By: LazerKim


I speak for myself as I hope this appeal would reach the person concern. Here’s my sincere appeal to Kim Hyun Joong as follows:

Please do not agree on monetary settlement, I your fan would like to know the TRUTH for once and for all.

Or if Ms. A is just that greedy, please you may give it to her BUT with the condition she would withdraw those lies she submitted to the media, that both you Kim Hyun Joong and Ms.A knows very well she’s been lying. 

If it’s justice that she truly seek (which I doubt), then she should NOT accept anything from you. Therefore I challenge her.

I believe the truth is at your side. I know you are not guilty of this alleged accusation from this woman, because if not the police should have held you up or call for another questioning if they find there’s a probable cause to file a case. On the contrary, the police stated that there was NO EVIDENCE in this accusation from that woman. If there’s silence from both sides in the coming days, I understand.     Thank you…

                                  THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. 

                                                                                                       LazerKim here wriitng

This is my personal space I can say what I want.




 By: LazerKim                                 

May I remind everyone before I can be misjudged again that this is my space I think I have every right to use it and say what I feel. Forgive me for being a bit emotional! My apologies to my dear readers if I seem to be harsh with my judgement on this woman who is trying to destroy a man’s life. I would just like to burst this out and I’ll be alright! Thank you for your understanding.


Here’s the latest fresh from the over of the haters camp as this woman fearlessly released a statement as follows:

“Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.” Statement coming from that woman so-called Ms A.

And here’s my stance……GET LOST GIRL!

First, why would Hyun Joong admit to your PURE LIES?

Second, Why would Hyun Joong submit to your THREAT?

Third,  What truth are you talking about? You mean to say there are more lies coming from you??? Will there be another set of fake evidence since you had  three weeks work on those trash that you couldn’t even submit to the police knowing they cannot accept such made up evidence.?

Come on!   Why do you let those media people use you? Don’t you have any other things to do but get paid with your lies?


Just because Hyun Joong do not agree to monetary settlement just to keep her silent as obviously her demand from her statement, simply because he wants to set the record straight and here she goes again with a brand new lies and this time with threat? Why don’t you show your face to us girl so that you might be able to convince me on your next set of lies? You kept hiding and for me this is nothing but another coward just like that somebody from Beijing (event organizer).

If I can only bring back that article I have written Simply Defending I would say I was right in my judgement about this woman with no self respect. This woman had hurt millions of other women worldwide, destroying a man and still has the nerve to create another harm? She’s so unbelievable. No wonder Hyun Joong left her, I don’t think he deserves her to begin with.

If Hyun Joong is being crucified at this very moment by the so-called righteous people, then I think I have the same right to vent my anger. I’m just a human being who can be hurt, who can feel anger, but this does not mean I’m a hateful person, I’m just being true to what is in my mind. Thank you for allowing me to air out my feelings and thoughts.

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing



RE: Beijing Concert

We all know that Kim Hyun Joong never break a promise. Please check it out from where this cancellation info came from. Is it coming from the organizer? I’m just asking. If not then don’t you think the cancellation might just be rumors coming from the hater’s camp? Remember the media and these haters are meant to ruin Hyun Joong’s concert series. I think we might just be careful.

I have not read any notice from KE pertaining to any cancellation of Hyun Joong’s concert. Have you? Let’s all calm down, let’s not jump yet. We may never know this can be another hater’s scheme to stop ticket selling ect. If not then maybe we can wait for KE’s public notice.  Calm down everyone!   Have a nice evening!

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Kim Hyun Joong…[article] POSITIVE IMPACT



By: LazerKim               In my recent article Love Attack, I have mentioned that the media has been misleading its readers even to the extent of concealing the truth after Kim Hyun Joong had submitted his statement to the police in September 2nd. While Hyun Joong was performing his concert in Peru, there were other news release again which I expect another misleading news.

All I know is that while those news article was posted there was already a crowd of fans at the airport of Lima waiting for Hyun Joong’s arrival and a crowd of international fans from different neighboring countries arrived at the airport to watch Hyun Joong’s concert! And that this concert had been in the Peruvian TV news station as Hyun Joong’s most anticipated arrival to their country and the concert was at the news.


After Hyun Joong’s concert in Peru, one very interesting article was posted, the writer is a Chinese. This article shows how the media twist its interpretation about the news reports about the scandal, and how this case was sensationalized. Thanks to Hyun Joong’s fans that many of them can translate Hangul in different languages specially in English. I guess we fans can just rely on each other since it’s so unfortunate we can no longer trust some media in delivering the truth before us.

And to Hyun Joong’s fans who have been translating news items about this scandal, thank you so much, you know who you are, please do keep up the good work, we truly appreciate your extended effort. And also to the fans at tweeter who are endlessly posting updates about Hyun Joong thank you for your effort. I think we just have to stay “red alert” until this roller coaster is over.  I would like to share the link with you just in case you have not read it, here as follows:

News headlines tell your “truth” – Kim Hyun Joong allegedly beat his girlfriend?

Translation by: 501wangja, thanks!    Shared by: Hyunnies Pexer Blog thanks!(

News source: ( @501wangja, thanks!



I think there’s nothing more painful for a celeb than having to face trial by publicity, character assassination, and unjustly persecuted by the public prior to the thoughts of presumption of innocence. And all of these cyber wars going on around us was created by one person orchestrated by media. Just my opinion and I think I’m entitled to it too.

I agree with the writer from that article I post above, by the time this case resolve, the public would no longer be interested with its result specially if it was proven that the person being accused is found not guilty. And this is becoming a common trend specially to celebs and even high-profile personalities that after some media played their dirty tricks, the celeb is being left hanging up in the limbo after bringing out their dirty job well done in destroying a man’s career life. This is how cruel some medias are.

As controversial news released, the public takes it as an entertainment, just like what is currently happening. Is this the world where we live in? Where is justice now, if the person accused had already been persecuted or even convicted by the public prior to full investigation or not even hearing from the side of the person being accused? The police have not even found out if the alleged accusation is valid enough with no single doubt to file a criminal case. While the public had already placed judgement on the accused.

I think some media particularly those who covers the showbiz has been irresponsible in reporting controversial news. And I think something has to be done to stop irresponsible journalism anywhere in this world not only in South Korean media covering showbiz news which some of them has been playing dirty tricks in destroying other’s image which is obviously just for money.

Can’t these some media reporters do their job in the right way to deliver a balance reporting stating facts from both sides of the party before posting the controversial news?  Instead of being one-sided making up or sensationalize stories and producing fake evidence specially on controversial issues? The media I think should be a medium that can be trusted by the public, and not just trying to attract people to read from them just to gain to the extent of destroying others life which I think is wrong.

From now on I think we have to be careful of what we are reading from the news. I’m saying this specially to the new fans who are still on the stage of searching for Kim Hyun Joong. Not all media news releases are accurate and has always been twisted giving different interpretation specially on the side of Hyun Joong. That I have noticed and it seems like anything he says has been interpreted or translated in a wrong way that can be misleading. I repeat, we fans following Hyun Joong for years know him better than these haters and media.

Yes haters, we know Kim Hyun Joong better than you do, so I don’t need your opinion!



Ever since this scandal done to Hyun Joong erupted and smear campaign from media just kept going for weeks now, I can’t help asking “Is there someone big behind all of these? Is this woman being used and so with the media in destroying Kim Hyun Joong?” Well this may be speculation I’m just speaking my thoughts out that somehow it lingers in my mind knowing Hyun Joong worked hard for 9 years and I don’t think he would just let this go in passing! I’m sorry but I still think it’s Kim Hyun Joong who is the victim in this scandal!

Why does it bothers me that I think Hyun Joong was deliberately provoked by this woman into a heated argument, as Hyun Joong wanted to break up with her and this woman tried to threaten him? Let us not forget that women are also capable of violence. I’m a woman I’m against violence but in this case, I think I’d rather take the unpopular side to defend and I guess this is my right of choice and I got my own reasons why. Win or lose I’m at his side, if he’s at fault I forgive, who doesn’t make mistake anyway.

He admitted on slight altercation but strongly denied on assault, there’s a big difference between the two. Hyun Joong is not a saint, but at this point I don’t think he will ever lie. Knowing the guy is a man of few words but when he speaks is always the truth. What more in this serious allegation?

And considering Dispatch has a bad reputation in destroying celebs, I just can’t eliminate the thoughts of conspiracy was done and still in the process just like what they did to other celebs. I read that many libel cases has been charged on Dispatch, I wonder what happened to those cases filed by other celebs? Or maybe libel case has lower offense cost in SK that can easily be settled through monetary settlement? I hope I’m wrong though! Just my wild thoughts. I’ll still be waiting for further development on this case and be aware of twist and turns from some media.

The truth has its own way of revealing by itself no matter how one conceal the unspoken facts or twisted statements by some media, the truth will prevail sooner or later, and I truly believe in this. But what happen to these media who are trying to destroy others? As time goes, the more I’m convinced the objective of this scandal is not for justice but simply to destroy Kim Hyun Joong’s career life.

May I share another article link that gave me a thought of a pattern created by Dispatch in destroying celebs. The article title is “Dispatch, the owner of Kpop Pandora’s Box” (     Shared by: Hola, thanks!



Hyun Joong’s name may have smeared in this allegation that damage may have been done, and he is determined to clear up his name, BUT what are we fans for? If we were able to lift Hyun Joong up to the heights of success all these years, there’s no reason why we can’t do it again.

In fact we have started with it, his concert’s success still on going and consistently continued to be a big hit anywhere he goes despite of this obstacle. We have witness from Thailand, Guangzhou China, and Peru, his fans may have been affected by the incident but contrary to what his detractors expected, his fans from these countries even showed more love and support to him as all venues were full packed.

Let’s move a little backward a week before this concert in Peru, Hyun Joong performed in Guangzhou China, the venue was full packed as usual tickets all sold out, and at the venue before the show proper there were about a hundred flower stand at the lobby for Hyun Joong coming from his fans from different parts of China and fans from different countries as their way of showing support to Kim Hyun Joong. I heard from the Chinese event organizer that this was so unusual for a Kpop star who is in such crisis, to be receiving such abundant support and ticket selling was even in such speed after the scandal erupted!!

Now I’m thinking, is this the impact of that scandal?? I know his detractors meant to ruin this concert series as well as his image, his career and even his life, but seeing from the turn of events, it seems the scandal even serves him the positive way!! That’s why I can’t help but laugh at his detractors!

Although we’re not through yet, we’re not off the hook but at least what we’re seeing from his concerts can ease our worries and of course with Hyun Joong as the concern artist in this set back. And I’ll say it again, one can NEVER put a good man down. I always have this in mind that gives me a lot of hope for him to overcome all of these trials in his career life.



I would like to thank Peru for your hospitality, and for taking care of Hyun Joong. The atmosphere within the venue was so festive that everyone wears big bright smiles, his fans were sooo great! You have shown your sincere love and support to Kim Hyun Joong, the warm way of Latina being always affectionate, cheerful and lovable!

And for the international fans from the neighboring countries, thank you for your effort in attending Hyun Joong’s concert in Lima, your gesture of love and support is truly appreciated and shall always be remembered by all of us. Together with Peru in joined forces are:


One touching part in this concert was that, during the show the fans from different countries tossed their flags to the stage signifying his fans support from these countries to Kim Hyun Joong. This was just to show that his fans from the Latin countries including the US support and love him. Hyun Joong picked up those flags while singing Kiss Kiss for keeps!

He was surprised and touched by the gesture and truly appreciate it very much, as he made promise he’s coming back to Peru at the same stage to perform. He’s determine to stay on stage because this is what his fans call for and wanted him to do. He clearly emphasized this during his previous concert in Japan.



They say, “a friend in need is a friend in deed.” Hyun Joong will never be alone in facing all of these roller coaster, it’s our turn to be with him on this crucial period of his career life. I still want him to do more music, I still want him to do more concerts as a singer/dancer and I still want to see him as an actor, PERIOD. And because I desperately want him to do these works, then I have to do my part as a fan and openly support him, and show those lousy media and haters that his fans cannot be swayed by those dirty tricks.

So let’s make the most of the last remaining concert, the most memorable one. Until now I’m still wishing for more to come despite of this set back, it only urge me to want more concerts and more projects from Kim Hyun Joong that I never get tired. I can only speak for myself but this is the power he has over me.

Am I delusional? LOL Honestly, I’m beginning to love this word, because the more my haters call me that, the greater my love for Hyun Joong develop as my idol and the more I get inspired to write and defend him!!

Kim Hyun Joong may be surrounded by negative vibes from those people who wants to bring him down, but on the contrary, he’s even gaining positive impact out of those negatives………*sigh*………God never sleeps and He sees everything…….Life can sometimes be so mysterious.



Before I go, I would just like to share what I have written in my article Unite in One way back in 2012 and let’s absorb the thoughts on unity, here it goes…

I was trying to visualized like, in a room Hyun Joong was there and his international fans, God knows how many different nationals there are, granting none of them can not speak English same as Hyun Joong that may not understand each other but they all have the same purpose to be in that room.

No one would speak because no one can understand language, as Hyun Joong stood in front of his international fans as he sings that can not be understood, but the fans sings with him, as he dance they followed him, the fans smiled at each other and cheering for Hyun Joong on different languages. As soon as Hyun Joong stopped singing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.

I believe Kim Hyun Joong has the power over different people to unite as ONE……                                     he needs us, let’s be there for him.

                                                                                      LazerKim here writing


Another good articles from other KHJ bloggers:

angeljoong thanks for sharing!   “Unlimited Unbreakable….”


Jackie Kim thanks for sharing! “The Truth is not always Black and White….”




Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks


Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE ATTACK!



By: LazerKim              In September 2nd Kim Hyun Joong finally showed up at the police station to participate in the investigation pertaining to assault allegation case filed by his ex-girl. As I expected Hyun Joong maintained his consistency with his first statement made through KE that the relationship was only a few months and not two years as his ex stated. Hyun Joong wanted to break up that led to emotional argument turned in to a fight from both parties by pushing and shoving in a slight altercation arouse.

But Hyun Joong strongly emphasized that this incident transpired only once and NOT habitual violence as what the media reported. Because the two sides have different statements, the police shall be calling on both parties for further questioning.

The investigating officer from the police station stated that there is NO EVIDENCE in this case except Hyun Joong’s ex-girl’s statement to prove the assault case filed by his ex. This part of the news was being concealed by the media.

Hyun Joong did the right thing in going to the right venue to submit his statement instead of doing so in the media, which is the most professional way for someone being accused, and let justice roll. I know many of you are still worried about him, but as for me I felt relieved after Hyun Joong had gone to the police station and stated the testimony as he first released. I TRUST him he’s doing the right thing and he’s on the right path in resolving this case as he cooperated with the right authority.

News source (  Thanks for sharing trans.Jackiek606!


A concern fan and one of my regular readers Stav thanks, wrote to me and shared these news translation from another fan from Tweeter and suggested to post these news in this blog. Times like this that we no longer can trust the media in translating or even manipulating the truth, we can just relay with each other and bring out the truth. Thank you so much for those fans who in their effort in translating the news, please do keep up the good work thank you so much!      Here it goes;

This source stated “Everything seems ambiguous to be able to prove Kim Hyun Joong’s assault allegation” and further stated “There is no proof other than a statement that Kim Hyun Joong is the one to assault Ms. A” rt: @dkwl0526 이 관계자는 “김현중의 상해 혐의를 입증하기엔 모든 게 애매하다”며 “A 씨에게 상해를 입힌 사람이 김현중이라는 것도 진술 외엔 증거가 없다”고 말했다.

Here is my 2cents….
There are many articles out there, but the above statement is the only fact we need to remember, which I’m sorry to say often gets twisted and lost. You’ve seen what the media have been doing. Please ignore the sensationalism and take everything with a grain of salt!!!!

source: ( @FortheloveofKHJ > thanks!

Acc to the source of police, “To substantiate KHJ’s assault allegation, everything is vague. There is NO EVIDENCE except A’s statement to prove who assaulted A and that was KHJ. KHJ said it was a light physical fight happened while they argued about breakup issue.”

Sounds like not so serious? But I am worried, the media keep distorting the truth to make KHJ guilty in front of ‘public’ no matter what fact is. I feel like I am being assaulted by the media. I hope KHJ will never agree on ‘out-of-court settlement’ which they must be badly want since they have killed one person’s career without evidence.

source: ( ) @howlovelylala > thanks!



After September 2 many news coming out from the media seemed misleading and I can understand it can sometimes be so irritating to read not to mention those haters enjoyed commenting and bashing. And there are times we cannot help it we get tempted to comment too. I have resigned from reading those media news and reading comments. How I wish there’s a media who is fair enough to report on this case not the misleading way.

Until now I still haven’t change on how I trust and believe Hyun Joong that I still strongly believe the truth will prevail and who knows it may be in no time from now we’ll be surprise this is over and done. As I have mentioned earlier the police shall be calling on both parties for further questioning and I hope from here the police can dig in to search for truth.

I wish to see how the plaintiff would melt seeing Hyun Joong in front of her or if she can still look at him straight in his eyes knowing within herself Hyun Joong may not be a saint but at this point he would not lie. Since the start I never believed her even she had presented those so-called evidence that contains a lot of loop holes which obviously for publicity purposes. Or she might end up eating all those she presented including her lies!  Again I’m just speaking my mind out, air out what I feel and this is the only space I got to burst it out, it’s my right to say anything in this blog.



At this point I’m trying to divert my mind on how this scandal was brought about by media. Like gathering all those media trash trying to destroy a man, to note down who are these reporters, who among the media scattered the so-called evidences presented by this woman which I think were suppose to be in the possession of the police and asking myself is libel case possible?

I’m not a lawyer but I’m just having this idea what can be done to these people destroying other’s lives. I think something is just not right. This woman may be in cloud nine at this time for hurting not only Kim Hyun Joong but millions of fans all over the world. Can she get away with this? It’s not justice that she’s seeking but money! Now her true color is slowly getting into the surface.

Before I leave this topic may I share this article link below for those who may have not read it, this will help enlighten us fans….“Innocent Until proven Guilty”  by Kai Destiny. Thank you so much Kai for sharing this article.




I learned a good lesson out of this case that I would like to share being a woman and I’m speaking in general. If a man wanted to break up a relationship with us, let go of that man peacefully no matter how painful it is. In a good relationship there has to be respect, trust and love that has to be mutual always. If one of these I mentioned no longer exist, no matter what we do we end up in pain. Revenge can lead us to nowhere, we may win today out of the revenge but we may never know tomorrow may back lash on us that may lead to regret.

I always have this in mind “when you love someone set them free if they come back to you, it’s meant to be….”  I had that experience and it’s true, love is sweeter the second time around. Everyone deserves a second chance. Well it all depends on the person coming back to you and the kind of relationship.



Kim Hyun Joong performed his recent concert at Guangzhou China as expected the venue again was full packed and I would say this is the most emotional concert ever held by Hyun Joong. The audience cheered with louder voices and most of all, his fans participated in the concert as they all sang a famous Chinese song “The Moon Representing My Heart” originally sang by Teresa Teng. Such touching moment on how his fans showed their love to Hyun Joong.

I have handled a lot of concerts during my career life with other stars but this was the first time for me to experienced the audience singing for the performer, and I was just speechless by his fans gesture that everyone in the audience gallery sang the song for Hyun Joong. He has been called the gentle healer by his fans, and this time in return it’s his fans that are healing him with so much love. It’s so amazing that I couldn’t imagine such kind of unconditional love do exist in reality. *sigh*  That show was so emotional both to Hyun Joong as he kept holding back till the show ended, but his fans gave in to their tears and still screamed and cheered for him on top of their voices.

Thank you Guangzhou for your hospitality, for taking care of Hyun Joong and thank you for the love and support you have shown him. Your effort is very much appreciated worldwide as you and Hyun Joong were being watched and enjoyed the concert even from afar.

Next concert stop shall be Peru, it’s your turn now, please do take care of Hyun Joong  and to cheer him up his Peruvian fans prepared another surprise for him! Thank you for your extended effort the whole world shall be watching this concert. Do enjoy the show with him and his music that’s all that matters to him, and in loud voice let your love be heard by Hyun Joong!!

There are times I was asking myself as to why does Hyun Joong has to go through such obstacle within our journey with him? I can only speak for myself but this time I feel a greater love for him, and I realize how important he is to me as my idol. This may be a wake up call for him and to us, self realization that indeed a love like this unselfish unconditional do exist in reality between an idol and his fans.

Haters and antis call Hyun Joong’s fans names such as delusional!! But I would rather be called delusional over love than being called delusional over hatred like them! God I can’t help saying, I stand firmly and would like to say….. “I’m proud being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.”

From here let’s leave these haters behind us and let the LOVE surround us this weekend, this shall be our counter attack….More Love and Support to Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged, thanks Ms.D


Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HEALING HEARTS



By: LazerKim             After I have written my recent article  Simply Defending that contains my personal written outburst, I thought I’ll be in peace after airing what I have felt that time. It helped me though because I was able to released whatever was heavy inside me. But when I came back home to this blog I felt as if my own house was burning done by the haters! I cried at first thinking this is the only place where I can pour out my own feelings and thoughts freely, I thought I won’t be able to come back home anymore.

But hang in there, this is my personal property no one can write or touch this space except me. While the comment boxes below are spaces given to my guests, for those who may be looking for a space to share their thoughts too. Why  should I allow these haters to pollute my own place of dwelling? So I placed a warning sign above that I don’t welcome those haters in my home and to those haters don’t waste your time commenting because I would surely DELETE your comment.



After that scandal news came out, I knew right at once the motive behind that news that I was already expecting more malicious news would come out, and I was right. After KE had release its statement, contradiction from media came out one after the other and sensationalized the whole case filed. This is how media works and this is their job, this is how they earn their dirty money, to attract people to read from their controversial issues. They need that dirty money in order to live, shame on them!

I have already face the fact that Hyun Joong now is a victim of a smear campaign and trial by publicity done by people who really wants to destroy him. I would think they have been eyeing on him for a long time because of his growing popularity and his chain of success. They will not stop unless they see Kim Hyun Joong fall down on the ground. Are we going to let this happen? Of course not. Who can help Hyun Joong in controlling his downfall? It’s us his fans, we are the ones to raised him up and it’s also us who would lift him up again from this nightmare.

From the start ever since Hyun Joong came out as a solo artist he had been badly criticized, but his critics failed to bring him down and the more they pushed him down,  the more his popularity boost up. Isn’t that obvious in their very sight? Until now as I have mentioned in my recent article the timing was remarkably done at first sight of that first controversial news came out few days before he flew to Thailand to perform his concert series.

But what happened? It came out that the concert was the best among his series. His fans from Thailand was not swayed from that controversial news. The venue was full packed and had seen how passionate his fans were as they joined Hyun Joong with his music. His fans even showed more support, more love to him. And that is the most moving part in this scenario of destroying the guy.

Thank you Thailand, your sincere effort is very much appreciated and we will never forget that love and support you have shown. And that moment in the concert that the whole world had seen how much Hyun Joong is being loved even at this dark moment of his career life. And yes I share the same thought, WE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU KIM HYUN JOONG!!



What else can we do about this media thing? We may read those news if we want to nobody is stopping you to do so. BUT I think it would be better not to spread it or re-post it and let the news affect us, it will only makes us sad and frustrated. Not everything we read from those news are true anyway. Whoever knows about Kim Hyun Joong I think it’s his fans who have been following him for years and that is why no matter what others may think we couldn’t bring ourselves to be swayed simply because we know him better than those haters and media reporters.

And also may I just bring this up, I would like to appeal to everyone to please keep or delete from your file Hyun Joong’s recent family members photos. They are private individuals and they have got nothing to do with what is happening at present. Please refrain from sharing those pictures. Just remember at this crucial period, anything and anyone attached to Hyun Joong is being criticized by the haters. We fans maybe can go after those haters but not his family. They too are innocent with whatever is going on around. We wouldn’t want this to be done to his family too, right?

Someone even posted pictures of Hyun Joong friends out from the showbiz circle. It may be out of curiosity in search of that woman who is destroying him but what if she’s not the one who’s in the picture so she’s innocent and has got nothing to do in this controversy. So may I appeal to other fans to be careful of what we share and what we post. I sincerely hope for your understanding. Thank you.



Now since Hyun Joong’s critics couldn’t bring him down by criticizing his professional ability since he had proven at his best, now they found a chance to destroy his privacy in his personal relationship. Ever since the start as this blog existed I never touch Hyun Joong’s privacy. He may have shared a lot about his behind the scene as a person which I have written except his personal relationship and I have been very careful about this not until media had touched this area of his privacy.

Hyun Joong is a man of few words, until now he remained silent and I respect him for that. As I mentioned in my recent article he doesn’t need to face me and prove his innocence that there are more important matters that I would like him to tackle and this is his concert. I mean it, I’m more interested seeing him on that stage and enjoy his music. This is just my personal opinion seeing him as an artist in his professionalism.

Not that I don’t care about him as a person because no matter what happened to him in his private life I would still be buying and listening to his music and I would still be watching his concerts and drama over and over again. He has my support and love all the way. It’s not his personal life that I’m buying but his music and his concert, this is the other side of Hyun Joong being as artist whom I admire the most and nothing can even change my views about him as an artist.

Although the bond that Hyun Joong and his fans had created is so undeniable, that a strong attachment is there existing in reality, this is why it hurts me that others are trying to destroy him. If Hyun Joong is happy, we are happy, if he’s sad we can feel it too and we tend to be sad. Now he’s hurt, he’s in great pain and we feel those pains too that I know most of us can just cry it out.

The connection is just too strong to ignore, stones are thrown to him that he has to endure by remaining silent while we endure with those too even we’re here to protect him. I know he doesn’t want this, neither would I want him to be alone facing all of these by himself. And I’m sure many of you share the same thoughts with me. BUT we have to keep our strength not to collapse because it is from us fans that Hyun Joong pull his strength from.



I can only speak for myself, Hyun Joong has been my healer ever since I started writing about him and I would say I owe him so much for being where I am now. I just couldn’t ignore whatever is going on around him and how I wish to share with his pain and lighten up his burden he’s carrying at this moment until all of this nightmare is over. That for me this is the only way I can give back the love he has been sharing.

They said being a star it’s lonely up there, and being in the dark when everyone leaves you is the saddest moment in being a star. This is one thing that I wouldn’t want Hyun Joong to feel even just a second. I want him to feel he’s NEVER alone that we his fans from all faces of the earth is with him specially at this crucial period of his career life. I want him to feel the LOVE we have for him and this love will prevail at the end of the day.

Hyun Joong planted good seeds on the ground that grew to good fruits and blossoms around him and those are his fans. Maybe this explains as to why we stick together with him all these years. I believe he built a strong foundation among us that cannot just be swayed by anything come high storm we hold on together with him. It is at this time that we fans should unite regardless of whatever fan clubs you belong or just being on your own following him, for as long as we are with Kim Hyun Joong we are tagged with him. I’m proud to be a Kim Hyun Joong fan and nothing or no one will ever change it.

Collective strength, support and love  I think is the best we can do for him at this time. We just have to stay together and be by his side. I know his fans are being criticized at this time but let us not be carried by those. We have every right to follow whom we want and no one can take that right from us. Again I was reminded by what I wrote in my past article “You don’t leave your idol in times when he needed you the most.”  I bear this in mind.

Moving on, Kim Hyun Joong shall be in Guangzhou China on his next stop. So China the ball is in your hands now, please keep Hyun Joong safe, show him you’re there at his side in louder voice that he can hear your love… happy and enjoy the concert, it means a lot more to him!

We may be in sad mode at this time but let’s take a break from that mode this weekend and join the Chinese fans as Hyun Joong performs his concert! All smiles now, if we’re sad the haters are the happiest, so let’s not allow them to be happy!! Let’s enjoy with Kim Hyun Joong and his music, at least for just 2 hours allows him to ease the pain in him.

I truly believe even his fans from afar can feel him and his music anywhere he performs. Distance, language, culture and time doesn’t matter at all, we unite with our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong….    WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU…

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SIMPLY DEFENDING



By: LazerKim            I was able to restore this article and delete all the comments from the haters, I’m bringing this back and I still stand firmly on everything I have written in this article. I wrote this the night after the news scandal broke in August 21st that shocked the whole world, and this was the start of our nightmare. I decided to keep this article still as a part of Kim Hyun Joong’s story and how his loyal fans defended him no matter how the haters threw harsh words to them, they stand tall and defend him.

I would just like to clear it up that I’m a woman and I’m against violence but in this case I chose to defend Kim Hyun Joong from the first day this nightmare started till the end. My stance doesn’t change I know deep in my heart while I wrote this article, he is innocent until this day onward till this case is close. And in any untoward incident that may happen in the future, I would still protect and defend him. Not that I tolerate wrong doings if there may be, but I will not rush with my judgement on him.

I learned a lot of lessons out of this incident, and I’m just glad I did the right move and TRUST him with all my heart.


For today’s article I would say this one is different from what you have been reading from me recently. I would say it again and I guess I won’t get tired repeating this, I consider this space as my home, and I can say what I want, my thoughts and feelings. Forgive me if I may be too blunt as I go further writing this article, I would just like to breath out some irritating matters. I’m not in a healthy condition at this time, I got work but since I can’t focus, maybe this will help so I can move on. If others can write such bogus write up or news, then I can also do my own attack, I think that’s my right too. Forgive me but I just can’t sit and watch garbage being thrown to my idol without a word.


Let’s talk about showbiz scandals, I just notice that most of scandals written anywhere is about girl being raped or beaten up. And I have noticed that showbiz celeb particularly those who are gaining too much attention and earning so much success are the ones being placed in an ugly situation by the media. Not to mention I have noticed there’s pattern in the stories being brought up, in short they have the same script, the same type of character, and almost the same incidents. Well this is just personal opinion!

Can’t the media change a bit exciting story to come up with assault case?  I mean just for a change because this is getting boring!! And I hope they choose the right characters at least someone convincing to commit the crime. Just like in the dramas! And timing was so obvious magnificently done. Well whoever the director of this controversial  news was so genius in destroying someone who’s gaining!

Now here’s a scandal brought up yesterday morning. A girl allegedly came to the police station and filed a complain against a celeb having said she was beaten up by her celeb lover that it happened two or three months ago. And she said she was beaten up repeatedly by this celeb, like beating up and forgiven then after being forgiven the same thing happen she was beaten up again!!  My God I admire this girl, she has the strength to be a punching bag, and even claimed of broken ribs done by this celeb! Wow!



If I was beaten up, the first thing I would do is to go to the hospital and report the incident to the police right after the incident. But in the news it was said the girl was scared to come out so it took her some months before doing so. See this is the pattern I mentioned earlier, how come the victims let the incident passed by for months before airing their complaint? Because this is more believable, to come out as soon as the incident happened. Almost all assault cases have delayed telecast!!

And the accused, my God he couldn’t even kill an insect!! What more beating up somebody. At a drama shooting he took a lot of NG because he could hardly give a punch to his co-actor saying he would prefer to be beaten up than he doing the act of punching!! So how can I be convinced if the accuse couldn’t even execute a fight scene to give a good painful punch, what more in reality? According to the police report the victim suffered broken ribs!! LOL Wrong casting wrong script here!!

I think we can learn some lessons here. Again this is my personal opinion. Before a man can even lay his hand on me and intending to physically hurt me, I’ll be at the doorway leading me out of his sight long before he can hit me, simply because I have so much self respect to be beaten up by a man. This girl was hurt for the first time, then why would she allowed to be hurt the second time again? Is it because she loves that man? Excuse me but I don’t call that love I call it stupidity. Once a man hit a woman expect there’s gonna be another second round. Why would anyone allow herself to be treated in such manner to begin with.


And if this girl really loves that man why would she create a scandal? Is it for revenge? Blackmailing that failed to collect demand? What else is there for a reason? To teach other men not to treat women as such? But who’s choice was it to be beaten up? If she had walk away long before she was beaten up from the first time then I’m sure there won’t be second time, simply leave the man and move on to her life. It may hurt emotionally but it’s better than being hurt both ways physical and emotional.

You may say, this is simple to be said than done, YES simple common sense, have some self respect and don’t allow any man to hurt us physically. Leaving the men who hurt us is better than being having black eye!! Do I have sympathy to that victim in this scandal? I’m sorry but I don’t, how do you expect me to respect her if she did not respect herself and let herself physically abused, or maybe she allowed herself to be used!

My apologies but I can even ask her “how much were you being paid? Or would like to be a celeb of news headline too?” I wasn’t born yesterday nor I’m not someone new to this industry. A lot of people do destroy others just to gain something for themselves and that’s another reality in this showbiz.

And granting my idol is guilty, well it doesn’t still change my views about that woman. If you love your man you should take care of his reputation anyway you gain from him too. I even consider my idol to be the victim here because I think that scandal is some kind of conspiracy. Too many loop holes and such dirty trick to destroy a celeb. Too old for a story told, so patent!



Guilty or not guilty, take note NOTHING has been proven as yet, only one side of the coin had been heard. But just for the sake of argument, let’s argue. Since this is a domestic issue again it’s his privacy and I’m not personally involve to begin with. He is not my lover, he is not my husband, he’s an artist whom I admire period. It wasn’t I who was hurt, it wasn’t I who was beaten up and it wasn’t I who went to the police station and complain so why should I change my views about him?

For me he’s still an artist whom I admire irregardless who he is in person in his private life. Even I’m the only fan left to be admiring him I wouldn’t mind at all, I would still be there in his concert and enjoy his music, who cares!! Whoever calls me stupid to be following someone who has a bad image, I really wouldn’t care simply because I believe the person I’m admiring is not bad neither is he guilty of such assault.

I have embraced Hyun Joong for who he is and it shall remain to be that for me for the rest of his life. I don’t owe anyone for admiring him so who cares whatever others may say or think about me. We have different views I respect yours and hoping you would respect mine too. Neither would I need him to face me and prove his innocence which is such a waste of time, there are more important things that I want him to tackle and this is his concert, that’s how much I trust Kim Hyun Joong.

I stand by my conviction, and I wouldn’t care being criticized in this article. My idol is badly hurt here just because of that malicious news, well I don’t buy it. Too many people wants him to go down, why? Isn’t that obvious? He’s gaining again unstoppable. Well you can NEVER put a good man down. And whatever bad news, scandal, controversy there may be guilty or not I will still defend him and protect him.

Hyun Joong had been in this industry for almost 10 years, and he never had this kind of scandal and has been so careful with his image.  Hyun Joong has been busy from his concert 2013, BFF, IG, album releases, preparation for this concert, that he couldn’t even find time for himself what more with girls or he might just end up asking the girl “who are you??” So how would you expect me to be convinced about this trash?

From yesterday many people had already judged him without due process, this is so unfair specially from some fan’s hypocrisy and it truly hurts to the person being accused. So if the accuser had thrown garbage on him which is so disgusting and this guy doesn’t even deserve such scandal, so I don’t think no one can blame me if I may be harsh with my judgement on that woman. I’m a woman too yes, but maybe not as stupid as her. I rest my case… see you next time girl I really want to see your bruises!!



Maybe this is the first time that I’m writing with anger and sadness over what’s going on. But this incident only pushed me to defend and protect my Prince further. Let’s just say this is a test to Kim Hyun Joong and to his fans who are so closely knitted together. As they said there’s a light in the dark tunnel. I believe we will all surpass this trial for as long as we’re together behind Hyun Joong then nothing else matter.

For those fans who may be in doubtful stage, I’ll leave you on your own discretion. As I always say, we fans have our own choice whom to follow. But I strongly believe you’ll be back!!! Never under estimate Hyun Joong’s power, no matter what, guilty or not, nothing change we’ll remain at his side and keep remembering we are his strength. Many fans cried out yesterday out of sadness, anger and frustrated over the news. But we leave that for one day, let those tears be our strength to move on. No we will not ignore those news. We will make sure we have a say on that, to fleet the insects away! But let’s stop spreading those malicious news.  We wouldn’t want them to be happy, we should be the ones happy because Hyun Joong is there, LOVE is just everywhere!

All we have to do is continue to support him, be there for him, show more love, show more affection and let’s help each other in healing him. He will pretend that everything is ok, let him be, but we know the guy to his softest spot. He has been healing us all these times, so I think it’s our turn to do that. Give and take, we can handle this challenge. I believe he will rise up again even stronger than ever after this high storm comes smooth sailing. With our collective love for Hyun Joong we can surpass anything.

And lastly, prayer is the most powerful tool at this time. Prayers move mountains….I do believe in this and I sure do hope we can offer at least a prayer for Hyun Joong, this is what we need.  More power to all of us!

Hello Thailand the ball now is yours, keep Hyun Joong safe, cheer him up as much as you can, don’t let him cry on stage, you may never know the guy is so cheezy too even macho that’s only within his surface! I’m aware you’re planning something to surprise him! Thank you so much for your extended effort! No more tears, just smile and ENJOY!!


To Hyun Joong

Keep your strength and power, we’re just in some rocky road and in no time you’ll get over from all of these. Just bear in mind, no matter what happen your fans will always be at your side and bring you up to the heights of success as always. Nothing and no one can stop us. We had so many trials in the past along the way but we survived, right? So there’s no reason why we can’t this time. 

Keep the love on stage, break a leg, keep remembering,  we all love you………so much!


                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

This is my personal space I can write whatever I want to say.


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