazy, I call out to you on the top of my lungs

I want to be by your side and protect you everyday, words I want to say to you all day

I say that I love you, I love you, I say that I hate you, I hate you, are you listening?

You’re not next to me, when today passes, will tomorrow comes? Night is coming.

Will you tell me, will you tell me when today passes? sometimes, I get SCARED

That you will get tired of this long trip and let go of me, please hold onto me

I want to be by your side and protect you everyday, Can you hear me?

Where are you right now?

I say that I love you, I love you I say that I hate you, I hate you

Are you listening, you’re not next to me, when today will tomorrow comes?

Night is coming, When today passes, when today passes, when the pain ends

A day is so long, that I’m afraid I’ll lose you, when today passes

I say that I love you I love you, I say that I hate you, I hate you, 

I’m always at your side, when today passes by tomorrow will come.

If only you would know, When today passes by, when today passes by……




At the concert in Seoul Hyun Joong shared his own video message to his S.Korean fans, this follows to the succeeding concert series, but it shall be shown in writing on stage screen in different languages.

I cried bucket of tears as I read this message. Sometimes it takes a lot of pain just to realize how important a person is in our life, when he or she’s no longer around, but as Hyun Joong said “Fate takes the lead……and they comes back to you with greater love…..”  For those who may not have read it, here it is.

A time that’s like a dream, And to say it’s ending is regretful If it’s a dream I wish I don’t wake up from it…

If it’s ending, I wish I can turn back the time… From the beginning… All over again?

Right now I wish that this moment could be forever

Right now I will make you all feel How much I am thankful to all of you

How much I love all of you     

‘To My Beauty’  Everyone!!! I love you. Thank you. And also…I always…Want to see everyone.   Really, truly…

 From the bottom of my heart…. Kim Hyun Joong


In my previous articles, I have always been writing that “knowing Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing that ever happened to me.” I was once down and helplessly but he lead me to this space to share my thoughts all about Kim Hyun Joong as my cure. Likewise during the time he’s down, he comes to read from here, and there he is flying on cloud nine again!

Little did I know that I’ll be meeting him again, my dream came true and just like Hyun Joong, how I wish my dream would be endless.

One day I’ll wake up, and you’ll be somewhere. But I will not stop from dreaming because I know you’ll be back soon….. I would just be waiting and stay by your side………so keep the love on stage!

Fans do come and go, but it doesn’t mean you are forgotten. Just like in this blog, the real world may be pulling me from here, but I kept coming back, knowing someone from here is waiting to read all about Kim Hyun Joong.

Keep the dreams while you’re there and we’ll be dreaming with you, don’t regret because it doesn’t end from here. In our thoughts we can always go back, because you’re leaving us with so much memories we treasured. Don’t thank us because we owe you more than you know it. We will be waiting come rain or shine, until you come back to us…

Kim Hyun Joong you are always loved and I sincerely hope you felt it somehow in my own little humble way through this blog. Thank you for being you Kim Hyun Joong, still as my ONE AND ONLY….

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong [article] HE’S BACK!

nIlohTI (1)

By: LazerKim                    In a crowded room I was hoping to see the guy I’ve been waiting for, and what I had in mind was the looks from the last time I had seen him, that I have almost forgotten that this guy changes his image every time he’s in his hiding! And when he finally shows up, it definitely seem like meeting another man!! Who else would I be talking about? Well, Kim Hyun Joong the singer is back in town!! What can I say?? Nothing….it’s just that I can’t breath or say anything upon seeing him because he’s so HOT!! Isn’t he gorgeous in his new looks!! He aged again by one year and yet he’s much younger looking and really fresh in his hair style!

Honestly, I’m pretty much of a critic with other young artists who goes for weird color looking hair style!! Pardon me if I may sound offensive to other young Kpop stars, but I think I’m not too young anymore to go with flashy fashion trend!! But when I have seen Hyun Joong’s new look, I think it’s the first time for me to really appreciate what I used to dislike in the past! I must admit I even fell for this guy with his two tone colored hair that I just love it!!

In my previous articles way back in time, I have always mentioned that Hyun Joong is a type of person that anything he puts on in his body is just perfect for him, be it with clothes, accessories, and any hair style. He’s consistently handsome in so many different styles. If you’re a fan who’s fond of collecting his photos from the time he started in the lime light, and had seen him in different hair style, I wouldn’t ask which of those photos you have collected to pick the most handsome, but I would ask you to pick the less pleasing ones! I wonder if you would pick even just one!! Kim Hyun Joong is naturally handsome in any angle be it in photos, on screen and in person, and that is why he is being called PERFECT because he truly is perfectly handsome!!



An actor decided to change his image after doing a successful drama project, to the extent of changing himself from head to foot in getting rid of a very cold distant character which described the person he recently portrayed in that drama! I may have speculated Hyun Joong might have done the same thing, doing Shin Jung Tae for months and adopting this character on and off screen may be tough, specially he personally loved the character just as much as many of us did.

Just like many of us who was captured by Shin Jung Tae and IG withdrawal, it took time before he finally got back being Kim Hyun Joong the singer, and he may have gone over with the mysterious character! And in the near future we’ll be seeing Hyun Jung bouncing back on stage in a totally different person singing for us! Well, he recently started with a fan meet in Yokohama that gave his fans a real shock on his new looks, that made his Japanese fans stated “is this really him”? It’s funny I asked the same question upon seeing him from up far!

I thought I’m done thinking of Shin Jung Tae, but when he started singing IG’s OST “If today goes by” on that stage, oh boy I found myself falling in love with him again!! I guess my hang-over isn’t over as yet! I was wondering then if Hyun Joong had gone over with Shin Jung Tae’s character?? Well maybe, but I’m sure the desire of rushing back on filming as an actor is still with him! It’s a very natural feelings for an artist to do more after a successful project. Nevertheless, seeing his fans in front of him again in Yokohama, brought back happy memories of rocking the stage with his music being loved by millions made him just as excited as ever. It’s like doing the show for the first time again! Indeed the singer is back!!



Kim Hyun Joong is back to being a Kpop idol for the last time before he bid farewell as a dancer and shall be launching his upcoming album Hot Sun pretty soon, this could probably be our last chance to see him dance on stage. It’s like putting a memorable end to where he started to be able to cultivate a fresh new beginning in the near future.

Many of his veteran fans had been with him as he did his first steps in dancing in 2005, until such time those handful fans grew to millions worldwide over the years. How I envy those fans to have witnessed how he started being a dancer/singer idol, who had seen him doing his very first dance piece and up until now that Hyun Joong shall be doing his last piece as a dancer, they remained at his side over the years.

There’s a saying, a dancer will always be a dancer, whether it’s a gifted or acquired talent, what matters most is how he was developed and the amount of sincere effort to be a good dancer. Kim Hyun Joong shall always be remembered as a dancer and how he had innovated his shows from a simple fan meet turning it to concerts in his Asian concert tours in 2012.

As a solo dance singer, he started with Breakdown as his first album that for me it will always remained unforgettable, because it was here that I was totally captured by his magic spell in 2011! Oh you can’t just imagine how I turned to be like his slave!! Waking up in the morning taking my cup of coffee having him on my mind and tweeter became my daily morning papers reading news all about Kim Hyun Joong! And as the night falls, that’s when I turned to writing articles about the guy!! Such great memories that brought life to my life!! Simple it may be, but it’s Kim Hyun Joong that made those memories precious as ever!

1466087_627926190636776_7597947355700785241_n (1)


Each year that this season comes, June 6th became a big day to Hyun Joong’s fans that the world celebrates this day with him as the birth of a star. No matter where Hyun Joong may be on this day personally celebrating with his friends, but out of his sight, it is on this particular day that his fans from different groups or different countries gather together to celebrate.

As for me here, I would like to do it on my own sharing thoughts of him, on how he had changed a part of me being a fan of one particular artist for the first time in the long years of my life in showbiz industry. Hyun Joong is the only one who had really captured my whole being among all the artists I’ve watched performed, be it on stage, TV, movies or had the chance to worked with some. I am always thankful being a fan just like anyone that lead me to be inspired by him in anything I do. Others may accuse me of being obsessive in writing daily articles all about KHJ in 2012, but I’ll gladly accept it because it made me a better person I think.

To Kim Hyun Joong, you are a great artist, and from this day onward may your dreams come true, which I never doubt, because you do work it out to make your dreams exist in reality.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



This time Hyun Joong is giving us a big birthday treat as he will be releasing his next album HOT SUN on June 18th. And since it’s a treat for us fans, let us support and place him again on top of Oricon as we always have done in his previous projects. He’ll start rolling with fan meet events and concerts by the end of this month onto his World Tour by July!

Isn’t this just great? For some fans, it may have been such boring months waiting for him to get out there after IG, but it’s worth waiting for, we’ll have a bunch of fun as Hyun Joong enjoys his stage as a dance singer, it’s just so great seeing him and having his music be heard worldwide once again!

Oh we would surely miss him dance on stage after his world tour, so if there’s a chance for us to attend to his upcoming concert series, grab that chance, specially if he’s coming to your country. Be a part of that memory, be there, and let’s support his music! It’s a date with a star Kim Hyun Joong……….he’s back!!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRIVATELY SPEAKING


By: LazerKim                  Don’t you miss this laughter from Kim Hyun Joong after his three months filming for Inspiring Generation? At last I have seen him on stage again joking with his fans, and I would say he had relaxed after taking a break spending his days at Jeju Island scuba diving and hitting the golf course. This photo above was taken yesterday April 12th at a fan meet in Seoul, and here he emphasized his future plans before his date with the military camp as he was asked by the show MC and responded as follows:

  • Release an album in Japan (He already finished recording)
  • Release another album in Korea
  • World Tour
  • Act in another drama (he would like to show his acting again)
  • If there is an occasion, Japan tour next year
  • Charity concert (no fee) for which I will raise the fund (laugh)

In another interview, Hyun Joong mentioned that this will be the last dance music album that he’ll be doing which shall be released next month in May this year. It seems Hyun Joong shall be resigning as a dancer, but not as a singer. It’s in his time-table that once he reaches the age 30, he’ll eventually stop from doing dance music. Fair enough since Hyun Joong had been doing dance music for almost 10 years of his career. I know everyone would miss his dance moves and dance music, but knowing the guy, he loves changes, re-inventing and developing himself into something new. And besides, of all his talents, it’s dancing that is first to expire, whether we like or not, that’s reality among dancers.

1233521_600026486760080_6115393381268394131_n (1)


I read this interview with Hyun Joong which I have been wanting to share my views about the Kpop idols, and I’m glad he opened up this matter. I would like to point out some particular lines from his statement and share my own opinion. Here it goes, as Hyun Joong stated:

“If I had to become an idol once again, I wouldn’t be able to do it. There’s a strong belief that idols aren’t singer ‘N sync in America is considered an artist, but in Korea and Japan idols aren’t seen as artists, and their image is limited.”

“Idols can be in relationships too, but at one point there was a time when they said that idols shouldn’t date. When idols act, there’s an uncertainty just because they’re idols. Even when they buy cars, the public turns it around and says that ‘the idol brought a car’. There’s a pre-fixed notion about idols. It’s true that idols are young, but they’re also cultured people in this land. It’s unfortunate.”

The rest of the interview can be read at kpopstarz for those who have not read the article, here’s the link below.




I’m not a fan of any Kpop idol group, it was only Hyun Joong who introduced Kpop music to me since he was with SS501 which was categorized as Kpop idol group band. As his fan, I came in when he was already a solo singer, but have seen him first from BOF as an actor. It was only when I started researching and writing all about KHJ that I knew he started from SS501 as a singer.

I have read a lot of comments from other sites that there are people who seem to be “allergic” to Kpop idols who goes for acting in dramas. Comments such as “I would watch this or that drama so long as the lead is not an idol”! Well, we have different opinion, we have our individual choice what drama to watch or what music to listen to, but I feel the anti-Kpop are so unfair in their way of thinking! Or this may not only goes to drama fans but also to producers! I just don’t get it as to why can’t idols be called singers or actors? If they have actually performed professionally on stage as singers or dancers and have acted in dramas, then definitely they should be called artists. They may not be that excellent, but still it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have the right to be called artists.

And yes Hyun Joong is right, there may be a stereotype concerning idols that some people does not even consider them artists. And this is just so painful to these idols. As I myself is an artist too, I do believe talents can be developed, the fact that it can also be acquired so why can’t these aspiring artists be given a room to develop themselves? They cannot be developed if they are not given the chance to do so. I think this is just a matter of being open-minded instead of immediately closing doors to these artists specially the deserving ones.

Legitimate agents do sponsor training for aspiring artists and before doing so, they screen these artists, evaluate whatever they got, be it in singing, dancing or acting, of course with consideration of looks or there are even artists who are not so good-looking but they have great talents. BUT majority of these artists started from zero, not to mention there are artists with gifted talents, they too started from somewhere down below. Admittedly there are Kpop idol groups with larger members and some of these members may not be that good (at present) but we may never know what’s in store for them in the future. They might be even greater singers or actors than expected in the future.



It’s true that there are entertainment agents in Korea or Japan literally discourage their artists in dating, as a part of preserving or protecting their artist’s image whether the artists keep this dating in private or go public and this is so sad, because it’s natural for human to have relationships. For obvious reasons these agents of course earn through their artists and idol groups do have a large fan base consisting of teenagers. These young fans dwell on having “imaginary relationship” with their most admirable idols, that they do not allow their respective idols to have any relationship with other girls or they walk away from their idols! It’s like tying a knot with huge number of strangers on the part of the artists!!

I couldn’t forget a case filed in S.Korea which I have read few years ago, that a Korean female celeb was thrown soy sauce to her in a public restaurant by a jealous fan of her rumored celeb boyfriend!! This was just one incident showing how jealous some young Korean fans were. It’s like these idols are becoming slaves of their own fans, then I would say this entertainment world is somewhat scary!! In reality, we can never even own anybody in this real world in fact, not even our own life time partner, they too have their individual mind!!

It’s different with the westerns, that even artists go public with their personal affairs, their fans stay with them and remain unchanged. Why is it have to be different with Koreans?? I do hope with what Hyun Joong opened up about idol life can enlighten people out there living in primitive age would change their views about reality in showbiz. Artists are not your slaves, they too deserves what relationship you got with others.



At the same interview Hyun Joong stated this:

“There’s nothing that I’m lacking because I’ve never had a proper relationship. Although my personal life has been somewhat violated, I was fortunate enough to get chosen among 1 million people who auditioned. I’m in the so-called 10% that became a celebrity. That’s the reason why I should think about this matter and be happy regardless.

I’m not sure if I got the right understanding from what Hyun Joong was trying to say. But for me it seems Hyun Joong made a lot of personal sacrifice to be where is now. I couldn’t say he never dated anyone, I’m sure he did, as he admitted in the past, it’s just that he haven’t had a committed relationship. If Hyun Joong is not a big star and he’s just an ordinary man, it should have been easier for him to have a normal relationship, with his good qualities, who wouldn’t grab him? What’s the difference? Well, he haven’t found her!! That’s the big difference!!

I remain consistently truthful to what I write that no matter how other fans encouraged me to talk about his private affair, I prefer to respect his privacy and to defend him from others who maliciously create links between him and his co-celebs. Hyun Joong denied having dated with Uee, and so be it, put an end to the rumors. We have known him to be that honest, so why else others has to insist on something that is not true? And no matter how much we wanted him to go out dating around or keep his privacy to himself, that’s gonna be his choice and not ours, we’re just his fans staying behind him.



Korea should be proud that they do have great artists from the idol groups to look up to, how much these people brought the country to the top A global popularity in showbiz entertainment and I think the Kpop idols should be given enough room in developing their craft by giving them chances instead of discriminating them or being out-cast from the rest of the actors and singers. The idols deserve the same respect as other professional artists do.

I would say Hyun Joong is a very good example of history in the entertainment world. He started with an idol group band, and I would say he was also a victim of being badly criticized, but where is he now? He’s up there on cloud nine being loved by millions globally! Fine, being criticized is also a challenge in proving oneself, but come on, even Hyun Joong came from an idol group, he is an artist by all means. And just the same with other idols, they too should be treated with proper respect.

May I just mention this fact, that I think the showbiz producers should be the developers and the builders of entertainment, that I’m hoping it’s not only money that matters to them. Business may be a hit or miss kinda thing like a gamble, but values do matter a lot.

I’m so proud of Hyun Joong as he stood up behind the idols and speak up what he truly think and feel being one of them in his past. Indeed he’s a true leader, defending those who deserves equal respect. I got high hopes that the people concern would hear him out and be enlightened.

And with that, I end my article from here as I bid everyone a pleasant day! I do hope we learned something from the interview with Kim Hyun Joong as he shared with us his thoughts and feelings.

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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